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Publication numberUS633846 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 26, 1899
Filing dateMay 3, 1899
Priority dateMay 3, 1899
Publication numberUS 633846 A, US 633846A, US-A-633846, US633846 A, US633846A
InventorsCharles H Ingersoll
Original AssigneeCharles H Ingersoll
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Nasal douche.
US 633846 A
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un. 533,846. Patenten sept. 2651899.

C. H. INGERSDLL. nmnsAL noucm-z.

Nrrnnf Sfrn'rns PATENT enigen;



SPEGIFICATIN forming part of Letters Patent No. 633,846, dated September 26,1899.

' Application led May 3, 1899. Serial No. 715,487. (No model-l useful Im proveniente in Nasal Douches; and

I hereby declare that thef following isa full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings,

which form part of this specification.

This invention is an improved douche-insufdator or powder-blower for the administra-` tion of medicaments, especially designed for use in treating diseases of the nose and throat by frequently applying medicine to the cavities in a very fine state of division. The device may be easily carried on the person without inconvenience, as the chamber containing the powder can be telescoped into the compressible bulb or bellows, which also acts as a protective casing and prevents the breaking of the glass tube or chamber.

The invention consists in the novel construction and combination of parts hereinafter described and claimed, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in Which- Figure l is an enlarged view of the douche as closed or folded for transportation in the pocket. Fig. 2 is a similar view of the same distended for use.

A designates a tube, preferably of glass, which is closed at one end -by cap A', provided with an air-inlet aperture enclosed by` a valve B, which is of suitable construction to permit the entrance of air. The other end of the tube is closed by a cap C, provided with a cork C' and with a metallic nasal point C2, an exit-opening a. being formed throinghV the point, head, and cork, as shown.

Loosely fitted to the tube A and adapted to telescope thereon is a compressible bulb D,

which is closed at its rear end, but provided with an inlet-valve d, which will admit air, but prevent its escape therefrom. The other end of the bulb is provided with a large opening, through which the head A of tube A is inserted, and the end of the bulb fits tightly against the tube A, forming a substantially airtight joint therewith. The bulb D is preferably of rubber, and of sufficient diameter, size, and length to permit the tube A to be telescoped thereinto, as shown in Fig. l. In this posit-ion'the bulb forms a protective casing for the tube, as is evident, and by thus telescoping the parts together the size of the douche is reduced so that it can be conveniently carried in the pocket. is drawn off thecylinder, as shown in Fig. 2, it' can be' compressed, as indicated by dotted lines D2, so asl to force air from the bulb into the tube A, wherein the medicament is placed., This medicament may be of any suitable kind, and I propose to employ a finely-pulverized powder, which will be ejected through the nasal point C2.

The air enters the bulb through the airvalve d. It is forced through the valve B into the tube and causes a great commotion in the lVhen the bulb very light powder contained in the tube and forces it out of the tube through point C2,

maybe made of cork and is tigh tlytted in the tube A. One end of the pipe F opens through the partition E. The other end extends forward, but is bent backward, so that the air entering the tube is blown back toward the partition. YThis will create a violent agitation of the air and powder, Snc., in the tube.

-If desired, when the partition is employed one medicament may be placed between the partition E and the head A and another medicament placed between the partition and the nasal-point, so that double medicaments ,may be administered simultaneously, while they are normally separated from each other. However, I do not wish to limit myself to the employment of two medicaments or to the use of the partition and crooked tube.

The operation of the device is sufficiently obvious from the foregoing.

While I have described the device as quite small and adapted for a nasal douche,it, of'

therefor when not in use, and means for reA tition E and the bent pipe F. This partition i taining'the bulb upon the ytube when rit is withdrawn into operativo position.

2. `In a douche, the Combination ofthe tube 1 having a removable head 'provided Witha nasal point at one end and a valvod air-inlet at the other end, a compressible bulb telescopingfwith the tube and adapted to entirely inclose the latter and form a protective easing therefor when not in use, andr moans yfor retaining the bulb upon the tube 'when it is yWithdrawn yinto operative position.

In a douche, the combination of the niedi- @amont-holding tube havinga valved air-inf let andan air-outlet, a compressible bulb eonneeted tothe tube and adapted to telescope thereover, to form a protective easing therefor when not in use, a partition Withiny said tuber and a bent pipe therein yconnected to said partition.

4. In a nasal douche, the Coinbinationof the y tube provided with a nasal point on one end and an air-inlet at its other endand a coinpressible bulb connected to and adapted to telescope over the tube; with a removable partition in said cylinder and a bent pipe attached to said partition, for the purpose and substantially as described. f

In a nasal douche, the combination of the4 my own I affix my signature in presence of two Witnesses. f

CHARLES H. INGERSOLL'. In presence of- A. I-I. KELLEY,


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Cooperative ClassificationA61M2202/064