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Publication numberUS634537 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 10, 1899
Filing dateMar 4, 1899
Priority dateMar 4, 1899
Publication numberUS 634537 A, US 634537A, US-A-634537, US634537 A, US634537A
InventorsJames J Mcdermott, John E Bennett
Original AssigneeJames J Mcdermott, John E Bennett
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Safety connection for gas-fixtures.
US 634537 A
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(Application lad lu. 4, 189B.)

No. 634,532. A Patented oct. indaga.

(No Model.)

l .n :cfr/ l mi? UTN/5555s. INVENTUM ATTORNEY;

m: domus um" oo. mom-umn.. wurgmcmn, n c,

Unnnn f'Pn-TEN- FFICE,

JAMES J. Monsniuo'r'r ANDYJOHN E. BENNETT, oF' Yonign. Y.v

' SAFETY oorwuao'rlouFosens-Foru.)Rss.l 1

srn'oirron'rion To d@ whom .it may concern:

Be it known that we, JAMES J. MGDERMOTT and JOHN E. BENNETT, citizens of the United `States, residing at New York, inthe county of NewYork and State of New York, have invented certain newand useful Improvements in Safety Connections for Gas Fixtures, of

'which the following is a full and complete specification, such as will enable those skilledl in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

This invention relates to'attachmentsfor gas-iixtures, gas-stoves, radiators; and other 'heaters of this class; and the objectof the invention is to provide` improved'means for' connecting a Agas stove, radiator, or .other heater with an ordinary gas-fixture, soas to prevent the serious and sometimes fatal accidents which frequently result from theaccidental .disconnection of thek stove, radiator, or other heater from the fixture and also to prevent such accidents which frequently result Yfrom the ignorance of those whose duty it is to manipulate -devices of this class.`

The invention is folly dieeioeed in thofoi:

lowing specification, of which the accompany-V ing drawings form a'part,in which.-

Figure 1 is a side elevation showing an ordinary gas-stove connected with a gas fixture or supply by means of our improvement;

-Fig. 2, a partial. section on thevlinez2`2 ofy Fig. k1; Fig. 3, a cross-section on the lines?) 3 A of Fig. 2.; Fig. 4, a similar section on the'line 4 4 of Fig. 2; and Fig, 5, a side view showing;

that part of the attachment which is connected with the stove and a sectionalview of that part of ourimprovement which is ,con-

l nected with saidattachment and bymeans of which the stove, radiator, orother heater is connected with the gas fiXtui-eor supply.

In the drawings'formin'g part of this specication the separate parts of our improvement are designated by the same numerals of reference in. each of the views, and in said drawings we have shownat 7 an ordinary gas-stove vprovided 'with a pipe 8,which com- Y municates with the burner of the stove (not shown) andfwhich is provided withan ordinary `valve-plug YQ anci'a ribbed extension 10.

(Shown in dotted lines in Fig. 1 and in full lines in Fig. 5.) We have also shownat 11 .au ordinary gas fixture or supply pipe,which forming'pert of Lettere Potent No. 634,537, deseo october 1o, isos. Appueesen niet Meret 4', 1899.. sonni No. vormt. montano 'ispreferabl y vcurved n downwardly, as l shown in Fig.V 1, and which is provided with a coupling 12, having an ordinary plug-valve 13.

In connecting the gas fixture or supply 11 with the stove or'rother heater 7 weV employ the'usual flexible tube 14, and for the purposes of our invention we provide the coupling 12 with an-automatic valve 'attachment which closes the passage therethrough when vthepipe 14 is detached, and that end ofthe pipe 14 which is connected with-the stove or l 4spiral spring 18, and mounted in said casing 15 is conical^valve 19,fand between the body portion of saidcasing 15 andthe ribbed For ' is provided with` a cou'ntersunk chamber or recess 17, in which is mounted an expansive extension lthere'of isa conical valve-seat 20,- andk said valve is provided with a stem 21,` having longitudinal grooves 22'in the side thereof, which projects through the ribbed eX- tension lof the casing 15.

That'rend of the flexible tube 14 adjacent tothe gas fixture or supply -11 is provided' with a metal tube 23, which is secured therein and'with which in practice is connected athick sleeve 24,of rubber, rubber and can--v vas, or similar material, and the outer'end of the tube23 is 'provided' with a cross-pin 2 5, and the sleeve 24 is adapted to be forced onto thejextension'l of the casing 15..

yWhen the sleeve 24 is forced fully onto the extension 16 of the casing 15, the pin 25 strikes thevalve-stem 21 and forces the valve 19 from its seat against the operation ofl the spring 18, and the gas is free to pass through the coupling 12, through the casing-15, and

through theiiexible .tube 14 when they plugvalve 13 is open; but if at any time the sleeve 24 should be detached from the screw-ribbed extension 16 of the casing y15 the valve 19 will be forced upon its seat by the spring 18 and the iow of the gas through said casing would be cut olf.


That end of the tube le adjacent tothe stove or other heater is also provided with a supplemental tube 2G, which is secured therein and in which is mounted an 'expansive spiral spring 27, the inner end of which is providedv With a rport or passage 2S and the outer end of which is open' and formed into a conical valve-seat 20, and mounted in said tube'23 is a conical valve 30, which is designed to closethe outer end of said tube'26 "and which is yoperated by a spring 27, and

said valve f is provided With a tubular valvestem 31, which projects through the outer f end ofthe tube 2G, and in one side of which,

yis fullyforced onto said ribbed extension V the outer end of said extension strikes the projecting end of ythe valve-stem 31 and forces said valve from itsseat, and the gas is free to pass through said sleeve and into the stove orother heater. f f f yIt Will be observed that the sleeve 53 must be forced fully onto they ribbed-extension 10 before the valvey 30 Will be forced from its seat, this operation being the same yas that of forcing the sleeve 24: onto the ribbed eXtension 16 of the casing 15 and if at any time the pipe 14E or they sleeve 23 should be detached from the pipe 8 the valve 30 Would be at once forced to its seat by the spring 27 and the iiow of gas through the pipe 1-/1 would be cut off. It will therefore be seen that the accidental detachment of the pipe le from the fixture orlsupply 11 cuts off the flow of gas from said-fixture or supply and also that a similar detachment of the pipe let from the stove or other heater cuts off the flow of gas from said pipe, though the other end thereof remains connected With the supply or fixture 11. It Will also be seen that in order to open the valve 19 the sleeve 24 must be fully forced onto the ribbed extension lo of the casing 15, and in order to open the valve 30 the sleeve 33 must be fully forced onto the ribbed extension lO'of the pipe 8, and a partial detachment of either of these sleeves from said parts will out oli? the lowvof gas, as hereinbefore described.

It will thus be seen that we accomplish the object of our invention by means of a simple and effective construction and one which is alsoV comparatively inexpensive, and it Will be apparent that changes in and modiiications of the construction described may be made Without departing from the spirit of our invention or sacrificing its advantages..

Although We have described ourinvention as applied to a stove or heater, it will be apparent that the same may be applied to what isknowny as a gas stand lamp or similar device.- 'f

Having fully described our invention, We claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent- 1. In a device of the class described', a gas f fixture or supply provided with a ribbed extension, and afvalve-seat formed therein, and

a spring-operated'valve adapted to close the' passage through said extension, and provided with a 'groove-stem Which passes therethrough, in combination with a flexible `pipe having a sleeve adapted to be forced onto said extension andprovided with a cross-pin 'which operates in connection With said valve-stem to force the valve from its seat, substantialiy'as shown and described. f

2. yIn a device ofthe class described', a gas erated valve which is adapted' to close thevr passage therethrough,and With a sleeve for connecting it With a pipe, said valve being substantially as shown and described.

ing a gas-supply pipe With a stove, heater or other device provided With a vpipe having a ribbed extension, comprising a casing connected With the gas-supply pipe,and provided with a ribbed extension, an internal valveseat, a spring-operated valve mounted in said f adapted to be operated by the end of said pipe, f

f IO 3, The herein-described means for connectcasing and adapted to close the passage therethrough, and provided With a groove-stem which passes through said extension', said pipe being provided at one end with a sleeve which is :adapted to be forced onto said extension, and with a cross-pin which operates in connection with said valve-stem, and at its opposite end with a tube in which is mounted a spring-operated valve adapted to close the outer end of said tube, and provided With a tubular stem which projects through said tube and in one side of which is aport or passage,and saidy last-named tube being provided IIO 634,537 y' f i n' is opened when seid end is connected with the stove or other device5sub'stantia1ly as shown and described. v c A 5. The herein-deseribed means for connecting 4a gas-stove 0r other gas-consuming `device with a gas-supply -pipe,`co1nprising :atv

flexible tbe the gas-supply pipe being pro'- vided with a spring-opel'ted valve which is Y opened when one end of the tube is connected therewith, said tube being provided at its opposite end with 'a spring-operated valve which is opened when said end is connected with the stove or other device; said Valves being each Closed Whenthe corresponding ehd of said Y vtube is detached, substautialiy as shown and I5 K' i described.' v

v In testimony that We claim the foregoing as our invention we have signed our names', in

ypiesence 'of the subscribing Witnesses, this 2d

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