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Publication numberUS634647 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 10, 1899
Filing dateFeb 18, 1899
Priority dateFeb 18, 1899
Publication numberUS 634647 A, US 634647A, US-A-634647, US634647 A, US634647A
InventorsFrank Knobeloch
Original AssigneeKinnard Mfg Company
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US 634647 A
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(No Mdel.)

(Application led Feb. 18., 1899.)

Patented out. lo, :a99

2 Smeets-45mml Patenfedauf.. lol i899.


Box. (Application led. Feb. 1S, 1899.)

2 Sheets-Sheet 2,




' sPECIrIoAfrIoN forming part or Lei-.ters retain No. 634,647,

dated October 10, 1899.

Application led February 18, 1899. Serial. No. 706,045. (No model.)

lhave invented certain new and useful Improvements in Boxes, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to 'the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification..

My invention relates to an improvement in boxes or packages designed more particularly for shipping fragile goods-such as lamp- `chimneys, lamp-globes, and the like- Which are usually now shipped bypacking in hay or straw. To pack these articles in the ordinary way is expensive, isattended with much.

risk, and makes a heavy awkward package, Whereas by means of my improvementthey are packed for shipment with safety, economy, and in a light convenient package.

In the drawings, Figure l is a plan view of the blank cut and scored in the proper manner. Fig. 2 is a top plan View showing the aps folded back. Fig. 3 is the same with two of the ilaps folded into position. Fig. et is a top plan view of the box with the flaps in, position. Fig. 5 is a plan view of the blank cut in a slightly-diderent manner. -Fig. 6 is a sectional view showing a globe packed in this latter form of a box.

The blank is shown in Fig. l cut and scored in the desired manner, the scores being shown hy the dotted lines. The scores Ct a a a and b b determine, respectively, the width` and length of the sides A A A' A. provided with end flaps B B C CandB' B' C' C. The alternate flaps B B and B' B' have tongues D D and D D', adapted to fold along. The other flaps CY O C' O have slotted tongues E E E E', said the scores d CZ and d CZ'.

slots being of a width slightly greater than twice the thickness of the cardboard. Said slotted flaps are adapted to fold along the scores e e e' e. The width of these tongues is such that they will ,ht snugly against the 'inside of the article to be shipped. `The -flaps B BV B' B' are provided with slots g g g g' at V the middle, beginning at the scores d d d d' and extending inwardly parallel to the length yot' the box and being of a length that will en-v V able them to admit one Fig. 5.

The sides are tongues E E E E'. Y

Y The blank is provided with a flap J, which is for the purpose of gluing or otherwise fastening the two opposite sides A A' together.

leg of the slotted In folding the box the sides are -foldedat right angles along the scores a o'J d a and the flap J is glued or otherwise fastened to the edge of the side A', as shown in Figr. Next the flaps B B are folded downalong the scores b @the tongues D D at the same time being folded bodily inward along the' scores d d, as shown in Fig. 3. .Then the flaps C O are folded down along the scoresb b over the flaps B B, the slotted tongues E E being at the saine time folded along the scores e e and inserted bodily through the slots g g, thus locking the liaps together.

A modified form of the blank is shown in The only differences are that the flaps O C C'l O' are extended the full length of the tongues E E E E and the flaps B B B B are extended nearly the length of the tongues D D DI4 D', the scores, however, in the latter case extending completely across the flaps.

The lamp-chimney, globe, or other article to be packed will rest'directly against the top and bottom of the box in first form of box shown. The tongues protruding inward and bearing against the inside of said globe, Sr/c., will prevent its movement from side to sid`e. The sides arethus protected from banging, and the only place it can receive a blow is at the bottom or top, and as it is strongest in the direction of its length it is not likely to be broken in the ordinary handling. Such a globe, however, as is shown in Fig. 6, is more perishable, and in order to render such a globe additionally secure I prefer to use diaphragms P P, (such as is described in my other application, No. 706,043, of even date herewith,) with openings in theln Whose diameters are approximately the inner diam- ,same depth as that of the extended portions G Gr Gr' G' of the flaps B B B' B'. These nap extensions G G G' G' are 4folded bodily in-A and end iaps, integral with said sides, two of the alternate liaps having tongues adapted to fold bodily inward, and'slots in the middle of said flaps, each of the other tivo flaps having slotted tongues adapted to be thrust bodily through said slots, thus locking the flaps together, substantially as shownand described.

2. A box for shipping fragile articles having sides and end flaps, integral with said sides7 two of the alternate fiaps having flapv extensions provided with tongues, said ap extensions being adapted to fold bodily inward, said aps also having slots, the other two flaps having slotted tongues adapted to be thrust bodily thro-ugh said slots and look the liaps together, and serving to brace against the inner -edges or surface of the article to be shipped, substantially as and for the purpose described.

A box for shipping fragile articles, having sides and end flaps integral with said sides, tivo of the alternate flaps having flap extensions provided with tongues at their outer edge, said flap extensions being adapted to fold bodily inward, said flaps also having slots, the other two iaps having slotted tongues adapted to be thrust bodily through said slots and lock the flaps together, and a diaphragm having a main flat portion provided With an opening, and sides at an angle to said main' fiat portion adapted to brace against the walls and end of the box, said diaphragm being strengthened by said flap extensions, the fiap extensions, tongues and diaphragm together serving to brace and hold the article in place, substantially as and for the purpose described.



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