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Publication numberUS636295 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 7, 1899
Filing dateSep 1, 1899
Priority dateSep 1, 1899
Publication numberUS 636295 A, US 636295A, US-A-636295, US636295 A, US636295A
InventorsLester H Sibthorpe
Original AssigneeLester H Sibthorpe
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Hook-carrier for sporting guns or rifles.
US 636295 A
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No. 636,295. 1 Patented Nov. 7, |899.-


.HOOK CARRIER FOB SPORTING GUNS 0R RIFLES. (Application ld Sept. 1, 1899.)

(No Model.)

TN: Nonms ziens oo.. PnoTauma. WASHINGTON, o. c.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 636,295, dated November 7, 1899. Application led September 1l 1899. Serial No. 729,22'4. (No model.)

To all whom t may concern.-

Be it known that I, LESTER HoRATIo SIB- THORPE, a subject of the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, and a resident of Cleftridge, Northam, in the county of Devon, England, have invented a certain new and useful Hook-Carrier for Sporting Guns or Rides, (for which I have made application in Great Britain, dated May 27, 1899, No. 11,075,) of which the following is a specification.

This invention has for its object an improved method of and means for carrying a gun or rifle, for which purpose I provide a.

metal hook adapted to receive and support the burden to be carried, said hook having its shank bent back upon itself, so as to form a reverse belt hook or loop, suitable padding and weightdistributing plates being provided.

I will fully describe my invention in reference to the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure l is a front elevation of the hookcarrier with gun slung thereon. Fig. 2 is a section on line l 2 of Fig. l with gun removed.

Similar letters refer to similar parts in both figures.

a is the hook, adapted to receive the weapon to be carried, and is hereinafter called the rifle-hook.

b is the hook for securing the hook a to the belt c of the wearer. modification be closed to form a loop. The rifle hook a is preferably of more or less round section, and its shank d is of at section, being bent back upon itself, as shown, to form, in conjunction with the weight-distributing plates e f, the belt-hook b. The

plates e f may conveniently be of circular form shown, and they are secured to the hook-shank d by rivets h h, one plate e to the back of hook a between the hook and belt c and the other, f, to the back of the shank d, so that the belt c is received between them. These plates c f are padded on either or both sides with felt or other soft material t', the exterior of which is covered with leather or suitable material j. The back plate fand its padding are made somewhat larger than and so as to extend beyond the other e except at the top. By this arrangement the pressure is distributed and the side of the wearer protected.

I prefer the ride-hook to iit the weapon or This hook b may by a burden to be carried quite loosely and do not 5 5 depend on its grasping or clutching the burden, so that the same hook will take asoldiers riiie, double shot-gun, or a rook-rifle and carr either with perfect security.

In use the hook-carrier is, as described, at- 6o tached by the belt-hook b to the belt c, which is buckled in usual position and may, if desired, be further supported by a cross-belt. The hook a may thus be worn on either side slightly in front of the line of the hip-bone, the exact position varying with the height of the wearer. The weapon Z5 to be carried is placed on the rifle-hook a, as shown in Fig. l, just in front of the trigger-guard Zor magazine, so that the bend of the hook a will fit into the angle 7o formed by the trigger-guard or magazine and the stock.' The muzzle is thus to the front, pointing to the ground. The stock lies under the users arm, with its heel just behind they shoulder. The arm hangs easily over the stock without pressing it and can swing naturally in walking without constraint. The hands are entirely relieved from the weight of the burden, so that a far steadier aim is insured, and as the weapon is not clutched 8o by the hook in any way a quick shot can be made. The hook-carrier is also convenient for use on horseback. The same hook will carry. other articles, such as a shing-rod or a landing-net, a small stud or catch ring being attached by means of a strap at the proper point to engage the rifle-hook, similar to the guns trigger-guard.

Having now described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters 9o Patent, is-

A hook-carrier for sporting guns, rifles, &c., comprising a metal hook such as a adapted to t and support the burden to be carried, having its shank bent backwardly to form a reverse belt hook or loop b, weight-distributing plates such as e f affixed respectively to the hooks a and b with padding and coverings disposed and arranged substantially as and for the several purposes herein set forth.

In witness whereof I have hereunto signed my name in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.





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