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Publication numberUS637248 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 21, 1899
Filing dateJul 17, 1897
Priority dateJul 17, 1897
Publication numberUS 637248 A, US 637248A, US-A-637248, US637248 A, US637248A
InventorsJohn Hagstrom
Original AssigneeThomas S Stephens, John Hagstrom
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US 637248 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

m. 637,243. Patented Nov. 2|, |899.


(Application Bled July 17, 1897. Renewed Apr. 10, 18 99.) (No Model.)




SPECIFICATION formng'part of Letters Patent No. 637,248, dated November 21, 1899'. Applicant nea my 17, 1897. Eeiiewe ApriI 10,' i899. Seria No. 712,491. (No attrib To all whom, t may concern.- v, Be it known that I, JOHN HAGSTROM, ref siding at Freesoil, in the county of Mason and State of Michigan, have invented a new and useful Bag-Holder, of which the following is 'a specification. g

My invention is in the nature of la device A for use out of doors or in a granary for facilitating the illing of bags with grain and like 1o materials.

The object of my invention is to furnish a device by means of which the bag to be filled can be held suspended and expanded at the mouth, whereby the operator has the free use I5 of both hands in filling the bag. y

With these objects in view my invention consists of a suspending-ring provided with lu'gs, over which the mouth of the bag may be stretched, and a holding-ring provided 2o with sockets to tit over said lugs and hold the bag securely in position.

My invention further consists in a suspending-ring for a bag provided with a holding# ring and constructed so that it may be supported upon an upright standard in the open air or a bracket secured to the side wall of the granary.

My invention further consists in the improved construction, arrangement, and combination of parts hereinafter fully described and afterward specifically pointed out in the claim.

In order to enable persons skilled in the art to which my invention most nearly appertains to make and use the same, I will now proceed to describe its construction and Operation in connection with the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification.

Figure l isa perspective View showing my improved bag-filling device secured in posi` tion in a bracket attached to the wall of a granary or other building. Fig. 2 is a vertical section from front to rear through the same mounted upon a standard for use Outside. Fig. 3 is a vertical section from front to rear through a modified arrangement of the different parts. Fig. 4 is a plan view of the securing-ring shown in Figs. l and 2. Fig. 5 is a top plan View of t-he suspending-ring shown 5o in the same figures.

Like letters of reference will mark the same parts wherever they occur throughout the difterent views.

Referring to ,the drawings by letters, A is a suspending-ring provided with upward-projecting lugs A on its inner edge, overfwhich the bag is to be suspended in the inside of the ring.

B is a securing-ring of the same diameter as the suspending-ring and provided with recesses or pockets B', the bottom of its inner edge to be pressed over the projecting lugs A' of the suspending-ring A, with the bag thereon,said recesses or pockets being enough larger than the lugs A to accommodate the bag stretched over and around said lugs. The

securing-ring A is provided with a backwardprojecting arm C, which is formed at its rear end with a suitable T-head to engage in the corresponding slot in the bracket D, secured to the Wall of the granary, in which position it may beheld by a set-'screw D. The arm C is also provided with a vertical opening to receive the upper end of a standard E,mounted in any suitable support, as at F, whereby the device is supported in position for operation out of doors or indifferent parts of a building.

The secu ring-ring B is provided with a rearward-projecting ear B2, which enters and is pivotally secured in the slot A2 in the arm C, whereby the securing-ring is pivotally connected to the suspending-ring A.

The spring E, secured to the under side of the arm C, bears upon the under side of the ear B2 and causes the ring B to bear downwardly with suitable force upon the securingring, thereby firmly holding the bag in position While being filled. This spring will also hold the securing-ring in its upward position out of the way while the iilled bag is being tied up.

A curved guide-piece F is secured in an upright position upon the top of the inner edge of the securing-ring by means of pins G, secured t'o the outside thereof, when projecting into suitable sockets around the upper edge of the ring, whereby it may be removed or replaced at will.

In Fig. 3 I have shown a modification of my invention in which the bar C at the rear of the suspending-ring is provided with an upright H, and the securing-ringis provided with IOO a vertical box I to t upon said upright H and a spring-pawl K to secure the sliding box and securing-ring in their lower position, with pockets B over the lugs A and the edge of the bag, as in the former construction. This modified device may be suspended from the bracket D or held in position on the top of the standard E in the same manner as the former construction hereinbefore described.

The suspending-ring is provided with a for- Ward-projecting lug L at its rear side, said lug having its back edge inclined toward the rear. The ring A has also its upper half cut away for some distance at its front edge, forming a broad at recess M.

When the bag is to be filled, it is suspended within the ring A, with its edges stretched outward over the lugs A', the ring A having been mounted upon the standard Eorin the bracket D, according to circumstances. The securing-ring is thus forced down upon the suspending-ring, with the lugs A', covered by the stretched bag edges, forced into the pockets B'. The curved guide in the meantime having been placed as shown in Fig. l, the bag Will be ready to receive the grain, which can be poured therein, the operator having free use of both hands in doing this and the grain being prevented from spilling over the edge of the ring by means of the curved guide F. This operation will be identical in both forms, except that in the construction shown in Figs. 1 and 2 the securing-ring will be simply pressed forward at the front, the rear side being held by the pivot, and when it is securelyengaged upon the suspending-ring it will be held in that position by the spring E, while in the modification the spring-pawl K will be released andthe sliding box I, with the securingring attached thereto, will be pressed downward in a vertical line until it firmly clamps the bag over the lugs, when the pawl K will engage the bar H, which will prevent the pawl from rising.

` From the foregoing description it will be observed that I have produced a device which while exceedingly cheap and simple in construction Will be of great utility, affording means whereby the services of a person usually employed to hold the bag while filling may 5o be dispensed with and the bag be held much more steady, thereby permitting of the ller performingagreateramount of work with less labor.

'Vhile I have illustrated and described the 55 best means now known to me for carrying out my invention, I wish it to be understood that I do not restrict myself to the exact construction shown, but hold that any slight change or variation in such details as would suggest 6o themselves to the ordinary mechanic would clearly fall within the limit and scope of my invention.

Having thus fully described my invention,

what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is-

In a bag-filler, the combination of a bracket having a T-opening, a suspending-ring having a plurality of upwardly-projecting lugs and .a rearwardly-extending arm having a T- 7o head which fits in theT-opening of the bracket, a clam ping-ring having a plurality of pockets 'adapted to coact with the lugs of the suspending-ring and clam p the bag therebetween, said clamping-ring also provided with a plurality

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