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Publication numberUS64766 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 14, 1867
Publication numberUS 64766 A, US 64766A, US-A-64766, US64766 A, US64766A
InventorsEdward Heaton
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Improvement in suspensory bandages
US 64766 A
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No; 64,766. Patented May 14, 1867.


WHITTLESE 01 SAME PLACE. 1 Letters 19mm No, 64,766, dated my 14 1857.

IMPROVEMENT LN susrnnsonr simmers.

die soon referrer in in flgesi new; 33mm mm making part if theme.

"to "ALL WHOM IT MAY oononnm I Be it known that I, EDWARD HEATON, of, New Haven, in the' county of New Haven, and State of Connecticut, have invented a, new and useful Improvement in SuspensoryBandage;end I do hereby declare the following, when taken in connection with the accompanying drawings and the letters of reference marked thereon, to be it full, clear, and exact description of'the same, and which said drawings constitute port of this specification, and represent a front view.

My invention relates to an improvement in supporters for the testicles, and consists in the peculiar con- .struction whereby all parts are made to fit the person, and easily adjusted.

To enable others to construct and apply my improved bztndage,'1 will proceed tofully describe the some as illustrated in the accompanying drawings. i

I form the parts entirely of linen, stitched together, so that the whole may be washed as any linengarment.

Ais the pouch, sewed on to thediody-piece B, which is curved, as seen in the drawing, so as to fit the person,

C. Ordinarily this part of the bandage is made straight, depending upon the flexibility of'the material to conform to the body, the opening for the penis, its edge protected by n, linen binding, gathered or fulled, as

denoted in'the drawing, so that the binding of the opening will lie fiat upon the penis, and prevent-irritation from the edge of the opening, as in bandages of common construction. In fitting this part, care should be exercised that the opening be .n'ot too large, for if sufliciently large to allow any portion of the F"s.uck--or glands to protrude, the bondage is a greater injury than benefit. Frointhe body-piece a. strap, 1), is attached, passing over the hip joint, is buckled or otherwise secured to a. similar strap, E, from the other side; these two straps are curved to fit the form of the person, that is, so as to lie flat, whereas, were they not so eurved, they soon fold and wrinkle, to the great discomfort of the wearer. Other straps, F, attached to the pouch A, pass around the leg, and buckle o otherwise secure to their respective buckles H H.

Some of the advantages of my improvement are, first, the strain and weight are solely upon thehips; second, by its construction it is durable, nnd .-ea sily adjusted; third, there is no elastic substance used in the eonstructioii, which, as soon {is the elasticity wus impaired, ruined the bandage; fourth, it maybe cleaned in'like manner as ordina'ry linen. l

The mode oftadjustment, after the foregoing description, will be understood without further explanation.

Having therefore thus fully described my invention, I do not wish to be understood as broadly claiming a suspensory bandage, but what I do claim as of my-invention,.end new and useful, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

The combination of the pouch A,'haring the opening 0, protected in the'manner described, with the body piece curved, formed, and attached thereto as shown and described, end the straps D and E, also curved, formed, :tnd attached to the sis-id body-piece as set forth, the whole constructed and arranged in the manner herein specified. i



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