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Publication numberUS648182 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 24, 1900
Filing dateJul 14, 1899
Priority dateJul 14, 1899
Publication numberUS 648182 A, US 648182A, US-A-648182, US648182 A, US648182A
InventorsZaida B Webb
Original AssigneeHenry S Washington, John S W Thompson
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Folding box.
US 648182 A
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No. 648,!82. Patented Apr. 24, I900.

' Z. B. WEBB.


' ation filed July 14, 1899 (No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet l.

WITNESSES 76 IN VENTOH @wioa Git/L44, 73 s) ATTORNEY No. 648,182. v Patented Apr. 24, I900.



(Application filed July 14, 1899.) (No Model.) 2 $haefs-Shaet 2,

TH E uoRms versus (20., FNDTO-LITHO wnsumcn'on n. c.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 648,182, dated April 24., 1900.

Application filed July 14,1899.

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, ZAIDA B. WEBB, of WVhippany, in the county of Morris and State of New Jersey, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Folding Boxes, of which the following is a full, clear, andexact description. a

My invention relates to improvements in folding boxes, and especially to more or less ornamental boxes of this class. v

I The objects of my invention are to produce a very simple and inexpensive folding box which when open lies essentially flat and is of generally circular form and which when formed into the box simply has the outer sides or its edge rather moved inward, so that the box is formed Without any tucking, folding,

pasting, or manipulation to any extent also,

to provide a convenient means for closing and suspending the box to produce abag'like extension giving to the box increased capacity, and while not prohibiting the use of the box for all practical purposes, yetto make it of such a nature that it can be easily manipulated and adapted for holding bonbons or for other combined useful and ornamental purposes.

To these ends myinvention' consists of a folding box the construction and arrangement, of which will be hereinafter described and claimed.

In the drawings, wherein similar figures of reference designate similar parts, Figure 1 is a perspective view of the partially-open box embodying my invention. Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the closed box. Fig. 3 is a plan view of the partially-open box. Fig. 4 is a side elevation of the same. Fig. 5 is a detail of the box-blank, and Figs. 6 to 10 are views of a modification of the box, Fig. 6 being a side elevation of the closed box, Fig. 7 a vertical section of the open box, Fig. 8 a detail of the blank, Fig. 9 a sectional detail showing the arrangement of the binding-cord and adjacent parts, and Fig. 10 an inverted plan View, on reduced scale, illustrating the attachment of the bag extension and a modification of the fastening-cord.

The box-blank 10 is of a generally circular form, and it can be perfectly circular, as in edges, as in Fig. 8.

Serial No. 723,750- (No modelJ Fig. 5, or it may have scalloped or irregular In eithercase the blank is first scored on the lines 11, which form a conventional five-pointed star, and the crossing lines also form the polygonal center 12, which serves as the bottom ofv the box.

In order that the box'may be conveniently folded, it is provided with a second series-of radial scored lines 13, which extend from points midway between the star-points on the edge of the blank to the intersection of the scored lines 11. forms a series of outwardly-flaring side pieces This system of scoring thus a 14 and inwardly-flaring and meeting side pieces 15, the outer edges of the latter uniting, of course, with the side pieces 14. It will be observed that this structure also makes the side pieces essentially triangularin shape, with the bases of the triangles outward in the case of the side pieces 15 and with the bases inward in the case of the side pieces 1 1.

Near the outer edge of the box and adjacent'to the meeting edges of the side pieces 15 the latter are perforated, as shown at 16, and through the perforation is run a cord 17, the-ends of which are united so as to make it endless. ing on the cord the meetingedges of the side pieces 15 are all drawn together, as in Fig. 2. Thus a very unique and attractive box is made having a generalstar-like effect, and

when made of pretty material it is very ornamental. It is also capable of holding a rea sonable quantity of material. 'It will be no ticed that by loosening the cord the box can be laid out perfectly flat, and it will be seen that there are no flaps, tongues, or other contrivances connected with the box, so that to close it up one has to simply pull on the gathering-cord 17. The latter forms a loop, so that the box when either filled or empty can be suspended either for convenience or ornamentation. v

As illustrated in Figs. 6 to 8, the edge of the box is scalloped for ornamental effect, and the box has a bag-like extension 18, preferably of paper, though it can be made of cloth or-any fabric, and this bag is pasted or otherwise secured to the blank on the inner side so as to entirely cover the same.

A cord 19 It will be seen then that by drawis run through the center of the box-bottom and preferably provided with a knot 20 to keep it from slipping through. Then when the bag and box are filled the bag can be gathered at the top, as in Fig. 6, and the cord 19 tied around it. The preferred means of attaching this bag-like extension to the box is shown in Fig. 10, in which the paper is out essentially circular, as shown by the dotted lines in the figure referred to, and is pasted or otherwise fastened fiat upon the blank of the box, and in this case instead of using the cord 19, as stated, the cord may be stretched straight across the blank and fastened between the paper and the blank, as shown at 19 in Figs. 9 and 10, so that the free ends can be gathered up to tie the package orbox when necessary. It will of course be clearly understood, however, that the cord may be attached or applied in many ways without afiecting the invention,and attentionis called to the fact that where attached as shown in Figs. 6 and 7 the cord is especially applicable to the form of box made to simulate a flower, and in this case the cord represents the stem. This structure, as illustrated in Figs. 6 to 10, can be made very ornamental. For instance, the star-like blank can be colored blue with a series of small stars produced in white thereon, while the flexible top can be striped red and white like the American flag, so that the national colors are very p'rettily displayed; but the box may be colored, of course, in accordance with other na tional flags and emblems, or it can be painted and colored to simulate flowers of certain kinds. The box may be not only colored and ornamented to represent flowers, but it can be given a shape closely approximating various kinds of flowers, so that the shape, taken in connection with the ornamentation, makes a very handsome afiair, bearing a close resemblance to the flowers which it is designed to imitate. Of course this matter of ornamentation forms no part of the invention, and a few of the ornamental devices are suggested so as to show more clearly the utilityof the structure.

It is obvious that when the bag attachment is used it can be made of different materials and colored and ornamented to suit the taste; also that in this latter case the cord can be dispensed with,if desired, and it will be further seen that the score-lines may be increased or their direction changed slightly without affecting the character of the invention. It

willbe understood, too, that the extensiontop,

either with or without the cord, serves to hold the side pieces of the box in either infolded or partially-infolded position to form a receptacle, serving in this case the purpose of the cord 17.

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new .and desire to secure by Letters Patent 1. A folding box, comprising a generallycircular blank scored across to form a star, and other score-lines extending from the edge of the blank to the intersecting star-lines, thus making a polygonal bottom and angular side walls forming an irregular outline, the said sidewalls meeting along their side edges so'that when the box is set up, a series of outwardly and inwardly extending parts are formed.

2. A folding box comprising a generallycircular blank having a polygonal bottom scored around, and score-lines regularly spaced extending from the saidbottom to the edge of theblank whereby when the edge is gathered up essentially-triangular and nonseparablemeeting side pieces are formed, sub stantially as described.

3. A folding box, comprising a polygonal bottom, a series of angular side pieces extending from the bottom and separated therefrom by score-lines, said side pieces meeting along their side edges and havingmeeting top edges, so that a series of outwardly and inwardly extending angular parts are formed, and a cord or equivalent fastening to hold the meeting edges together.

4. A folding box comprising a polygonal bottom, a series of outwardly and inwardly flaring side pieces arranged around the bottom, the inwardly-extending side pieces being adapted to meet together along theirupper edges and at the center, and a cord extending through the said inwardly-flaring side pieces, substantially asdescribed.

5. A folding box comprising a polygonal bottom, a series of essentially-triangular pieces projecting outward from the bottom and adapted to fold inward to form the box, the score-lines being arranged to form a series of flaring facets arranged at angles to each other and making the wall of the box, and means for holding the side pieces in their infolded position.

ZAIDA B. WEBB. Witnesses:


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