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Publication numberUS650656 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 29, 1900
Filing dateNov 20, 1899
Priority dateNov 20, 1899
Publication numberUS 650656 A, US 650656A, US-A-650656, US650656 A, US650656A
InventorsJulius A Raabe
Original AssigneeJulius A Raabe
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Exercising apparatus.
US 650656 A
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llo. 650,656. Patented May 29, I900.

J. A. RAABE. I EXERCISING APPARATUS. (Application filed Nov 20, 1899.)

2 Sheets-Sheet I.

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Patented May 29, I900.

(Application filed Nov. 20, 1599.

2 Sheets$hqet 2 (No Model.)





SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 650,656, dated May 29, 1900. Application filed November 20, 1899. Serial Ho. 737,582. (In model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JULIUS A. RAABE, of the cityof St. Louis, in the State of Missouri, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Exercisers, of which the followingis a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part hereof.

My invention relates to exercisers; and it consists of the novel construction, combination, and arrangement of parts hereinafter described and claimed.

Figure 1 is a view in perspective showing my improved exerciser in position and use upon a body. Fig. 2 is aview in perspective of the exerciser. Fig. 3 is a side elevation of a hook made use of in carrying out my invention. Fig. 4 is a view in perspective ofa strap that surrounds the heel and ankle and which is used in connection with the exerciser.

In the construction of my improved exerciser I make use of abelt 1, of leather or webbing, which passes around the waist of the wearer, and fixed to the front and rear portions of said belt are the upwardly-extendin g inverted-U-shaped straps 2, which pass directly over the shoulders, and uniting the rear portions of these straps 2, at a point just behind the shoulders, is the back-strap 3, and on the inside of the ends of said back-strap 3 are the pads 4. Fixed in any suitable manner to the ends of the back-strap 3 and on the outside of the shoulder-straps 2 are the rings 5, and similar rings 6 are secured in any suitable manner to the lower ends of the rear portions of the shoulder-straps 2 at the points where the same join with the belt 1.

In my improved exerciser I make use of a plurality of elastic bands or tapes 7, the same being preferably bands of rubber covered in any suitable manner, and upon the ends of each of the elastic sections is arranged a hook, such as is seen in Fig. 3, said hook comprisinga tubular body portion 8, slightly tapered, which body portion is formed from a coil of wire, the end of said coil being formed into a hook 9. To the hooks on the outer ends of the elastic sections, which are secured to the rings 5, are secured suitable handles 10, and arranged to pass around the heels of the user of the exerciser are the straps 11, to the rear ends of which are secured rings 12.

When my improved exerciser is in use, the belt is buckled around the waist, the shoulder-straps 2 passing upwardly over the shoulders, as seen in Fig. 1, and the handles 10 on each of the elastic sections 7, that are engaged in the rings 5, are now grasped by the hands of the user, and the arms are succes- 6o sively extended, elevated, and brought forwardly, which movements necessarily stretch the elastic sections 7, and these movements, combined with the constant retractile movement of said elastic sections, tend to exercise and strengthen the various muscles of the arms, back, and chest. If desired, the hooks on the upper ends of the pair of elastic sections may be engaged in the rings, and the hooks on the lower ends thereof are engaged 7c in the rings 12, carried by the heel-straps, and by successively elevating the feet by moving the same rearwardly the user of the exerciser may exercise the limbs simultaneous with the exercise of the arms.

An exerciser of my improved construction is simple, easily positioned for use, readily yields to any movement of the user, and permits the arms and body to be moved in any direction, and the limbs and arms can be simultaneously exercised, and said exerciser can be used while a person iswalking or running.

I claim- 1. In an exerciser, a belt, shoulder-straps 85 secured to said belt, elastic sections secured to said shoulder-straps, handles carried by the outer ends of said elastic sections, a sec ond set of elastic sections secured to the belt, and means whereby the lower ends of said 90 second set of elastic sections are connected to the feet of the user of the exerciser, substantially as specified.

2. In an exerciser, a belt, shoulder-straps securedto said belt, a plnrality'of elastic sec- 95 tions detachably secured to said belt and shoulder sections, means whereby the outer ends of said elastic sections are engaged by the hands and feet of the user of the exerciser, substantially as specified.

3. In an exerciser, a belt, straps secured to and passing over the shoulders from said belt,

a back-strap connecting said shoulder-straps, elastic sections detachably secured to the ends of the back-strap, and elastic sections secured to the lower ends of the shoulderstraps, substantially as specified.

4. In an exerciser, the combination with a plurality of non-elastic straps for surrounding the upper portion of the body, of a pair of elastic sections detachably secured to said 10 straps, the outer ends of which sections are adapted to be engaged by the hands of the user, .of a second pair of elastic sections secured to said straps below the first-mentioned pair, and the outer ends of which are adapted to be engaged by the feet of the user, sub- 15 stantially as specified. A In testimony whereof I afiix my signature in presence of two witnesses.

JULIUS A. RAABE. Witnesses:


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Cooperative ClassificationA63B21/0552