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Publication numberUS651773 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 12, 1900
Filing dateSep 27, 1899
Priority dateSep 27, 1899
Publication numberUS 651773 A, US 651773A, US-A-651773, US651773 A, US651773A
InventorsBeaman C Smith
Original AssigneeBeaman C Smith
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US 651773 A
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P H. n M S AIU B.

No. 65u73,

B A G H 0 L D E R v [Application led Sept. 27, 1899.)

(No Model.)

eorpar) C. Smh,




SPEGIFICATIN forming wie of Letters Patent No.. 651,773, dat-.ed June 12, 1900. Application filed September 27, 1899. Serial N0. 731.840. (No model.)

Toa/ZZ whom, it may concern:

Be it known that I, BEAMAN C. SMITH, of-

Stoneham, in the count-y of Middlesex and State of Massachusetts, haveinvented certain new and useful Improvements in Bag-Holders, of which the following is a specification.

This invention has for its object to provide a simple and efficient device adapted to hold a bag opened and in position to be conveniently filled and to readily release the bag when it has been lled.

The invention consists in the improvements which I will now proceed to describe and claim.

Of the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, Figure 1 represents a perspective view of a bag-holder embodying my invention. Fig. 2 represents a sectional view of the same. Fig. 3 represents an enlargement of a portion of Fig. 2. Fig. 4 represents a side view showing the device folded. j

The same letters and numerals of reference indicate the same parts in all the figures.

My improved bag-holder comprises a sup porting frame having two horizontal .top members 2 2, separated by an open space. Said top members are preferably connected by cross-pieces 3 3, the whole constituting a rectangular frame.

a a, represent substantially-parallel cross-- bars, which extend across thespace between the members 2 2. Each bar d is connected at one edge by hinges a with suitable parts of the supporting-frame, said parts0 being here shown as slotted slides 4 4f, movable on the members 2 2 to vary the distance between the bars a a, the said Vslides, being held by thumb-nuts 5 5. The hinges are arranged so that oneedge of each bar a can swing 11pwardly, as shown by dotted lines in Fig. 3, the axial lines of the hinges being at the upper corners of the bars.

c c represent hooks attached to the inner or hinged edges of the bars a a, said hooks being upturned and located below and in close proximity'to the axial lines of the hinges, so that when a bag is suspended from the hooks the weight of the bag has no tendency to swing the hooks downwardly. Owing, however, to the close proximity of the hooks to the axial lines of the hinges, the bars can be .very easily swung upwardly, as indicated by dotted lines in Fig. 3, thus swinging the hooks downwardly and outwardly and withdrawing them from the bag. The bag can therefore be hung upon .the hooks when the bars are in the position shown in Fig. 2, its mouth being held open, and when the bag has been filled the hooks `can be withdrawn without strain on the bag by swinging the bars, as above indicated.

The adj ustability of the bars a d by means of the slides 4 Ll enables the hooks to be adjusted to any size of bag.

The top members 2 2 and their connectingpieces 3 3 may be supported by any suitable means at a convenient distance above the floor. I have here .shown as the supporting means a bottom Vframe or base g and four jointed uprights d, each connected at its upper and lower ends to the top and bottom frames by hinges d d', the sections of the uprights being connected at their meeting ends byhinges d2. The hinges d d' d2 are arranged so that the nprights can be folded inwardly between the top and bottom frames, as shown in Fig. 4, the device being thus compactly folded. When the uprights are in their operative position, their joints are locked by means of tongues f, pivoted ate'l to the upper sections of the uprights, and keepers j on the lower sections formed to receive said tongues, as clearly shown in Fig. 1.

My invention is not limited to means for adjusting the bars ac nor to a folding support for said bars.

I prefer to recess the hinged edges of the bars oo a, as shown, so that the upwardlyturned points of the hooks will be substan-V tially on the axial lines of the hinges. (See Figs. 2 'and 3.) This arrangement causes the weight of the bag to bear on the hooks slightly within the axial lines of the bars, or, inu other words, between the axial lines of the hinges and the swinging edges of the barso.

I claim- 1. A bag-holder comprising a supportingframe having top members separated by an open space, two substantially-parallel bars extending across said space and each hinged at one edge, the hinges being arranged so that the opposite edge of the bar is adapted to swing upwardly, and hooks projecting from IOO the hinged edges of the bars, the hooks of each bar beingy located in close proximity to the axial line of the hin ges,whereby the hooks kand extending acrosssaid space, each bar having hooks on its hinged edge.

3. Abag-holder comprisinga top'fra-me and a bottom frame or base, jointed uprights oonneeting said top frame and base'and each hinged at its upper and ower ends andrat its' middle portion, the hinges being arranged so thateaoh upright canV foldinwardly between the lframes, means forvlocking the joints of the uprights to hold them in their operative position, and two substantially-parallel b'ars .extending across the space surrounded by the top frame, eachbar being hinged at one edge yand provided lwith hooks projecting from its lhinged edge.

In testimony whereof I have aii'ixed my signature in presence of two witnesses. s BEAMAN C. SMITHi Witnesses C YF. BROWN,


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