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Publication numberUS65185 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 28, 1867
Publication numberUS 65185 A, US 65185A, US-A-65185, US65185 A, US65185A
InventorsW. Durgin
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US 65185 A
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-i @umh tang @sind @ma J. W. DUReIN, OF BANGOR, MAINE, AssIeNOR To R. e. NORTON AND A. H. NORTON, OF THR SAME PLAGE.

' Letters Patent No. 65,185, dated May 28, '1867' IMPROVED MACHINE POR CUTTING SLATB.

@Ltr rlgeml maar tu in tigen @aan ndert mit rating gaat nt the sane.


Be it known that I, J. W. DURGIN, of Bangor, in the county of Penobscot, and State of Maine, have 4invented a new and improved Machine for Cutting Slate; and I do hereby declare that thelfollowing is a full, clear, and exact-description thereot`,'\vhich will enable those skilled in the art to inake and'use the same, reference boing had to the accompanying drawings, forming part ot' this specification.

This invention relates to a new and improved machine for cutting slate for rooting purposes; and it consists of a knife Vattached to a suitable bed-piece, and of such ashape as to cut the slate in the forni required, the knife being attached tothe bed-piece by pivots, and operated through the medium of a leveror treadle, all arranged as hereinafter fully shown and described. In the accompanying sheet of` drawings* Figure 1 is a side view of my invention.

Figure 2, a plan or top view of the same.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts.

A represents a horizontal bed-piece, which is supported at a suitable height by legs a or any proper framing. The ends of this bed-piece are cut in a form corresponding to the shape designed to be given to the slate. In 5g. 2, one end, a, is shown, of semieireular form, and the other end, Z?, of pointed form, similar to a gothic arch. This bed-piece is of -Nood, has its ends shed with metal bars c, and to each end of the bed-piece there is attached a knife, one knife, B, being of semicircular form, correspondingto the semicircular end aof the bedspiece, over which the knife works, and the other knife, C, lifted to the opposite end b of the bed-piece, so as to ivork over said end, and being of corresponding sha-pea These knives B C are secured, at their inner ends, to the bed-piece A by pivotsd, a pivot passing into cach sideaef the bed-piece. The' outer parts of the knives are connected, by links e, to levers D, the'fulcrum-pins f of which pass through pendants g attached to the under side of the bed-piece, each lever passing through a cuide, 7L, secured to the under lside of the bed-piece, said guide preventing the levers I) being depressed or forced down beyond a certain point.

The pieces of slate to be eut are laid, one at a time, on the bed-piece A., on either end, according to the form 0r shape in which it is designed to cut them, the edges ofthe slate lapping over the-edges of the hed-piece and the knife elevated above them. The knife is then drawn down over the slate, and the latter eut in form corresponding to the knife and the end ot' the bed-piece on which they are out.

I would remark that-the ends of the bed-piece may be of any desired form, according to the, shape in which it is designed to'cut the slate; and in lieu of levers treadles may be employed tobring down the knives upon them.

I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent The cutting of slate for roofing purposes, composed of a knife of a shape .corresponding to that in which it is designed to cut the slate, and pivotecl to the end of a bed-piece of a form corresponding to that of the knife, and ot' such dimensions that the knife may work over it, with a lever or treadle applied to the knife, all arranged substantially in the manner as shown and described.

J. W. DURGIN. Witnesses:

F. A. CIIAMBERLAIN, P. A. G-A'ronntr..

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