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Publication numberUS653262 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 10, 1900
Filing dateMar 27, 1899
Priority dateMar 27, 1899
Publication numberUS 653262 A, US 653262A, US-A-653262, US653262 A, US653262A
InventorsWilliam Rodiger
Original AssigneeWilliam Rodiger
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US 653262 A
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\ pear.



SPIEGIFIGA'JZIt()Nv forming part of Letters Patent No. 658,262, dated July 10, 1900.

' Application filed March 2 7, 189 9 T a/ZZ wiz/0m it may concern:

vBe it known that l, WILLIAM Romans, a citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago', in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented certainA new and useful Improvements in. Mucilage-Bottles, of which.- the following is a specification. V

My invention relates to that class of muoilage-bottles provided with a reservoir and "a Y' removable cap adapted to form a cup for temporarily holding asmall quantity of mucilage, all. of whichvwill more f ully hereinafter ap- -The principal object-of my invention is to provide a simple, economical, and efficient mucilage-bottle with a cup-shaped cap; and

. the invention consists in'the features, combinations, and details of construction hereinafter described and claimed. i y In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a Vertical sectional elevation of a mucilage holder or bottle constructed in accordance 'with my improvements; Fig. 2 aplan view of the cap removed from the bottle and looking at it from below; and Fig. 3, a plan view of lthe bottle with the cup removed, looking at it from above.

In the artto which this invention relates it is well known that in using mucilage, paste,' or the like it is desirable to use it in small quantities, so 'as to prove t waste, and that in orden'to use it in small q entities the material has tov be poured from a large jarzor receptacle into a cup. The using in this way entails considerable loss in that a large amount of the gummy substance adheres to the sides and bottom of the cup or receptacle in which it is placed temporarily, and there being no provision foi-.draining the same such material iswasted or 10st. It is further disadvantageous in that the material `which is left 'on the sides and bottom of the cup hardens therein and renders the further use of the cup very disagreeable; v

The principal object of my invention therefore is -to provide a mucilage-holding bottle of such construction and arrangement that the closure for the bottle also forms a temporary cup, allv of which will more fully hereinafter appear. f

ln reducing `my invention to practice lprovide a bottle portion A of the desired size,

Serial No. 71(),58l;I (No model.)

shape, and strength andA preferably made of l glass to form a reservoir in which a considerable quantity of paste, glue, mucilage, or similar material may he kept. In order to form a closure for the bottle and at the same time provide a-cup in which the mate# rial may be temporarily used, I make a cap B,'which has a cupfshaped'recess b formed by.'

the' exterior upper portion of the cap and the internal tubular projection b', which passes through the opening in the bottle and extends downward-into the same, so that anymaterial, such as mucilage, may drop .directly into the bottle when the cap is in position. -The cap is provided with an aunularllange i3'v ,having ya' downwardly-projecting. rim b2, which rests upona cushioning-washer C,v thatisllaid Y on the shoulder o of thebottle'. This annular` liang'e andrim of the cap provides a'recess b3, in which an upwardly-extending central flange a of the bottle-neck may extend.

To hold the cap' in position, the hottie is provided with an` upper threaded portion a2,

with which a locking ringnut D may engage.

The ring-nut has an inwardly -projecting' hanged, adapted to contact the annular flange on the cap and force the same into a close engagement with the cushioning sealing-washer.

In use the locking ring-nut' is.- removed.

The -cap is then removed and placedon its 4 bottom, as shown in Fig. 2, sothat ay quantity of mucilage or like material may be poured into it. When through with the mucilage, the cap is again placed in engagement with the remaining'mucilage allowed to drip therein.

bottle, as shown in Fig. 1, and the The locking-ring is next secured onto the botf tle .to lock the parts together, as shown in Fig. 1. Wherrthe parts are in their engaging position, it will be vseen that all of the mucilage, paste, or the like which was'let in the cup can drip into the bottle, and thus save all of such material and at the same time minimize the objectionable hardening of the mucilage or paste remaining in the c up..

1. The combination with a mucilage-bottle having a shouldered top and aV rim projecting above the top and around the mouth of the bottle, ofa'n inverted-c\1p-shaped cap adapted when removed from the bottle to form a receptacle fore quantity of mucilage, a latertle, substantially as 15 y diy-projecting; exterior enge on the body dividing the body to have the inner end thereof form a rim to enter the rim and neck of the bottle and extend below the plane of the shouldered top and clear of the rim, neck and shoulder, an outer rib or bead on the under side of the flange, en interlockingr bend having an open top forming a shoulder to engage the flange of the cap, e screw-thread on the body of the band and a screw-thread on the body of the bottle for dra-wing the top of the band into engagement with the langeof the cap and holding the cap in position on the botdeeoribed.I

2. The combination 'with a muolage-bottle having e shouldered top and a rim projecting above the top around the mouth of the bottle vend heving on itsl bodybelow the shouldered top an exterior screw-thread, of an inverted- (agp-shaped oep adapted when removed from t e bottle to form a receptacle fore quantityof muoilage, e laterally-projecting exterior ange on the body of. the oop dividing the body to have the inner end thereof forln e rim to enter the rim of the bottie-top and have its end extend below the plane or. the shouldered top and Clear of the rim, neck and shoulder, an outer rib or bead on the under side of the flange forming a channel between the rib or bead and the body et' the oep, e band having an opening for the passage of the outer end of the oep and e shoulder engaging the flange and having on its interior a screw-thread engaging the exterior serew thread of the body and a packing-strip on the shouldered top engaged by the rib or bead of the Hange, [substantially as described.




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