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Publication numberUS65396 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 4, 1867
Publication numberUS 65396 A, US 65396A, US-A-65396, US65396 A, US65396A
InventorsGeoege V. B. Ladd
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Geoege v
US 65396 A
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@uiten gieten atent @Hire IMPROVED SKATE.

@Le tlgchnlcttfcttrt tu' in tlgrfsc ttttw tuttnt nnb' mating ont nf tige sans.


Be it known that I, GEORGF V. 13. LADD, of Boston, in the county of Suffolk, and State et' Massachusetts, have invented a new anduseful Improvement in Skates; and do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description thereof, due reference beinghad to the accompanying drawings, making part of this speci ication, and in which- Figure l is a side elevation.

Figure 2, a vertical and central section; and

Figure 3, a transverse section of a skate constructed in accordance with my invention.

The invention consists in constructing the runner of the skate in two parts or sections, each being independent of the other, and pivotcd to the foot-rest or tread in manner and for the purpose as hereinafter described.

In the accompanying drawings A denotes the foot-rest or body of the skate, made ot' a niet-allie plate of sufficient thickness to secure the requisitestrength while possessing considerable elasticity', and which is to have toe and heel-straps applied to it in the ordinary manner. The two runners are shown at a and I) as hinged to the under side of the foot-rest in suoli' manner as to allow of a slight rocking movement of them on their journals while sliding over the surface of the ice. The projections to which the runners are hinged may be formed in one piece with the foot-resl t, as shown in the drawings, or they may be made separately and afterwards united therewith by rivets or other suitable means. Each projection is recessed at its lower end, so as to form a seat for the corresponding hub or journal of the runner; and the two shoulders of the recess are slightly bevelled or removed a little 4distance from the opposite shoulders of the runner, so as to allow the latter to have the slight rocking motion above spoken of. The hubs or journals of the runners tit snugly within their recesses where they are held by the pins upon which they are pivoted. The constructionof the recesses is such that while they allow all necessary motion to the runners, this motion is limited, and the runners, by pressing against the shoulders of their respective recesses, are incapable of further motion in the direction in which they may have been tilted, and become immovable. '.Lhey are thus supported and held up by the shoulders, which relieve the strain which would otherwise come upon the pivotal points, and give the needful steadiness and solidity to the whole skate.

A skate constructed as above described operates with great ease and comfort to the wearer, and to excellent advantage in going over rough and uneven surfaces of icc; the small bearing surface of the under parts ot' the runners offering niueh less resistance, and accommodating themselves to the inequalities of it. The elastic properties of the foot-rest are also more free to act than when the runner is made in one entire piece.

Having describcd'my invention, and the manner in which the same is or may be carried into effect, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-I y l. The combination of the .sectional runners as specified with the recessed projections within which they are hinged or pivoted, under the arrangement herein described, so that the rocking motion of the runners shall be limited, and stopped at certain points by the saidprojeetions or shoulders as set forth.

2. The eombinationof the sectional runners and recessed projections within which they :1re hinged, as described, with the elastic foot-rest, substantially' in the manner and for the purposes set forth.

GEO. 'v'. B. LADD.


FRANCIS Cun'ris, Fnnonnlelc OUI-.Tis

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