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Publication numberUS654684 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 31, 1900
Filing dateMar 26, 1900
Priority dateMar 26, 1900
Publication numberUS 654684 A, US 654684A, US-A-654684, US654684 A, US654684A
InventorsPaul H Smith
Original AssigneePaul H Smith
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Attachment for trunks or the like.
US 654684 A
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No.- 654,684. Patented luly3l, I900.

P. H. smnn.


(Application filed Mar. 26, 1900.)

(No Model.)


so that the trunk may be stood on that end and the lid swung on itshingeslike thedoor UNiTIED STATES PATE T OFFICE.

PAUL I-I. SMITH, or ooL MBUs, onto.

T iH-t E- Ti -os i'B-U-NK L E SPECIFICATION formingpart of Letters Patent No. 654,684, dat d ly 9 0- Application filed March 26, 1900. Serial No, 10,266. on, model.) i

To aZl when it may concern:

Be it known that I, PAUL H. SMITH, a citizen of the United States, residing at O0lum-,

bus, in the county of Franklin and State of Ohio, have invented certain new and useful Improvementsin Attachments for Trunk-s or the Like; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same. s I

The object of my present invention is to provide an improved attachment for. trunks, dressers, and the like upon which garments can be hung and by means of which they can be packed or compressed into the trunk or dresser with neatness and despatch, and although my invention is applicable to wardrobes, clothes-presses, and the like it is especially adapted to trunks, it being well known that ordinary hotel-rooms are devoid of suit able places for the reception of garments. When my invention is applied to a trunk,

that article will preferably be furnished with knobs or casters on at least one of its ends,

of the wardrobe. The trunk is thus indeed converted'into a wardrobe and well serves as such during the guests occupancy of the room. r

The invention consists in parts and combination 0? partspointed out in the claims at the end of this specification. t 35.

In the accompanying drawings ,in whichjil have shown an embodiment of the invention,

Figure 1 is a longitudinal" sectional viewof a trunk, depicting my attachment therein,

partlyinsectionand partly in elevation. In

this view thetrunk is shown asstood up on its end with the lid thrown open and the gar- Inent-hanger partially drawn out. Figs. 2 and 3 are side and end views, respectively,

of the stationary part of the hanger; and Fig.

4 shows detailsin side and end View of the va= rious parts that make up the movable part of the hanger. a

Like characters of reference in the several Views designate corresponding parts.

'1 designates the trunk, and 2 the lid thereof 3 denotes the stationary part of the gaz menbhangen This is tubular inform and a setfscrew 9.

and the inner end of the tube 4 has a short slit 4?, and in the inner end of this tube fits the head of a bracket 7, the shank thereof entering and engaging-the slot 4*. The outer end of the bracket '7 is enlarged and bored to fit upon the end of the rod 5, and when the bracket 7 has been placed in the tube at and on the rod 5 it is held there by a small nut 8, threaded onto the end of the rod 5." Slid ing on therod 5 is a collar 9, that can be fastened at any point to which it is adjusted by Beforethe bracket 7 is "put into the tube 4t and onto the rod 5 the tube at isputinto the tube 3, after which the bracket 7 is put on and fastened in its place. When so put totheqaccidentalentire withdrawal of the tube land rod 5." i I f Coats, trousers, and other garments are to be hungon the rod 5, as indicated in Fig. 1.

rod 5 is pulled out, when thedesiredgarment may be'taken off. After the garment is regether, the closed end of the slot 3 prevents When the garments are desired for use, the

moved the rod may be pushedback into the V trunk and the lid closed Landlocked, thus sec'uring such as remain onthehanger from dust and theft. When the traveler resumes his journey, the garments are pressed or packed toward the bottomof the trunk, where they may be fastenedby pressing in the collar 9 and securing it with the set-screw 9. garments are not to be held on the rod 5,,the device may be turned up against the end of the trunk, as indicated by broken lines in the left-hand part of Fig. 4, it being understood that the tube 4 can be turned in the tube 3.

. What I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-- Y 1, A device forholding garments in a trunk or the likecomprising tube 3, a sliding part 4; in the tube 3,21, rod dupon which garments the innerends ofthe said parts [0 Q a f m sgesim .7

"can hung connected to stand and slide lon .gitudinally withsrespect to the .stantially as described.

part a 4, sub- 2. A device for holding garments in atrunk or the like comprising slotted tube 3, the slidable part 4 therein,; the rod 5, thehandle 6 'eonnecting the outei' ends of n the part 4 and fed 5 and a bracket or hanger 7 connecting 4 and 5, sub-,

stantially as described. 3. A device for holding garments'in a trunk @or the like comprising the'slotted tube3,- the, part 4 to slide and rotate therein, the rod 5,

handle 6 connecting the outer ends of the I parts 4and 5, substantially as desc ibe'dff Y i 4. Ade Vice Qa-itnents the trunk oithe like comprising tube 3,-a part 4 sliding longitudinally in the tube 3, a rod'5 upon "which garments can be hung connected to the I part 4 and standing parallel thereto, and a collar or clamp 9. adjustable on the rod- 5 independently of thetub'e 3, substan' tiallj as described. I, In testimony whereof] Iafl'ix signatiire in presence of two witnesses.

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