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Publication numberUS655790 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 14, 1900
Filing dateMay 16, 1900
Priority dateMay 16, 1900
Publication numberUS 655790 A, US 655790A, US-A-655790, US655790 A, US655790A
InventorsJohn Edward Long
Original AssigneeJohn Edward Long
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Collapsible bolster.
US 655790 A
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No. 655,790. Patented Aug. l4, I900.



(Application film i May 16, 1900.)

(No Model.)

m: mums r-z'rzas c0.v PHOTO-LUNG" WASHINGTON, o. c.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 655,790, dated August 14, 1900'. Application filed May lo, 1900- fierial No. 16,915. (No model.)

To aZZ whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, JOHN EDWARD LONG, a citizen of the United States, residing at Chillicothe, in the county of Ross and State of Ohio, have invented a new and useful Collapsible Bolster, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to collapsible bolsters for beds and the like; and the object of the same is to provide a simple and effective device of a flexible, light, and durable nature for use in dressing a bed and to receive a covering to present a neat external appearance and wherein pillows may'be disposed when not in use, the said bolster being reducible to compact form for transportation and storage and constructed of such materials as to render it inexpensive in manufacture and cost to the purchaser.

The invention consists in the construction and arrangement of the several parts, which will be more fully hereinafter described and claimed.

In the drawings, Figure l is a perspective view of a portion of a bed, showing the improved bolster arranged thereon. Fig. 2 isa perspective view of the improved bolster in reduced form. Fig. 3 is a transverse vertical section of the bolster when rolled.

Similar numerals of reference are employed to indicate corresponding parts in the several views.

The numeral 1 designates a thin sheet of light flexible material, preferably tough cardboard, to which an exterior protective covering 2 of fabric is secured in any suitable manner, and on the inner portion, adjacent the side edges, wood or other reinforce-strips 3 are attached to brace and strengthen the sheet without materially increasing the weight of the same and also cause the said sheet to regularly shape when rolled into cylindrical form without breaking. The said strips and the sheet at the inner end edges have spring-- metal connecting-straps 4 fastened thereto and made longer than the width of the sheet to form an opening 5 when the sheet is rolled and secured in cylindrical form, as clearly shown by Fig. 3. By the provision of the said opening 5 when the bolster is rolled access is permitted to the interior for the inser tion and withdrawal of pillows during the day-time or when not desired foruse. The free ends of the straps 4 are constructed with keyhole-slots 6 to removably engage headed studs 7 011 the outer part of the side edge of the sheet opposite to that from which the said straps project.

When arranged for transportation or storage, the device appears as shown in Fig. 2, and it will be observed that this flat condition of the device permits a large number to be closely packed within a containing receptacle or box. When cylindrically shaped for use on a bed, an outside covering of preferred ornamental or pleasing design is applied thereover, as at 8, and the ends are adapted to be gathered and tied, as shown by Fig. 1, the opening 5 being left clear and the holster turned to dispose said opening underneath or next to the bed. During the day-time the pillows when not in use will be stored in the bolster, as before explained, and at night or any other time when the service of the pillows is desired the bolster is turned to expose the opening 5 therein, the pillows withdrawn and arranged on the bed in the ordinary manner, and the bolster set or placed to one side. At any time the outer covering of the bolster may be removed and the latter collapsed or reduced to the compact form shown by Fig. 2.

The improved device will be found very convenient to handle both by the manufacturer or shipper and the user, and it will be understood that changes in the form, size, proportions, and minor details can be resorted to Without departing from the principle of the invention.

, Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new is 1. A collapsible bolster comprising a thin sheet of flexible material having holding devices on the outer side edge thereof near the ends, and resilient end straps secured to said sheet and having a length greater than the width of the said sheet, the ends of the straps unengaged by the sheet being provided with articulating devices to removably engage the lfolding devices on the side edge of the sheet.

2. A collapsible bolster of cylindrical form comprising a thin sheet of flexible material having brace-strips along the side edge por tions, resilient metal end straps attached to In testimony that I claim the foregoing'as the sheet and of greater length than the Width my own I have hereto affixed my signature in of said sheet, and having articulatin g devices the presence of two witnesses.

in the free ends thereof, and headed studs on JOHN EDWARD LONG. '5 the edge of the sheet opposite that from which Witnesses:

the straps extend to detachably receive the FRANK. S. HAWK,

free ends of the latter. G. W. LIVEsAY.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47G9/10