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Publication numberUS656431 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 21, 1900
Filing dateMay 9, 1900
Priority dateMay 9, 1900
Publication numberUS 656431 A, US 656431A, US-A-656431, US656431 A, US656431A
InventorsFrank H Stewart
Original AssigneeFrank H Stewart
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Cord-adjuster for electric lights.
US 656431 A
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No. 656,43i.

(Application Bled May 9. 1900,y`

(No Model.)

' citizen ci the United Stat-es vre i plate in which is the mouth ll, the same when latter is reduced in width from its center to Y around the necks C and inserted into the Vof a cord-adjuster embodying my invention.

limitan, iinfrns FRANK H. STEWART, or



. ySPECIFICATIOll forming part of .Letters atent N 658,431, dated August 21, 1900. Application tiled May 9, 1900. Serial No. 16,007. (llo model.)

s0 fait whom z; may concern:

Be it known that il', FRANK. H. STEWART, a y residing in the 'city and county of Camden., State of New Jersey, have invented a new and useful Imovement in CordAdjusters for Electric i glits, Whioh'improvement is fully set forth i. the following specification and accompanying drawings. Y

Myinvention consists of a oord-adj nstcr for an electric light, the same being composed of a plate with a Vertieally-arranged month and be received in said throats, so aste be drawn inte theeorn'ers of the mouth and held as a bite, whereby slipping oi the plate is prevented and the light is reliably held at the place of adjustment, and the device is applicable to cords of different thicknesses.

Figures 1 and 2 represent perspective views Fig. 3 represents an edge view thereof.

t. 'nilar letters of reference indicate corresponjing parte in the figures.

Relorring to the d1aWings,Adesignates a the plate is inoperative position extending in the vertical direction thereof. G designates throats which extend into the plate above and below said mouth, it being noticed that the its terminals or corners, thus forming biting edges D for the portion of the cord that con tants with 'the saine, it being also noticed that said th roats are separated from 'the upper and lowen` terminals of said mouth by the necks C in the plate between said parts.

The operation is as follows: 'lhe cord is looped and passed through the mouth 13, as shown 'dotted in Fig.' l. The portions of the cord above and below the loop are then bent throats C, as shown ink Figs. 2. `and 3, when the Weight of the lamp carried by the` cord causes the latter tri-tighten and forces the relative portions ol' the same into the corners of the mouth that exist at the upper `and lower ends thereof, causing the corners to bite said cord, and thuslrmly clamp and hold the latter, whereby slipping of the plate is prevented and the light retains its adjusted height. 'When the cord is drawn out of the throats, the loop may quickly and easily emerge from the mouth and the plate again be adjusted, the subsequent operations being as hereinbet'ore stated.` Owing to the reduced form of the mouth frein center to terminals or theA tapering shape of the walls of said mouth, said month is adapted to grip or bite cords of different thicknesses in said terminals or the corners ofthe mouth.

Having thus described myiinvention, what- I claim as new, and desire to secure by Let-- ters Pat-ent, is-

l. A cord-adjuster foran electric light consisting of a plate having throats in the upper and lower portions thereof and a mouth intermediate of said throats, the corners of said mouth being adjacent to said throats,and said mouth and throats being separated in said plate between'said parts.

2. In a cord-adjnster for an electric light, a plate provided with open throats in the un per and lower portions thereof and a Vertically-arranged mouth in the plate intermediate of said throats, the corners of said mouth being adjacent to said throats and being reduced forming biting edges for the suspension-cord oi' thedight. h

3. ln a 'cord-adjuster for the purposes set forth, a plate provided with a n louth therein, the ends or corners of the same having biting edges for said cord, and supplemental throats adjacent to said edges, a separating-neck ex* isting between each end of the mouth andthe adjacent throat.



JOHN A. villini)sinensisA C; D. MoVai.

by necks

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Cooperative ClassificationF16G11/10