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Publication numberUS658132 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 18, 1900
Publication numberUS 658132 A, US 658132A, US-A-658132, US658132 A, US658132A
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US 658132 A
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Nam-658,132.. Patented Sept. l8, I900.



(Applica ion filed A 30, 1900.;

(No Model.)


' mmcmw forming part of Letters rateneno. ese,1ez, ate"; se tei be'=1's,:19oe

Application filed April 30, 1900.

ctll whom, may concern.- g Be it known that I, ROLLING THOMSON, J r.,

a citizen of the United States, residing at Eyrie, in the county of'Ellis and State of Texas, have invented anew and useful Wire Stretcher, of which the following isa specification.

The-invention relates to improvements in wire-stretchers. 1

One objeetof the present invention is to improve the dbnstrnctionof wire-stretchers and to providea silnple and comparativelyi-nex elusive one capable of readily stretched 'to' be readily employed as a mid-wire take-' ing once-wires to the desired tension and of 'ho'ldi'ng'the same while they are being stap ed or'oth'erwise secured to a fence-post.

vide' a wire-stretcher of this character adaptup' and capable off-drawing the endsof a bereadi'ly spliced.

' .Theiuvention consists in the construction "i n;fthe accompanying drawings, and

"ontjir'rthe claims hereto appended;

. 111 the drawings, Figure l isa perspective and novel coinbinationand arrangement of ,parts hereinafter fully described, illiistrated pointed viewbf'a wire-stretcher constructed in accordanee with this invention Fig.2 is a longitudinal'sectionalviewof the same.' Fig.

3 is a transverse sectional view.

' Like numerals of reference designate cor-; responding partsin all the figures ofthedraw ings.

central longitudinal bar 2 and having diverging sides or braces 3, arranged at an angle to" l each other and tothe rear portion of the bar but the latter-and the body portion of' the portion formed integral with theicentral bar 2' and supported by an inclined central brace 7;

V A'fnrther object of the invention is to pro broken wire together, so that the same may l des'ignates a mainframe provided-wither .Serialllb- 14,962. on static" clamp 6 ma hem-t a efseparate pieces and suitably secured to the main.framajtdesired;

"The bodypcrtion of'theclamp (iis: provided with a rigid flange orjaw 8, against which-a wire may he -l .c larnped .bya pivoted cam..-1ever .9,' h avinfg a, corrugated or serrated ;.eugagi=ng face'audxmonnted'onthebody portion-oi; the

clamp e i went to efl n o iaw: clearly illnstrategjsin- Figs. 1 and-2o th "companyi ng dravyil ingsu :Y

The endportioris-Qt the transverse shaft re.- ceivethesides of a rope-or eableIQ, whip-his connected with -aclamp-1i and whi h; i adapted-to be wound-er 'nnd shaft by the meansh. reinaft'ejrdescribed, whereby the clampvll is drawn ktoward: the fralneQl -a-nd the clarn p-..6 By-thiSflQmtiph a fence-wire may be stretched fon secering'it areplaced in the clamps fi'zand .lk-tlieyinay be drawn together-a; dheldwhiletheya-re ingspliced; The amp 1l-0QllB-i8i8 0f'fii0na rigidflange or jaw'llz which-cooperates vided with a corrugated .o'r serrated ad'jatient be attached to the clamp-11in any suitable; manner, is preferably looped through a perforation of the bodyportion of the said clamp ll and secured to the same by a pin 14 or enable the clmnp the rope or cable without detaching the letter from the shaft, which is provided with suitends of the rope or cable. 1

The transverse shaft is actuated: by an operating'lever I'B, [ulcrn'med at its lower end on the-shaft and adapted to oscillate-independently of the sameand provided with an actuating-pawl 17, which is held in engagement with a ratchet-wheel l8 by'a spring 19.

' The ratchet-wheel, which is locatedjadjacent to the central bar-9 of the frame 1, is suitably fixed to the shaft, and it is held against retro grade rotation by a spring-pressed pa wl 20,

nal bar Zand located in rear the ratchetthef-treusverse to afenne-postwhen the. flinainifra ne: is inn chored, and when the'ends of abre'ken wire gitudi'nal body portionor pieceprm'idediwith with a clampingrlever 1'3,'pivotally-m mntBd on the body portion of the: elampmndpre' :,fa :e, whereby it iscapahleof==secliretygrippings; wire, The rope or. cab'le:10 ,-which; may

other suitable fastening device. "This will to be readily removed from 'pivota-llyi'nountedon the central longitudi- 7 9 able loops or ears 15 for the reception of the f essq la 5--eglntretchingfence-wirq q i them Kiwi;

be rhi-nedja't a tenio'n when-thezclauips are rempved.

'What is claimed is- L A. wire-stretcher. eqmprising a frame,

Jamebetween the ends therepfand pre- ,elamps'eounected with the frame, orieof the clam-p5. being movable and adapted to be I drawn tgWai-d the other, means for operating" flh meir'able' Clamp, andz'apair of st etchingkyers f-lflrumedbn the-frame bet;

" j '81'id clamps ahd vproyidedwiph meains forengingthbnda of a fenee-wilye', whereby the 1m may he ag'ain streLchedaften-iV has 'lgeen-pperated qn bythe clamps, substatitialiy 4 4asdesc 1'ibq. Q 2: Awifimnetchr eomprisingaframe pr0- vid'e'd m w end with. a. alanine $haft anrzingdatthe other end-0f .fihefi-ame and pro een -the T3.- A wifeab'retcher com prisi ngla frame (gci mi- 'pdrtion, aclamp or cable onn'ecte'd' with the shaft at'eppogue Sides 'of the ratchet.-

nected with? the rope or cabl, su'bstanijially as described;

Ieel, and n. olamppo'nmy'oav'ri'l' have hereto afiixed my Signature in t ;hepresence of'twqwitnessemjoujrnqledjxpsuibable bearip-gsbf the. lpngi'- tufrligzi] 'fba rand the'sides or braces, 13:.ratlc'hetrv wheel fixedto the shaft, 5m tipei-atitlgale'ver f ulcrnl'ned' 0n the shaft and prqvidefl with mansfor engaging the ratehet-whel, a. rope

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