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Publication numberUS659943 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 16, 1900
Filing dateMay 26, 1900
Priority dateMay 26, 1900
Publication numberUS 659943 A, US 659943A, US-A-659943, US659943 A, US659943A
InventorsAsa Fenwick Warner
Original AssigneeThompson & Norris Company
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Knockdown paper box.
US 659943 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

(Application filed Emy 2G, 1900,

2 Sheets-Sheet l.

im Modal.)

ATTORNE Mn. @59,943 mmm mm. m, 15mm.

M. n @wm-mm. A


(Application filed May 26, 1900.)

2 Shams-Sheet 2.

4(No Modal.)




. iidlltlrhllill forming part o Lettere Potent No. 859.9%3, dated. October 16, 190i). Application led Moy 28, 1900. Serial No. 18,025. (No model.)

to be flattened down for packing sind ship' nient; and the object of the present inven-v tion is to ineke euch e. box in e special nnenner from :t corrugated paper fabric, es will be i hereinafter more fully described.

ln the accompanying drawings, which illustrate an embodiment of the invention, Figure l shows the box folded, neV when in use as u receptacle. torn and top. Fig. 3 is crossseotion of the oldedbox seen in Fig. l, land Fig. 4 shows the box iiottened for peeking or shipment. Fig. is n perspective View of the box :te eepeoinlly adopted for mniline,r purposes.

The box when completed is in one pieceor Substantially integral; but it is composed of two rectangular pieces of corriugetedl peper fabric, coinpoeerl oi' e. corrugated sboetpasted to e plnin sheet. ln .the completed box the corrugated sheet inside. l

Considered ne n box there ie e body end two hinged covers, either of which muy be considered thetopztnd the other the bottom. The box is composed of two rectangular sheets or pieces of the corrugated fabric Aend ll. One ol' these pieces forme n side sind the two ends ol.' thc body and the other the other eide ot' the.

body, the covers, and the tucks on the inergins ofthe covers. The (,'orrugntione` on these two pieces extend et right angles, respon tively, sind the creuses where the parte nre hinged together extend transversely or nel-oss tho ribs of tbe eorrugzttious. y

Ol' the piece which [forms the mitin portion ol the box-body, u is the box eide, :ind if l the box ends. Ol' the piece which forms the om om ztnd part oi the body, fe c :tro thc covers, /f' ie the bo,r .wille between the covers, mul c e :irc the .flops or tur-,ke on the [roo edges of. the 3l respective covere. At fftho two pzh-ts or pieces `which l'orrn the box. :tre connected by Fig. 2 shows it open both at bot? hinges of cloth or other suitable materiel. The binging-ereosee g l(tre of e V Sharpe ond' etre sunk in the ribs of the corrugetions, ne' seen beet in Figo. 2 end Ll. The deps or tucks ee will be Yearch equal to about half the depth of the body or Width of the side d, eo that when the covers tre closed and these flaps tucked in, Fig. 3, they Will moet and abut one against the other end prevent the covers from being pressed in too fer.

Fig, 4f ehowe the box pressed riet for peeliing into a lixnitedepnce, and the dotted linee in Fig. 2 indicatie how the body portion o b b may be lizittened down. Figs. lend 3 clearly show the Innnner of foldinpito forinthe box for use. l

S uch zt box may-be constructed Very cheaply, is exceedingly etiif and strcmp` when folded,

'es in Fig. l, and forme an admirable protectingbovering for fragile articles or euch ne ure likely tp .be injured by crushing. lt Wil be noted that the side d ie between the covers c c and vthat the ende I) b ere hinged to the respective ende of the eide ui.

The box being' extremely light proportionntely to capacity, it ie Well adapted for mailing p irposos., Fig. .5 shows, on :rsinftll seele, one of the' boxer, provided with nn nddreSs-blnnk 71,', pate-ted on one of ite covers e. This blank hun e gummed liaip which projects normally beyond the limits of the body when the liep e on that cover in tucked in. (See dotted lines.) This gumined flop/i muy be moistened and pressed down upon the body, thereby eenling' the cover to the body. Thie is convenient when the boxis Leed for nntiling; but of ooureo it may be eniplliiyed on the boxes when designed for :tny aisee. lndeed, for Some uses there may be u gmnmed blank Il on each cover. Preferably the tuckiinps c c willbe of equal width, eo thnt they :mty :tbutut nbontthe middle of the' body; but this is not, ol course, essentiel eo longue they together equal about the depth olf the body and abut properly when the box in folded.. y

'lho bol; may here :my propel-tiene doni red.' llerein the Shorter parte o bof the body lieve been celled ends, :ind theflonger parte u sind (l have boon celled sideng but obviously those parte muy be of oqunl length, or


5 claiml. A knockdown box composed of two pieces of corrugated paper fabric, one of ysaid pieces formingI a side and the two ends of the boxbody, and the other piece forming one side 1o of the body, the two covers, and the tucks thereon, seid tucks, taken together, being of substantially the same width es the side, the eorrugetions of one of said pieces being et right angles to those of the other p'ieee, and

the folding-creases beingr formed transversely of and inthe ribs of the corrugated fabric.

2v. .Aknoeltdo-wnbox composed of two pieces ofleornngated peper fabric, one piece, A,.eo,m j prising .the side a, and ends b, b, of the .bore

zo body, and the `other piece, B, comprising the other side, d, of the box-body, the cove-rs c, e, f'

and the dans or tucks e, e, on the respective covers, `the ends b, l), being hinged iiexibly n to the lzespective ends of the side rl, theeorrngwtionsdn .respective pieces A and B ,being at right. angles, and the hinging or foldingf creases of both pieces exten-ding transversely of the eorrngafrions and formed therein.

3. A knoekdown box of corrugated paper fabric, comprisingthe side a. and ends b, b, in one piece, the covers c, c, the side d between said vcovers, and the flaps or tucks, e, e, on the free edges of the respective covers `and having a width, taken together, equal to ,the width of the side d, said ends l) being hinged to the respective ends of the side (l, substantially as set forth.

1. A knoekdown box of corrugated paper fabi-ie, composed of two pieces, one of seid -pieees forming a side and the two ends of the box-bod y, and the other piece formingone side of the body, the two covers, and the abutting tucks on said envers, Vt he eorrngetions of one f of said pieces being atright angles tolthose of the otherpieee, and one of seid-covers .being provided with an address-blank havi-n-.gesealing-.flapwh-ieh extends beyond the margin Iof the cover, substantially send or the splurpe set forth.` l f In witness whereof I have' hehe-mito signed presence of two subscribing Witnesses.

ASA REN 5N 10K ARNER, Witnesses:


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