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Publication numberUS660677 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 30, 1900
Filing dateDec 9, 1899
Priority dateDec 9, 1899
Publication numberUS 660677 A, US 660677A, US-A-660677, US660677 A, US660677A
InventorsDavid John Archer
Original AssigneeDavid John Archer
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US 660677 A
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No. 660,677. I Patented Oct. 30, I900.



(Application filed Dag. 9, 1899.)

(No Model.)


I 1721 0501 6 M g ldnriinr rrtcn.

DAVID JOHN Al ttliii lit, OF F0520N'lO, CftNAl'lA.


smotrtoerion forming part of Letters Patent No. 660,677, dated October so, 1900.

Application filed December 9, 1899. Serial No. 739,853. No modet To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known thst 1, DAVID JOHN ARCHER, hat-her, of the city of Toronio, in the county of York, in the Province of Ontario, Canada, have invented certain new and useful Iin provements in 'iooth-iirushcs, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to improvements in tooth-brushes; and the object of my invention is to design tooth-brush so that the dentifrice used for cleaning the teeth can he fedinto the head from the handle ;.t will and it consists, fiSriOtliitl-iiyflftlhead provided with a hollow shaultlscrcwed into a holl w end-ta pered reservoir and means secured to said reservoir for feeding the paste into the he d, as hereinafter more particularly explained.

The construction of the ports for feeding the dentifrice into the tip of the brush are fully described in my application for shaving-brushes, Serial No. 737,235, filed Novemher 16, 1899.

Figure 1 is a perspective View of my tooth brush, showing the cap remi'ivcd and hole for feeding the paste into the tip. Fig. 2 is n longitudinal section showii'ig I in; construction of my tooth-brush.

In the drawings like letters of reference indicato corresponding parts in each iigure.

A is a reservoir-tube in which the dentifrice put, and ii the head, which is screwed by its threaded shank 0 into the nook D of the reservoir. It will he noticed t int one end oi' the reservoir A is tapered, at i). The object of this tapered portion to bring the paste B into at reduced passage-way before it is fed into the passage-way G into tho head I and. thus concentrate the pressure of the paste as much as possible directly over the entrance of the passage-way G. The inner end it of v the passag -Way G is beveled, and thus reduces as much as possible any obstruction around the sides of the hole to the entrance of the paste. The shank D is reinforced on its upper side at I). The inner end I of the mSsage-Way (3i is enlarged, so as to facilitate the passage of the paste therefrom into the head B.

J is at slocvo fitting over the reservoir 13..

Rigitlly secured. in its upper end 5 is :1 threadod rod ii, which has inovcniei'it in the internaliy threaded bearing plug li, which is screwed into the end a of the reservoir. Rigidly secured. to the inner end of the threaded rod L is a plungenhcad O, which fits the inside of thoreservoir A. The object of the plunger-head O is to feed the dentifrice into the head 13 when the sleeve J is turned, as will he understood.

P P are alternate rows of holes made in the sleeved. The head of the bearing-plug M is milled, as at m. The objectof the alternate rows of holes l I is to enable the tips of the fingers to be pressed into said holes and'unscrew the bearingplug M from the reservoir A, no matter how far in or how far out the sleeve J inayhappen at the moment to be, and thus obviate the necessity of having to m e the said sleeve into any particular place before the bearing-plug M could. be removed.

R is a metal cap for protecting the tip 13. The cap R is provided with flanges b b, which fit on the inner side of the head B when the cap is in place, as shown.

From this specification it will be seen that my tooth-brush is of very positive action and simple in construction.

What I claim as my invention ie- In it tooth-brush, the combination of a headprovided with an externally-threaded short shan it formed integral with the solid flat hack thereof, a longitudinal passage-way in said shank opening directly into the said head, the on lot-god diiniharginn end of said passageway being in the same plane as the inner coiving 0nd of said passage-way being in a plane at right angles to the plane of the said discharging end, a tubular taper-ended reserll'- face of the solid hack, and the enlarged revoir screwing over said shank, the longitudi- 9o nal axis of the reservoir being in a directline with the centor'of the major portion of the passageway in said shank, the upper inner end of said shank being reinforced nemth discharging end of said passage-way, an en- 'velopingr rovoluble feeding-sleeve for said tubular reservoir, :1. milledhenringplug held in the large end ofsaid reservoir, a thrczuled rod secured to said feeding-sleeve and screwing through said benringwiug, a revoluhle solid plungoohesd rigidly secured to the innor end of said threaded rod and operating 11 the reservoir, the said plunger-head being ,n wme to iihis specification in the presence of actuated by the said revoluble feeding-sheave two subscribing witnesses. to feed the dentifrice from the reservoir; 1' through the passage-way in the said shank" DAVID JOHN ARCHER 5 into the head, substantially as set forth and Witnesses: I

for the purpose specified. EGERTON R! CASE, In testimony whereof I have signed my L. C. REYNOLDS.

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