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Publication numberUS66127 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 25, 1867
Publication numberUS 66127 A, US 66127A, US-A-66127, US66127 A, US66127A
InventorsFrederick Catltn
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Frederick catltn
US 66127 A
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No. 66,127. Patented June 25, 1867'.

we, l

@auch fists-s stent @frn FREDERICK CATLIN, CF WATERTOWN, CONNECTICUT. Letters Patent No. 66,127, dulce? June 25, 1867.


Be it known that `I, FREDERICK CATLIN, of Watertown, iu the county of Litchfield, and State oli' Connecticut, have invented a new and useful mproveinent in Ventilating Funnel; and I do hereby 'declare that thefollowing is n full, clear, and exact description thereof', which will enable others skilled Sin the art t'o make and use the saine, reference heing had to the .accompanying drawings, forming part oft-his specification, in which-'- The 'object of, this invention is to overcome the diiiicultes which have hitherto .heen met with ih the use oi tunnels, as well as to supply their deficiencies; and it consists in connecting the funnel with a stand, andgin arranging a. valve in its throat, and also providing for thoroughly straining the liquidwhen that is' neeegsry,

aa will be hereinafter described.

Figure 1 represents an outside view of theY funnel complete.

Figure 2 is a vertical section of lig. 1 through the line :.1: En.

Figure 3 shows the stand of the funnel detached.

Figure 4 shows the throat or nozzle of the funnel detached witli the valve and the small strainer.'-

Similar lettersl of reference indicate like parts.

A represents he funnel proper. B is the throat of the funnel. C islthe valve. ..-'D. represents' the stand to which the funnel is attached.' 1Ll is a large strainer which is placed loosely in the funnel, thelower portion of which is formed 'of perforated metal.` Itl is supported on`thc top of thefunnel, as represented i112. .F

is another smaller cone-shaped strainer, formed of perforated metal', and secured to thetop ofthe funnel-throat h v a screw, an'd is removable at pleasure. The stand D is composed of a. disk-plate a, to4 which four (or. any4 other suitable number of) rods are permanently attached. The lower pnrt'of thefun'nel'hasprojecting ears through which the upper ends ofthe rods pass, and to which they are scoured by pins through their ends, as seen in g. 1. -In transferring liquids to bottles, or to other vessels, the funnel is placed sothat its stand rest-s upon the `top of the vessel, as seen in iig. 2, wherethe bottle or vessel is seen represented in red. The throat or nozzle of the funnel passes through the disk-plate of the sta-nd, and the hole through the plate being larger than the throat, a space for the escape of the air in the vessel is iet't, as indicated by arrows.A 4This arrangement obviates one great difficulty in the use of tlie ordinary funnel. v, It is n common thing, also, for the receiving vessel to be filled when more or less of the liquid remains in the funnel. This, of course, occasions much waste. By

turning the valve C atthe proper time the funnel rnay be left tull, if desired, and transferred to another vessel with perfect safety from loss. The strainers E and F are, either of them, easily detachedwhen it is not niecessary to use them; butone of them, and frequently both, will be found useful in `freeing liquids from ilies und her impurities. It will be seen that the parts are easily detached from the funnel proper for cleaning or other purposes. What I claim as new, Aand desire to secure by Letters Patent, is The construction and arrangement of the funnel A, having detachable throat B, strainers E F, valve C, and stuud B, substantially n-s described f'or the purpose specified.- l


MARY E. Gorman.

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