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Publication numberUS66170 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 25, 1867
Publication numberUS 66170 A, US 66170A, US-A-66170, US66170 A, US66170A
InventorsHudlesotf Pattekson
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Hudlesotf pattekson
US 66170 A
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.21j 4 Y I' `mtrr taire @anni Ihre.

HUDLEYSON PATTERSON, OF AUGUSTA, MICHIGAN. Lesers Patent No. 66,170, @mi June 25, :1867, i


To ALL weon 1T MAY ooNoERN: l

Be -it known that I, HUDLESON PATTERSON, of Augusta, inthe county of Kalamazoo, and in the State of Michigamhave invented certain new and useful Devices for ElevatingiRailrod Tracks; and do' herebjr declare that -the following is a; i'ull, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, andto the letters of reference marked thereon.y

In the annexed Jrawings,-AA represent twoluprights, which, together with all'the other parts of the machine, are made of metal. The upper end s of 'these uprghts are providedwith 4screw-threads, over which pass v'nuts to conne in position the cross-bar B. C represents a bar, bent or shaped as representedfs'oinewhat in Vthe form of a horse-shoe, which serves as a base for the uprights, and into which theirlowerends are riveted. E

'representen sliding-bar, which is provided with jaws which embrace the uprights A A, to keep it in proper vand seal this of December, 1866.

position.V F represents a strong plate, which is rmly secured tothe bar E. This plate has one end pointed and flattened asis represented; represents a screw-shaft, which passes through a femalel screw in cross-bar B, and. which has its lower end firmly secured in the slide-bar Efbut 'in such ,a manner that it will turn in said slide. The shaft D is provided at 'its upper end with a handle, by means of whichI it is turned. The bar C is made so as to receivethe plate Vli' bet-Ween its parts when' said plate'is 'lowered to it.

This little machine is intendedfor raising up the 'cross-ties on railroads which 'are to be ehoclied, in order that the track may he madehigher or levelled.V

` This is efected hy standing this machine near'ithe end of the tie to ble raised, lowering plate F by means of shaft D, driving its pointed end under thejtie, and then elevating the 'plate again by means of the screw-shaft.

The tie israiscd as highasreq'uired upon the end 'of the' plate, and'theu itis checked, One'man can, ,with thisY machine, do work which requires two or three meny to do upon the old plan.` As soon as one tie is raised and chocked, the machine is carried Lto the lnext tie requiring raising, whioh is raised in like manner.

WhatI claim as new,`and desire tos'ecure bylketters Patent, is Y The arrangement of the pointed sliding-shoe F, upon' the end of the serewD, between the uprights Av A, having a curved hase, C, and used for `elevating railroadV tracks in the manner as specied;

In testinionyfthat I claim the foregoing device for elevating railroad tracks, I have hereunto set my hand HUDLEsoN PATTERSON.

Witnesses JA. M. MASON,


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Cooperative ClassificationB66F3/08