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Publication numberUS662263 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 20, 1900
Filing dateAug 26, 1898
Priority dateAug 26, 1898
Publication numberUS 662263 A, US 662263A, US-A-662263, US662263 A, US662263A
InventorsHerman T Gay
Original AssigneeIdeal Stopper Company
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Bottle-sealing device.
US 662263 A
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No. 662,263. Patentd Nov. 20, I900. H. T. GAY.


Application filed Aug. 26, 1898. Renewed Apr. 2, 1900.)

(No. Model.)




SPECIFICATION forming part Of Letters Patent N 0. 662,263, dated November 20, 1 900.

Application filed August 26, 1898. Renewed April 2, 1900. serial No. 11,261. (No model.)

To all whom it nuty concern:

Be it known that I, HERMAN T. GAY, of the city of Baltimore, in the State of Maryland, have invented certain Improvements in Bottle-Sealing Devices, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to that class of bottle-sealing devices in which a flanged sheetmetal disk is expanded within the mouth of the bottle; and it consists in a peculiar construction of the flanged disk and in the manner of applying ajoint-forming gasket thereto, as will hereinafter fully appear.

In the description of the said invention which follows reference is made to the accompanying drawings, forming a part hereof, and in which Figure 1 is a central vertical section of the upper part of a bottle which is sealed by means of the improved sealing device. Fig. 2 is a similar section of the bottle alone. Fig. 3 is a central cross-section of the sealing device as it appears when ready for insertion in the bottle-mouth. Fig. 4 is an exterior edge view of the sealing device. Fig. 5 is a top View of Fig. 4. Fig. 6 is an under side View of Fig. 4. Fig. '7 is an exterior edge View of the sealing device as it would appear if removed flOlD a sealed bottle.

Referring now to the drawings, A is the neck of a bottle, and B the bottle-head.

O is the throat of the bottle, and D its month, which is considerably larger in diameter than the throat, in order to form the seat a for the expansible sealing-plug, hereinafter described.

Within the mouth of the bottle and situated immediately above the seat a is an annular groove Z), into which the flange of the sealing-plug, hereinafter described, is expanded or distended to hold the sealing-plug tightly in place.

The sealing-plug consists of a sheet-metal disk E, preferably of aluminium, because of its malleability and corrosion-resisting qualities,having an upturned flange c. The flanged disk has a diameter slightly less than that of the mouth of the bottle to admit of its being easily entered therein.

To the under side of the disk E is applied a joint-forming gasket F, of some suitable compressible material, preferablycork, which after the insertion of the sealing-plug in the bottle-mouth rests on the seat a.

It is necessary that some means should be provided to hold the cork gasket F to the flanged disk E, in order that the sealing-plug may be an entirety, and to this end we stamp or draw from the disk at central projectionf and make the annular cork gasket to fit tightly around it.

In Figs. 3 and 4 the cork gasket is shown as having the same diameter as the flanged disk;

but, if desired, it may be somewhat larger.

To seal a bottle, the flanged disk carrying the gasketis inserted in the bottle-mouth, and while it is held tightly on the seat a, so as to compress the gasket and thereby form a joint, the flange of the disk is expanded or extended diametrically within the annular groove b, as shown in Fig. 1. The shape of the compressed gasket is well shown in Figs. 1 and '7, the latter being an exterior view.

It will be understood that the expansion of the flange of the disk does not form the joint, but merely holds the disk and the compressible gasket in place, the gasket forming a joint with the seat a, and that the office of the projection f is to unite the gasket to the disk in order that the disk and the gasket may be handled as an entirety and as such inserted in the bottle.

I claim as my invention 1. In combination with a bottle having in its month an annular groove and a laterallyextending seat below the groove, a sealing device which consists of a sheet-metal disk with an upturned flange adapted to be expanded circnmferentially within the said annular groove, the said disk having a projection stamped or drawn therefrom so as to extend below it, and an annular compressible gasket of a diameter greater than that of the interior of the annular seat, which gasket is placed around the said projection which serves to hold the two elements of the sealing device together, substantially as specified.

2. In combination with a bottle having in IOO tion on its under side which is stamped or drawn from the disk, and a compressible gasket placed around the said projection, having a diameter which is greater than the inner diameter of the seat, the said gasket being compressed between the disk and seat, and the upturned flange of the disk expanded within the annular groove in the bottle-mouth, substantially as specified.

3. A bottle-sealing device adapted for application to a bottle having an annular groove in its mouth and an annular seat situated ima distance below its mouth withan upwardlyfaciug annular shoulder on which the under flat face of said washer is adapted to rest, whereby said plug on being expanded, holds the flat washer compressed between the intermediate portion of the plug and said shoulder of the bottle-neck, substantially as described.

5. A bottle having an internal annular sealing-shoulder, and an in ternal enlargemen t above said shoulder, in combination with a cupshaped ductile metal sealing-plug having an intermediate annular shoulder opposing said shoulder of the bottle, and a sealingwasher surrounding the lower portion of the plug, and resting against its shoulder and seated on the shoulder of the bottle,the washer compressed between said two shoulders, and the plug radially expanded at an intermedi ate point inits length and immediately above said washer and into said @nlargement in the bottle, substantially as described.




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