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Publication numberUS663121 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 4, 1900
Filing dateMar 17, 1900
Priority dateMar 17, 1900
Publication numberUS 663121 A, US 663121A, US-A-663121, US663121 A, US663121A
InventorsWalter J Frost
Original AssigneeBadger Brass Mfg Company
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US 663121 A
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Patented nec, 4, |900.

No. 663,12l.



(Application led Mar. 17, 1909.)

(No miden.)

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ma N'onms mns sa. Pfomuwo.. wAsHmcmm. D. c.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 663,121, dated December 4, 1900. Application filed March 17, 1900. Serial Nm 9,126. (No model.)

To all whom it may 00h/061%: other and with the plane of movement of the Be it known that I, WALTER J. FROST, of clamping-jaws, while at its opposite end each Kenosha, Wisconsin, have invented certain jaw is provided with an extension 6, apertured newand usefullmprovementsinLamp-Brackto receive a clamping-bolt 7 and terminating 55 5 ets, of which the following is a specification. in a second gripping or clamping portion 8, This invention relates to improvements in conformed to engage a support of different adjustable brackets, and refers more speciccross-sectional form from that for which the ally to an improved bracket particularly main gripping portion is constructed-as, for adapted for use Vin supporting vehicle-lamps example, the fork-arm of a velocipede. The 6o 1o and the like. extensions 6 are desirably and, as herein The object of the invention is to provide a shown, each provided with a longitudinallysimple and reliable construction all of the extending rib or relatively broad bead 9, principal parts of which may be struck up struck up by means of the forming-die, to add from sheet metal by means of dies, thereby rigidity to said extensions and at the same 65 r 5 reducing the cost of manufacture to a minitime afford suitable bearing surfaces or seats mum and insuring absolute interchangeabi1- against which the head l0 and nut ll of the ity of parts and at the same time provide cerclampingebolt may respectively bear. The tain features of adjustment whereby the pai r of pivotears of one of said clamping memclamp may be set and held rigidly and posibers-in this instance the pair designated by 7o zo tively7 at certain fixed angles only with relathe numerals 5--are provided with rectangution to the clamp members of the bracket. lar or other non-circular pivot-apertures to The invention consists in the matters herereceive and hold from rotation a correspondinafter described, and more particularly ingly-shaped pntle orpiVot-bolt l2, while the pointed out in the appended claims and will opposite pair of ears 4 are provided with cir- 75 z 5 be readily understood from the following decular pivot-apertures of sufficient diameter to scription, reference being had to the accompermit the clamping-jaw to move upon the panying drawings, in whichnon-circular pintle, the object Vof this con- Figure 1 is an elevation of a bracket emstruction being to hold said pintle'positively bodying my invention, fragmentary parts of against rotation with relation to one of the 8o o the lamp and the support to which the lamp clamping-jaws and through means holding is attached by means of therbracket being the pintle rigid with the connected part of shown also. Fig. 2 is a top plan view of the the bracket to thereby enable the lamp to be bracket. Fig. 3 is afragmentary detail View held rigidly at certain fixed angles with rela- `of one pair of the pivot-ears. Fig. 4 is a top tion to the support. 85 35 plan view of the adjustable bracket-arm dis- 14 designates as a whole an adjustable connected from the other parts. Fig. 5 is a bracket-arm, by means of which the clamping- `detailview of the main pivot-bolt or pintle jaws are adj ustably united with a rigid part by means of which the clampingjaws are of a lamp. ln the improved construction united to the adjustable bracket-arm. shown herein said bracket-arm comprises a 9o 4o Referring to said drawings, l 2 designate pair of duplicate plates 15, secured together the two clamping-jaws, each consisting of a in register with each other by means ofa plustrap form of sheet metal provided at a point rality of rivets 1G, each member being prointermediate of its length with a main gripvided at one end with a pivot-ear 17, desirping portion 3, conformed to fit the support ably made circularin marginal conformation, 95 45 to which it is designed to be applied, in the centrally apertured, as indicated at 18, and

. present instance made semicircular to eme provided upon its inner face around its'aperbrace a tubular or cylindric part and proture with a series of radial corrugations or vided at one end with a pair of pivot-ears, as ribs 19. At its opposite end each bracketindicated at 4E 4 and 5 5, respectively, formed arm member is provided with a transverselyroo 5o integrally with the main body of the jaw and extending recess or groove 20, V-shaped in arranged to stand in planes parallel witheach the present instance, the recesses of the two lmembers being constructed to form when the members are secured together in register a suitable socket to receive and hold fromv rotation the pintle l2. y

2l designates as a whole an ordinary thumb nut andbolt adapted to extend through the clamping-ears and by means of which lthe latter may be clamped into fixed engagement with a rigid bracket-arm 22, securedupon the lamp. The bracket-arm 22is of common con. struction, consisting in the present instance of a pair of plates secured together, so as to form practically asingle arm, which is provided at its end with an ear 23, desirably conformed to the general outline of theears of the adjustable bracket-arm and provided upon both of its surfaces with corrugations or depressions 24, adapted to register with the radial ribs of the clamping-ears. In order to facilitate the engagement of the lamp with the adjustable bracket arm or its detachment therefrom, the'ear 23 is slotted from its boltaperture radially outward, preferably in a downward direction-,asindicated by the dotted In adjusting the bracket it will be obvious that by reason of the polygonal form of the pintle and the correspondingly-shaped socket within which it fits the lamp will be positively held in Whichever one of the three positions of angularity it may be set--viz., with the bracket straight or with the bracket-arm eX- tending at right angles to the clamping-jaws in either direction, whether the pin tlc-bolt remains absolutely tight or not. Obviously a greater or less number of positions of adjustment could be provided by simply changing the cross-sectional form of the polygonal pintle and the socket within which it tilts.

It will be seen from ythe foregoing description that all of the several parts of the bracket,

with the exception of the several bolts, may

be readily struck out by means of suitable dies, thus insuring economy of manufacture andabsolute interchangeability of part-s and at the same time producing a structure which is strong and reliable in action and which may be adjusted to any one of the several posi-r tions with the utmost facility.

It will be furtherobvious that the several details of construction may be modified to a `certain extent without departing from the invention, and I do not therefore wish to be limited to the exact details shown except as. made the subject of specic claims.

"I claim vas my inventionv n l. An adjustable bracket for vehicle-lamps, comprising a pair of clamping-jaws, each jaw consisting of a sheet-metal\strapform member, provided at a pointintermediate of its length with a gripping portion adapted to engage a support, a pair of pivot-ears formed integrally with one of its ends and arranged in planes parallel with each other and with the plane. of movement of the jaw and at .its opposite end with an integral extension terminating in a second differently-shaped gripping portion adaptedto engage a support, A i a clamping-bolt arranged to extend through the extensions of the clamping-jaws at a pointA between the two gripping portions thereof, an adjustable bracketarm consisting of two stamped plate members rigidly united, with corresponding parts in register with each other,feach provided at one end with a crease to form a pivot-socket and at its opposite end with an apertured clamping ear, a rigid bracket-arm adapted to be permanently secured to the lamp and provided atits projecting end with a slotted ear adapted to fit between the clamping-ears of the adjustable bracket, i'ntertting projections and recesses formed upon the meeting` faces 'of the adjustable and rigid bracket-ears, a clamping-bolt extended through said ears and a combined pintle and clamping-bolt extended through the ears of the clamping-jaws and the socket formed between the two members of the adjustable bracket-arm ,said socket-recesses and an ear of one ofthe clan'iping-jaws beingmade of non-circular form in cross-section and the combined pintle and clamping bolt being made of corresponding non-circular form in cross-section, substantially as and for the.


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