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Publication numberUS663639 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 11, 1900
Filing dateApr 24, 1900
Priority dateApr 24, 1900
Publication numberUS 663639 A, US 663639A, US-A-663639, US663639 A, US663639A
InventorsJames H Rand
Original AssigneeJames H Rand
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US 663639 A
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No. 663,639. Patented nec. u, |900.

r J. H. BAND.

I Account BooK.

` (Application led Apr. 24, 1900. (Nn Mudel.) 2 SheetsfSheet l.

5 I3 uniss TH: mams PErEns co., PHOTQLITHO. wasn-Ammon u, c.

. No. 663,639. Ptented nec. n, |900..

' J. H. BAND.


(Application led Apr. 24, 1900.)

2 sham-sheet 2.

(No Model.)

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TH: Non'ms PETERS co. Puomuw.. wAsmNGfoN. n4 c,



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 663,639, dated December 1 1, 19oo.

Application led April Z4. 1900. Serial No. 14.102. (No model.)

To all whom t ina/y concern:

Be it known that I, JAMES H. RAND, a citizen of the United States, residing at North Tonawanda, in the county of Erie and State of New York, have invented new and useful Improvements in Account-Books, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates more especially to that class of account books in which the leaves are detachable or temporarily bound in the book and which are commonly known as loose-leaf ledgers.

In the use of an ordinary loose-leaf ledger when two or more small or inactive accounts are entered on the same leaf the leaf is usually not removed from the book and transferred to the file provided for that purpose until all of the accounts on the same are closed; but if such a leaf is removed after one or more but not all of the accounts on the same have been closed it is necessary to transfer or forward the open account or accounts to a new leaf. s

The objects of my invention are to provide an account-book of this character which per, mits the independent removal of any of the accounts of a leaf Without disturbing the remaining accounts of the same leaf and to combine with the book a convenient index for readily referring to any of the various accounts. v

In the accompanying drawings, Figure l is a perspective view of my improved indexledger, showing the same open. Fig. 2 is a similar view showing a modified arrangement of the index.

Like letters of reference refer to like parts in both figures.

A A are the covers of the ledger or other account-book, and B is the back. The leaves are temporarily bound in the book by any suitable or well-known means. struction shown in the drawings the back of the ledger is composed of hinged sections which are locked in their normal position by suitable catches and the leaves are detachably bound in the book by curved prongs or spurs C, which are carried by one of the sections of the back and which pass through holes formed in the inner portions of the leaves in a manner common to loose-leaf ledgers. Each leaf which is to receive a number of accounts is divided transversely into a plurality of sections CZ, corresponding to the number of accounts which it is desired to place on a page, and each of such sections or divisions is adapted to receive the entries of a single account. In the ledger shown in the drawings each leaf is divided into three sections. The sections of each leaf are temporarily bound in the book independently of one another, so that when the account on one `of the sections of a leaf or set is closed that section can be removed from the ledger and placed in a suitable file without disturbing or requiring the removal of the remaining sections of the same leaf or set, thus enabling each account-section to be individually indexed in the permanent file and avoiding the necessity of transferring or forwarding one or more open accounts, as required with ordinary undivided loose-leaf ledgers when a leaf is removed before all of the accounts on the same are closed.

The divided leaves of the account-book are separated into indexed groups by divisionplates E of cardboard or other stiff material. These division-plates are nearly as wide as the covers A A, while the leaves of the book are somewhat narrower than the divisionplates, sov that the latter extend beyond the outer ends of the leaves, as shown. The projecting outer portion of each division-plate is provided on its face side with a suitable index F, which corresponds to the sections d of the various account-leaves arranged above said division-plate. For example, the portion ofthe index formed by the division-plate seen in Fig. l embraces the letters L, ll/ i, and N, and the names or characters of each section of the index correspond to the names of the accounts entered on the group of leafsections opposite said index-section. Tiieindex preferably consists of a series of removable cards on which the names of the accounts are written and which are slipped into suitable holders G, secured horizontally to the division-plate, as shown in Fig. l. For ready reference the leaf-sections of each group are numbered consecutively, and the index-cards F are numbered correspondingly.

If desired, only the letters of the alphabet may be arranged on the division-plates opposite the groups of leaf-sections, as shown in IOO Fig. 2, instead of the individual-name index, (shown in Fig'. 1,) in which case a single letter of the alphabet is placed opposite each group of leaf-sections. y

My improved account-book not only saves time and labor by avoiding the necessity of transferring or forwarding open accounts and permitting' the individual indexing of the closed accounts in the permanent file, but it also effects a saving in paper, inasmuch as the account-sections of each divided leaf are separate and distinct from the remaining sections aud are removed and replaced by a blank section only when the corresponding account is closed.

It is obvious that all of the leaves of the account-book neednot be divided, but some of the leaves may be unbroken and others divided into two, three, or morev sections for small or inactive accounts.

eeaess 1 claim as my invention= An account-book having its leaves divided transversely into a number of separate sections which are arranged one above the other Witnesses:


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