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Publication numberUS667950 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 12, 1901
Filing dateMar 13, 1900
Priority dateMar 13, 1900
Publication numberUS 667950 A, US 667950A, US-A-667950, US667950 A, US667950A
InventorsFrank Oelke
Original AssigneeFrank Oelke
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Eraser-holder and pencil attachment.
US 667950 A
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(Application filed In. 13, 1



.SPEGIFIGATTUN forming part of Letters Patent N0. 667,950, dated February 12, 1901.

Application filed March 13, 1900. -3erial No. 31429. (No model.)

To all whom, it away concern:

Be it known. that I, FRANK OELKE, a citizen of the United States, residing at Des Moines, in the county of Polk and State of Iowa, have invented a new and useful Eraser-Holder and Pencil Attachment, of which the followingis a specification.

My object is to prevent the annoyances and loss incident to lead-pencils dropping from a persons vest -pocket and breaking off the point or losing the pencil and pens falling and striking hard substances and damaging the pens and also to prevent rubber erasers on the ends of pencils from becoming dirty and soiling paper upon which they are used.

Heretofore a spirally-grooved ferrule has been fixed to a pencil and a rubber eraser fixed in the ferrule to project outward and a tubular open-ended tube fitted over the eraser to be detachably connected with the ferrule and eraser. A tubular sheet metal case, closed at one end and open at its other end, has had a rubber eraser extended inward through its open end and a sheet-metal cap fitted over the end of the eraserand the open end of the case to cover and protect the eraser when not in use; but in no instance has a solid metal head been provided with a bore to adapt it to serve as an eraser-holder and also adapted to be detachably connected with the open end of a ferrule on the end of a pen oil, as contemplated by my invention.

My invention consists in the construction and combination of a heavy metal top with an eraser, a pencil, and a penholder, as hereinafter set forth, pointed out in my claim, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a metal top of special form and provided with a recess adapted for admitting the end of a rubber eraser, the end of a pencil, or penholder to be fixed therein. Fig. 2 shows a tubular extension of the spherical head and a rubber eraser fixed therein in such a manner that the head is adapted to serve as a holder for advantageously using the eraser. Fig. 3 shows a modified form of the metal head and eraser-holder. Fig. 4 is a transverse sectional view of the hexagon form. Fig. 5 is a longitudinal sectional view of a ferrule on the end of a pencil and my metal head and eraser detachably connected with the ferrule and pencil as required to protect the rubber when not in use and also as required to prevent the pencil from dropping out of a persons pocket or dropping at any time and breaking off the pencil-point. Fig. 6 shows a complete pencil having my metal head and eraser detachably fixed thereto. Fig. 7 shows the metal head applied to a pen-holder.

The letter A designates a metal head that may vary in configuration and style of finish as desired. It has a bore B, that is preferably screw-threaded and adapted to admit the end of a rubber eraser, the end of a penoil, or a penholder. A rubber eraser C, adapted to have one of its ends pressed into the bore B, so that its other end will project, as shown in Fig. 2 and as required for practical use, is thus detachably fixed to the metal head and also adapted to be pressed into the open end of a ferrule or tube D, fixed on the end of a pencil F to serve as a socket for detachably and jointly connecting the metal head and eraser with the pencil. It is obvious an eraser thus combined with a penoil will be entirely concealed and protected when not in use. It is also obvious that when placed in a persons pocket with the metal head downward the weight of the head will aid in preventing the pencil from slipping upward and falling out. It is also obvious that whenever the pencil falls from a persons fingers or elsewhere the heavy metal head will strike first, and the point will thus be prevented from breaking. It is also obvious that the pencil having a head of larger diameter than the body will be less liable to roll off a desk and to fall from any place where it is put. It is also obvious that a persons name engraved on the metal head will aid in recovering the pencil when lost.

I am aware rubber erasers have been fitted in the open end of a light metal tube; but in no instance has a solid metal head of larger diameter than a pencil been provided with a single bore adapted to admit one end of a rubber eraser, so the other end of the eraser could be detachably connected with a ferrule fixed to the end of a pencil and projected beyond the pencil to receive, cover, conceal, and protect that portion of the rubber eraser that extends from the solid, enlarged, and

heavy metal head to which it is fixed, as contemplated by my invention.

Having described my invention and manner of use, its practical utility will be readily 5 understood by persons familiar with the use of pencils and erasers, and

What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent therefor, is-- An attachment for pencils consisting of a solid metal head having a bore, a rubber Io eraser fitted and fixed in said bore, a tubular ferrule adapted to fit a pencil fixed on its end and projected some distance from the pencil to admit the eraser, for the purposes stated.

' FRANK OELKE. Witnesses:


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Cooperative ClassificationB43K29/02