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Publication numberUS66834 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 16, 1867
Publication numberUS 66834 A, US 66834A, US-A-66834, US66834 A, US66834A
InventorsImpeoved Sceubbee
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US 66834 A
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JOHN J. HABLAN, OF CINCINNATI, OHIO. Letters Patent No. 66,834, dated July 16, 1867.


Be it known that I, JOHN J. HABLAN, oi' Cincinnati, in the county of Hamilton, and State of Ohio, have invented a new and improved Combined scrubber and Mop-Holder; and I do hereby declare that the following' is a full, clear, and exact'description thereof', which will enable others skilled-in the art to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specitication. Y

This invention relates to an improved scrubber and mop-holder, and consists in an improvement upon the scrubber and mop-'holder described'i'n the specification to the patent granted to William S. Bullen, assignor to himself and William O. McIntire, dated the 25th day of 4October, 1864, andV numbered 44,832, of which patent I am now sole owner.- l

By my present improvement the mop and scrubber can vbe used togetherand separately, and when used tgether the mop-cloth serves as a lubricator to keep the scrubber moist.V In theaccompanying drawings- Figure 1 is a, top view of my improved holder.

Figure 2 is a. section thereof, online a: x, and

Figure 3 a transverse section tbereof, .ou line y y.

Similur'lettcrs of reference indicate like parts. I

. A is the holder, a a small spikes cast init to hold the mop-cloth M from slipping, b b are slotted rests to guide the presser-rod` B, securing in the T-slots c c', and holding the mopcloth M. The neck of the T-slot c longer than that of c, for the purpose of holder shoulder D by the button-hendel", while button-head cl of shoulder D is pressed into the head of slot e, and the'rod B then slipped in direction o f c'to c is secured by theA necks of c c holding the button-heads d d. Y

The scrubber R lits into the U-shaped groove, as in Bullens patent, but is held by the rod E, the shoulders .F I1" passing through the rubber, the button-head j is passed through the head of the T-slot g and pushed a short distance into its neck, which is longer than that of the T-slot g; button-head f is then introduced into the head of the 'IT-slot g, and the rod E slipped in direction gig', and `is "secured by the4 necks of g y holding the buttonheads What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. 'The holder A, furnished with the T-slots c c', substantially as described, in combination with the rod B und mop M, in manner and for the purpose as herein set forth and described.

2. The holder A, furnished with the U-shaped groove and the slots'f f', substantially as described, in combination with the rod E, in manner and for the purposes herein set forth anddescribed.

3. Attaching the mop-cloth M' and scrubber R to the same holder at the same time, by the means and in manner and for the purposes substantially as herein set forth Aand described.


-Wtn esses H. N. CLARK, ,Y JOHN Bmcxwoon.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47L1/06