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Publication numberUS67163 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 30, 1867
Publication numberUS 67163 A, US 67163A, US-A-67163, US67163 A, US67163A
InventorsA. G. Buzby
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US 67163 A
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J geiten tens @anni ifiu,


Lem-fs Patent Neen-163, and .my 30,1867.)


filgc Sr'lggmihnfemh t'iu tlgrsi' @stints @anni mit milking putt n f iig: snm,


.Be4 it known that I,`A. G. BUZBY,l of Philadciph'ia, i?erxnsylvzinia,- have. invented'an Iniproved rPorta-blc- Writing and Copying-Case; and I do hereby declare the folfowing "to bea full, ciear, and exact description of the same, reference Abeing had. to the accompanying drawing, and to the letters of/'reference markedthcreon.

My inventioh'consists of a. copying-book having accese in' one of' the boards for the reception of writing materials, and also havir'ig` astrip in which is a recess,and on which is an elastic band for the confinement of an inkstand, the whole forminga compact, neat, and convenient portable writing dnd 'copying-case.

In order to'enable others skilled. in the art -to make and use my invention, I will new proceed to describe.

the construction of .the same, reference being hed'to the accompanying"drawing,- whieh forms a part'of this i 1 specification, and inA whieh-s Figure 1 is aperspective view of my improved portable writing and copyingLcase. .Figure 2z a. view showing the case open.' y

Figure 8, an exterior view, and

Figure 4 anedge view. y

A is amcopy'ing-be'ohmhich consists of leaves a bound together -and to boards or coversibvb in the usual manner. To the in si'de ofthe cover b is secured a' frame, c, the latter, withI tlie cover, forming :t case or box for the reception of writing paper, envelopes,` etc., these materialsbcing retained within `the'b'ox by an elastic,-

band, d,-wh ich is stretched across the frame c, and-by strips y secured to the corners of the freine. 'Io claspsA h z, hinged tothe board b,`is secured a rigid strip oricaf, e, which covers the edge of the book when the 'latter is closed; and in the centre of the strip is a recess, 2:, in which ts a portion 'of an inkstand,f, the latter having a screw-cap, and being retained in its position by anv elastic band, g. A pen-holder, k, is inserted between the -backof the strip e andthe bandf ,as shown in iig. 2.

In'tbe present instance, bioth the copying paperfand the ink are so prepared that lift-cr a letter has been written it maybe copied in 4thehook by Vplacing it under one of the leaves and rubbing the upper-surface of the latter vrith'the hand.' Ordinary paper. and ink may, however, be used, theink-bottl'e being removed and the book'beingopencd while the letter is being'pressedfso that no pressure shell be exerted lon .the board b or its case and contents.

I claim as my inventiol'; and, desire to secure by Letters etent l 1..Ac opyingbook having a case or receptacle in one of its boards or 'covers; as end jror the purpose described. i y l i Y 2. AThe strip e having a recess and elsstie lhand gfor the confinement of an' inkstend and pen, as set forth.

' In testimony whereof I have signed my naine to this specification in the presence of'two snbscribing witnesses". I f Y' i Vsi. G. B ZBY. Witnesses:

Cantus E. Fos'rln. Jost Winn..

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