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Publication numberUS6720 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 18, 1849
Publication numberUS 6720 A, US 6720A, US-A-6720, US6720 A, US6720A
InventorsWtlijam Souks
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Wtlijam souks
US 6720 A
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Cooking Stove.

Patented Sept, 18, 1849.

ijeazwrv on Zane Xx n PETERS. Mo-lhhopqiur. wan-a ua. nv c.




Specification of Letters Patent No.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, WVILLIAM SoURs, of Mount Jackson, in the county of Shenandoah and State of Virginia, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Cooking-Stoves, and that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the principle or character which distinguishes them from all other things before known and of the usual manner of making, modifying, and using the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, in which Figure 1, represents a plan of the stove the top being transparent and in red lines. Fig. 2, is a section on x, 00, of Fig. 1.

The invention consists in the arrangement of the fiues, and their course around the oven; it is for the purpose of more equally distributing heat than has heretofore been, with a convenient mode of. construction.

The fire chamber occupies the whole space (a, (L,) under the top plate, contracted somewhat at the bottom by the side flues (6,); these flues open at each rear corner, at (0,) into the fire chamber, and convey the products of combustion directly back, horizontally, and on a level with the fire on each side to the front corners, where they descend into a common flue (Z,) gradually expending laterally to the breadth of the stove, at which breadth it continues under the bottom of the oven (situated directly under the fire chamber) to the back, and

6,720, dated September 18, 1849.

thence rises up to the pipe at (29,) located in, and projecting from the back of the stove, in which there is a projection (0,) for the purpose of enlarging the flues to facilitates the draft at that point, a device well known to stove makers. There is a damper (h) which opens a direct draft into the pipe from the fire, through the center space (2,) when said damper is drawn back; as this is common to many stoves, a particular description will not be necessary. The products of combustion, when made to pass around the oven in the direction indicated by the arrows (said arrows being dotted when there is a partition behind which they are passed) flow first through the two horizontal pipes (5,) on each side fire, thence down the front under the oven and up the back to the exit pipe, which effectually distributes the heat all around the oven.

Having thus fully described my improvement in cooking stoves, what I claim therein as new, and for which I desire to secure Letters Patent, is

The arrangement and direction of the flue, in combination with a fire chamber the whole size of the top of the stove, the flues forming the first part of the course being made a part of the walls of said chamber.




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