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Publication numberUS67493 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 6, 1867
Publication numberUS 67493 A, US 67493A, US-A-67493, US67493 A, US67493A
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US 67493 A
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wenn] grens sont? @ifi-r,

Letters 'Patent No. 67.493', ma nuggetv e, '1867;

inmerso SPLINTS.

' @igt Estinnes trfnnr it in tins gitters'nirnt zml: muti-11g p :lrt nt tige me.

ro `ALL wenn 1r MAY eenen RN vBfr-it known .that JOHNA L. BURCH, of Franklin, in the county of Williumsom andhStabe of Tennessee,

here' invented e. new and useful Improvernent in Splints for Surgical Usje in'Cases of Injured Lii'nbs.; end I do" hereby declare that the followingis a fell, elem', Vzirnifeamet description `of the snm'e'rei'erenee being hadto the annexed drawings, makingpart of this spcification, in which- Figure l is s, perspective view, and Y Figure 2 is a. horizontal section. i

The same letters are employed in h oth figures in the indication of the sameparts.

The object of my invention is to furnish sets of splints tv hichmay be adjusted tothe i njured`liu1b,nnd A *adapted to either the right or left leg, which will sueientily eonne the injured limb without-unn'eeessarily impniring thenotion of the parts. -I have shonn in the drawings :t set of splints :nlaptnhle to use in ense of. nf

leg broken below the i nee,jor to the ease of asprained enkle. Y. v 1

Strips o'f-Wood, as 'shown at A, are pre'pnr'ed 'o-tlie'proper lengtlnund pernmnentlylbent toVt-the'formf'e" theviimb. On each Aof these is attached a. series of metallic plntes`, ]?-,V riyeted to the splint above and below, but curved or otherwise so formed as to permit n strnp, C, to -be p'ossed :wound thc legV betireen the plates Aund splints. These straps are fastened upon the leg by buckles. The first splint put upon the-strap rests Vng'ninst' the buckle; `the last one put on is fastened by a. small screw pnssing through the plete '13. The' first and lust ones, A1 and A2, are shorter than the others, being eut-oil` below the lower strop and shove the footy.' Those Vcoming on the sides and back of the leg extend below the heel. Tlxes-pn'cel'in front of the leg between the splints A1 and A2 is occupied by the wide splint D, which rests aginstthe paid D, plaeed between irland the leg.. The sole E is attached to thesplints hya. thong, Ef, which passes through eyes in 4the bottom of the sole and through metallic loops, B', formed by plates on the end of the splints, and by the hooks G, which are fastened to the sole and hooked over the thong E between the splints at' theqhlnder end of the s ole. Straps F are attached to the sole under the ball of the foot, and pass across the foot, crossing one nnotherronsthe instep, andere fastened by buckles toench end of the strap F, which is fastened. to thel middle splint.' Bytightening vund loosening 'these straps respectively the 'eot may be turned to one side or theother, as desired.

In order to change the splints frouruse on ene leg to use on the other, the screws 1n the splint Alzire v removed end the splints'talzen from the'streps. They are thenV replaced upon thestrnps in the reverse order,`

the splint being pnt on first and A2 lest. To vary the splint according to the size of thelmh, the splintsfV nearest the end splints A1 and A.: tney be omitted or added.

What I claim as my invention, .and desire to secure by Letters Potent, 1. The mode substantially as herein describedV of constructing and arranging the reversible` splints A, A, A2, and of attaching the same to the injured limb. Y

2.The combination of splints A, Al, A2, and D, respectively, constructed substantially as .set forth.

3. In eembnzttionwith the vertical splints, the udjustohle sole attached thereto sind tothe foot, substan-' tially as deserhed l 4 In testimony whereof Ilustre signed my nome to this specicntion in'the'presenceof two subscribing Witnesses;

JOHN L; Buiten.

, Witnesses: y

ltesr. P. Mess, B. lecnnmn, Je.

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Cooperative ClassificationA61F5/0111