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Publication numberUS6796 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 16, 1849
Publication numberUS 6796 A, US 6796A, US-A-6796, US6796 A, US6796A
InventorsA. B. Haile
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Instrument por arresting hemorrhage erom internal organs or cavities
US 6796 A
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Specification of Letters Patent No. 6,796, dated October 16, 1849 To all whom t may concern: z' represents the escape passage from G 40 Be it known that I, AsHBEL BRADFORD which is closed by the milled headed screw HAILE, Of Norwich, in the county of New at H. Now if the bottle F be alternately London and State of Connecticut, have incompressed and relaxed the air entering vented a new and useful Obstetrical and surthrough 7c will be forced through E into G gical instrument for the purpose of arrestthus accumulating in and distending G. If 45 ing hemorrhage from various of the cavities the vent z' be opened by turning t-he screw at l or canals of the human body, opening ex- H the accumulated air at Once escapes and ternally, viz., the nose, the rectum, and the bottle G collapses.

primarily and principally the uterus in fe- The mode of applying the instrument is malespand I do hereby declare that the folthus. Open the vent z' by turning the screw 50 lowing is a full, clear, and exact description H and compress and fold up the bag G and of the construction and Operation of the introduce it into the cavity from which the same, reference being had to the accomblood issues. Then turn the screw H so as to panying drawing, making a part Of this close perfectly the vent 2'. Then distend the specification. bag G by forcing into it air from the bottle 55 The drawing represents a longitudinal F until you have obtained the desired desection of the instrument which consists of gree of pressure upon the walls of the bleedan elastic and distensible (say india rubber) ing cavity.

bag, sack, or bottle G, connected with an To remove the instrument. `Open the vent apparatus for distending the said bag G z' by turning the screw H. Gr at Once col- 60 with air or other available iuid to the delapses and is easily withdrawn. sired extent. T he apparatus for distending lVhat I claim as my invention in the forethe bag may be of various forms. The one I going described instrument is,

have selected as the most convenient consists The application of an elastic and distenof a kind of forcing air pump, represented sible bag, sack or bottle to various of the 65 in the gure by A, B, F. The cylinder canals or cavities of the human body Open- A B, co-ntains the air passages and valves ing externally and the subsequent distenand is firmly wound at N C to the bottle or sion of the same by forcing int-o it air Or bag G. F represents a thick gum elast-ic other available fluid for the purpose of arbottle (also attached firmly tO the cylinder resting hemorrhage, and this do I desire to 70 A B, at L M,) the elasticity Of which fis secure by Letters Patent. sufficient to recover its form after having been compressed b the hand.

E represents theyair passage from F to G ASHBEL BRADFORD HAILE' and C its valveto prevent the return of the air to F. In presence of- K represents the feeding passage through JOHN A. ROOKWELL, which the air enters F and D its valve. JOHN D. PARKS.

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