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Publication numberUS68022 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 20, 1867
Publication numberUS 68022 A, US 68022A, US-A-68022, US68022 A, US68022A
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James b
US 68022 A
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. JAMES B. W001), 01F LANSINGBUR-G, NEW YORK; were Patent 1%. 168,022, dated August 20, 1867 IMPROVED siss-ssnsn.

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Be it known that I, JAMES B. WOOD, ufLansingburg. Renssc'laer county, New York, have invented a neiv and useful-Improvement in Sash-Brushes; and Ijlo herebydeclare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, ivhiclr will-enable others skilled in, the art to make and use the-same, reference being had to the'accompanyi'ng dra vings, fo ming part of this specification.

The present invention relatesmore particularly to French suslbbrushcs, although it can be applied to other brushes; and the invention consists'in insertingtlie required quantity of bristles, properly prepared, into the large end of a taper metallic ferrule' The-bristles, being larger-ht lllc butt than at'the-flag end, are dlrawn firmly into the ferrule sufliciently farto admit of abacking or cross-piece of metal, or other suitable material, being place-d in the ferrule behind the knot of bristles, the same being held in its placeby a "metal handle, which is inserted and'firmly soldered, riveted-. or brazed to the ferrule,..whercby a most durable, serviceable, and desirable brush is obtained.

In theaccompanying plate of drawings my improved brush is illustrated, the figure being a central longi tudinal section'through-a brush made according to the present ini'ention.

I A, in the drawing, represents the bristles composing the'brnsh, which, after having been made into the proper bunch, the butt or large end is dipped in liquid shellacvarnish', or other material, after which the opposite or small end (which, for convenient insertion, is wrapped with tivine,) is placed in the large end of the taper metallic ferrule B, and is drawn firmly to its position shown. The shellac or varnish becoming hard fills the small spaces, and fastens each bristle in a very solid manner. A cross-piece or backing, C, of metal, or other suitable material, is then placed in the said ferrule B, behind the knot of bristles A. D the metal handle, whieh,

iii the direction of its length, may be made of two parts or sections; soldered or brazed together, or of one piece with only one joint. This handle D, by' its end E, is inserted in the open end of the ferrnle'B containing the.

bunch of bristles A,-and, being pressed firmly against the cross-piece or backing'C, preventing the bristles A from being pressed back in the direction of the handlel).

From the above description of my improved brush it is manifest that it is simple, cheap, and for irenr and use must be durable, eflicient, and-serviceable, the metal handle possessing a very great advantage over wood. when a metallic ferrule is employed fromthe fact that it does not shrink and become loose, it beingevident that when a brush cannot be guided by'the hand itis perfectly uselessr Having thus described my invention, I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent- The metallic packing C, 'in combinationwith the ferrule B, bristles A, tapering metallic. handle D, withits open end E resting upon the back C in the ferrule B, asherein set forth for the purpose specified.

Y JAMES B- WOOD. Witnesses:

J. DUDDEN, Esnsnznn W001).

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Cooperative ClassificationA46B3/12