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Publication numberUS680658 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 13, 1901
Filing dateJun 6, 1901
Priority dateJun 6, 1901
Publication numberUS 680658 A, US 680658A, US-A-680658, US680658 A, US680658A
InventorsCornelius C Hastings
Original AssigneeBradley Milton Co
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US 680658 A
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No. 680,658. Patented Aug. 13, 190i.



(Application filed June 6, 1901 (No Model.)




SEEGIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 680,658, dated August 13, 1901.

Application filed (Tune 6, 1901. Serial No. 63,446. (No model.)

To aZZ whom it may concern: I Be it known that I, CORNELIUS O. HASTINGS, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Springfield, in the county of Hamp- 5 den and State of Massachusetts,have invented new and useful Improvements in Color-Boxes, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to improvements in the construction of color-boxes, the object being to provide an improved device of this class particularly for holding and transporting wator-colors, but equally well adapted for like use with other similar materials; and the invention consists in the peculiar construction I and arrangement of the parts of the device whereby said object is attained.

In the drawings forming part of this specification, Figure 1 is a perspective View, partly in section, of a color-box, showing pan-rezo ceivers and pans therein for holding colors,

constructed according to myinvention. Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the under side of a portion of one of the pan-receivers of said box, showing pans therein.

Referring to the drawings, 2 indicates the box proper, the bottom of which is surrounded by an upstanding border.

3indicates the cover thereof,whichis hinged to the border of the box, as shown.

0 For the purpose of providing means for re taining the pan-receivers A of the device below described within the box for handling and transportation and permitting easy removal and replacing the same, projections on 5 the end borders of the box at a, and c are made by indentations, which produce projections or reverse forms on the inner surfaces of said end borders for engagement, as below described, with the ends of pan-receivers A, which serve to hold the same separately closely against opposite borders of the box, whereby an open space is provided between them for a purpose hereinafter described. Said pan-receivers have each the 5 form illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2that is to say, each has an outside length and width suitable to be received in the box 2, as shown, leaving a space E between them, in which to place brushes, &c., for applying said colors.

The top and depending borders of each of said pan-receivers are integrally constructed from a single piece of sheet metal by striking up the same between dies,'two corners of each receiver being curved to fit into the corners of the boX 2, and portions of said receiver-borders are cut away at the corners for convenience in fitting the receiver to said box. Said pan-receivers have each a line of openings therein fitted to receive the colorpans 4 in the positions shown, and on the borders of said openings are depending lips 5, having, preferably, curved borders, which are set more or less inclined toward the center of each opening, to the end that they shall have a spring engagement with the sides of said pans when the latter are in the receivers, as shown, thereby holding them in place, but permitting them to be separately removed therefrom for use without inconvenience. Said pans have outturned flange- 7o borders and their sides are somewhat inclined, as shown, thereby making them slightly wider and longer at the junction of said flanges and body than near the bottom, to the end that they may be easily entered into 7 5 said pan-receiving openings, and by crowding the same downward become gradually and firmly engaged by said curved lips 5, and be thusheld so firmly in said receivers that the latter, with the pans filled with colors, may be placed in and removed fromthe color-box without disturbing the positions of the pans.

As shown in Figs. 1 and 2, the end borders 6 of each pan-receiver have an indentation 7 in the outer side thereof and are connected solely by said end borders to the box, and hence the lower portions thereof may have a spring-like movement inwardly when in putting the receiver into the box the lower edge of the border 6 is crowded against said projection opposite a, Fig. 1, in the end border of said box; but when the receiver is fully in place in the latter said projection enters the indentation 7 and temporarily locks the re* ceiver into the box. The inwardly-extend- 5 ing projections produced by said indentations 0 engaging the outer corners of the receivers serve to hold the same in the separated positions shown in Fig. 1.

Having thus described my invention, what -Ico I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is-

1. A device 'for holding water-colors for transportation or use comprising a box having an upstanding border surrounding the bottom thereof, one or more color-pan re-.

ceivers removably'retained in said box by engagement with said border, openings in said receivers for receiving therein several of said pans, and means on the border of said openings for holding said pans against accidental displacement, substantially as described.

2. A device for holding Water-colors for transportation or use comprising a box having an upstanding border surrounding the bottom thereof, one or more color-pan receivers removably retained in said box by onsubstantially as described.

3. A device for holding Water-colors for transportation or use comprising a box having-an upstanding border surrounding the. bottom thereof, two color-pan receivers re- 1 movably retained in said box in separated relations, against the side borders thereof, by engagement with the end borders of the box, thereby forming an implement-holding recess between said receivers, substantially as described.

4. A device for holding water-colors for transportation and use comprising a box having an upstanding border surrounding the bottom thereof, one or more color-pan receivers having pan-receiving openings therein, removably retained in said box by en= gagement with said border, one or more color-pans of decreasing dimensions from the border to the bottom thereof, horizontallyextending flanges on said border, and pending flexible borders around said openings engaging the sides and ends of said pans, and retaining the same against accidental displacement, substantially as described.




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