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Publication numberUS683853 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 1, 1901
Filing dateOct 31, 1898
Priority dateOct 31, 1898
Publication numberUS 683853 A, US 683853A, US-A-683853, US683853 A, US683853A
InventorsSheridan Forbes
Original AssigneeEdwin H Winterburn, Sheridan Forbes
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US 683853 A
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s. FORBES. Patented Det. I, |90I.


(Application led Oct. 81, i898.)

(No Model.)




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent N o. 683,853, dated October 1, 1901.

Application iledOctober 3l, 1898. Serial No. 695,144. (No model.)

will enable others skilled in the art to which` it appertains to make and use the same.

My invention relates more particularly to that class of albums which are used for unmounted photographs, pictures, dac.; and it consists in the manner of folding and binding the various leaves together.

The object of my invention is to provide a convenient album, so that the photographs or pictures contained therein can be easily removed or interchanged, as the case may be.

A further object I have in view is to produce a cheap and effective article of manufacture.

The nature, characteristic features, and scope of my invention will be more fully understood from the following description,taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, forming part hereof, and in which- Figure lis a perspective View of my improved album, and Fig. 2 is a longitudinal view, drawn to a very much enlarged scale, of three leaves.

Similarletters refer to similar parts throughout both views.

A represents permanentleaves; B, removable leaves; C, intermedial strips; D, binding-strips 3 E, backing-strips, and F the cover, all of which arranged and combined in the manner hereinafter described constitute my improved album.

To carry out successfully'my invention, the leaves A are foldedl to form each two independent sides or double leaf,the ends of which constitute the binding edge. Between the fold of each leaf near the back edge I glue or paste the intermedial narrow strip C, of suitable thickness, to form the receptacle a between the folds of the permanent leaves for the insertion of the removable leaf B. Upon the face sides of the removable leaf photographs or pictures may be mounted, and immediately opposite the latter I cut the opening b through the respective side of the leaf, thus leaving the picture uncovered. These openings may be made before binding the leaves or, if preferable, by thepurchaser. In this case they may be cut according to the size of the picture to be placed therein. The permanent leaves, constructed in the manner described, are then secured together near the binding edge by the binding-strip D, of which 6o one portion is pasted or glued to the outer side of one leaf, while the other portion of the strip is pasted or glued to the outer side of the next leaf, and so on in the same manner to the next leaf until all the leaves are united together. This being done the middle portion of the backing-strip E is then glued to the back edges of the leaves and the central portion of the binding-strip, while its extreme ends are secured to the inner side of the cover 7o in the usual manner.

The intermedial strip between the folds of each leaf and the connecting portions of the bi'ndingstrip between thev leaves may be sewed together, if preferable, and the central or middle portion of each binding-strip may also be sewed to the backing-strip, if desired; but I prefer to glue them in their respective place, as it is much cheaper and just as effective as the latter-described method of se- 8o curing them in position.

Thus believing thatIhave produced a novel and convenient album for the purpose of removing or interchanging photographs or pictures contained therein and having fully de- 8 5 scribed the same, what I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by United States Letters Patent, is

1. In a photograph-album, a series of openface, double leaves, consisting of independ- 9o ent sheets of paper folded upon themselves at the front edge, and having the extreme ends of each sheet out and bound together, to form the back edge, in combination with an intermedial strip secured between the folds of each sheet near the back edge, and a binding-strip between each two adjacent double sheets at the back edge, substantially as set forth and for the purpose described.

2. In a photograph-album, a series of open- 1o face leaves, consisting of independent sheets of paper folded and cut at the ends of each ing-strips secured to the outer sides of each leaf, :it the binding edge,and abacking-strip 15 scoured centrally to the binding-strips and the cover, substantially as set forth and for the purpose described.

In testimony whereof I have affixed my sig-l l nature, in presence of two Witnesses, this 16th 2o day of September, A. D. 1898.


In presence 011-- L. M. BANNAN, R. D. BARTON.

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Cooperative ClassificationB42F5/00