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Publication numberUS684784 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 22, 1901
Filing dateApr 27, 1899
Priority dateApr 27, 1899
Publication numberUS 684784 A, US 684784A, US-A-684784, US684784 A, US684784A
InventorsJohannes De Bolster
Original AssigneeJohannes De Bolster
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Apparatus for making lemonade.
US 684784 A
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No. 684,784. Patented Oct. 22, |901.-



(Application led Apr. 27, 1899.|




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 684,784, dated October 22, 1901.

Application inea April 27, 1899.

To a/ZZ 'Loh/0m t muy concern:

Beit known that I, JOHANNES DE HOLSTER, a subject of the Queen of the Netherlands, residing at Amsterdam, Netherlands, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Apparatus for Making Lemonade and other Drinks from Squashed Fruits, (for which I have applied for a patent in Germany, dated March l5, 1899,) of which the following is a specification.

It is the object of my invention to enable the juice to be expressed from lemons, limes, oranges, or other fruit with facility and expedition and to enable lemonade or other beverages containing fruit-juicerto be quickly mixed.

A part of my improvements are designed to enable the fruit-sections to be subjected to great pressure to thoroughly express the juice with the expenditure of little etfort on the part of the operator.

Another part of my invention relates to means for retaining the fruit-sections in position on their support to be properly acted upon by the pressure-piece.

My invention relates to other features of construction and combinations ofparts,which are fully set forth hereinafter.

In the drawings, Figure lis a side elevation of an apparatus for making lemonade, dac., embodying my invention, with parts shown in vertical section; and Fig. 2 is a front elevation of the same.

a is an upright frame provided with vertical guides b b, between which is guided a movable carriage c, carrying a supporting tray 'or shelf on which the fruit-support or squeezing-cone n is mounted. The carriage c is hinged, as at g, to a linkf, which is connected with a lever e e', pivoted in arms d CZ of the frame ct.

i is a plunger guided in a sleeved bracket 7c and connected by a link h with the lever c e on the side of the fulcrum opposite to that on which the link fis connected. Carried by the ange t is the pressure-piece or squeezinghell t', and within the bell i isa rod t, loosely supported Within the hollow end of the plungert'and provided with a flaring or cup-shaped extremity l. The shelf or tray is formed withan opening below the squeezing-cone n, through which the expressed juice passes, and

Serial No 714,691. (No model.)

over this opening the usual. screen or grating (not shown) may be arranged to catch the particles of pulp and seeds.

0 is a cone carried by the table c below the aperture through which the juice may pass into the glass or receptacle 19. The half-section of the fruit is placed upon the cone n, under the bell i', with the end Z of therod Z'resting on its apex m. The rod thus acts to support the fruit-section upon the cone and constitutes a fruit-retaining piece to retain the fruit-section upon its support and in proper position to be acted upon by the pressure piece or bell i.

The lever e is depressed and the table c and cone n are raised, while the plunger and bell t" are simultaneouslylowered, and the fruit is tightly squeezed between the bell and cone. The expressed piece'passes through the table c and guide o into the glass p. Whenwthe juice has been expressed from the-fruit-seetion, the lever e is lifted and the cone wand' bell t" are moved apart. The squeezedsection may then be removed and a fresh piece substituted and the operation may be repeated. By the simultaneous raising of the cone n and lowering of the bell 1l by the operation of the lever e the fruit may be subjected to great pressure, so that the juice may be thoroughly and quickly expressed.

To enable water and sugar to be mixed with the juice without removingv the glass, I provide suitable water and sugar supplying devices. l.

g is a sugar receptacle or hopper terminating in a trough above the glass. By means of a rotary Wheel s within the receptacle, operated by a handle t, a quantity of sugarf may be forced through the trough into the glass.

e' is a water-tube terminating in a nozzle a' (dotted lines) and communicating through a tube 'u' with a cock e, which is connected with a water-supply u. By turning the tube n by the handle w the valve e may be opened and the nozzle z may be simultaneously moved over the glass p to supply Water thereto. By turning the handle w back the valve e is closed and the nozzle e is moved away from the glass.

The minor details of construction which have been shown may he varied without departing from the invention.


What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is as followsz" l. In a fruit-squeezer, the combination ofa support for the fruit, a pressure-piece adapted to press the fruit upon said support, a lever, and oppositely and directly acting connections between said lever and the support and pressurepiece, whereby said support and pressure-piece are simultaneously and oppositely moved by the operation of said lever.

2. In a fruit-squeezer, the combination of a mo`vable table, a support for the fruit carried thereby, a movable plunger, a pressure-piece carried by said plunger, a lever, having oppositely and directly acting connections between said movable table and plunger respectively, whereby 'said fruit-support and pressure-piece are simultaneously and oppositely moved when said plunger is operated.

3. In a fruit-squeezer, the combination of a vertically movable table, a squeezing,r -cone carried thereby, a vertically-movable plunger, a pressure-bell carried thereby and arranged in line with said squeezing-cone, a lever, and directly-acting connections between said lever and the table and plunger respectively and on relatively opposite sides of the fulcrum of said lever, substantially as and for the purposes described.

4. In a fruit-squeezer, the combination of a support for the fruit, a movable pressurepiece adapted to press the fruit upon its support to express the juice, and a fruit-retaining piece loosely carried by said pressurepiece and adapted to rest upon the fruit and hold it upon its support until the pressurepiece is brought into action.

5. In a frnit-squeezer, the combination of a squeezing-cone adapted to support the fruit, a movable pressure-piece adapted to press the fruit upon said cone to express the juice, and

`a fruit-retaining rod l loosely carried by said t pressure-piece is brought into action.

7. In a fruit-squeezer,.the combination of a support for the fruit, a pressure-piece adapted to press the fruit upon its support, a fruitretaining. piece loosely carried by said pressure-piece and adapted to rest upon the fruit and retain it upon the support until the pressure-piece is brought into action, and means to move said support and pressure-piece siA multaneously in opposite directions.

8. In afruit-squeezer, the combination of a movable table, a support for the fruit carried thereby, a guide for the expressed juice carried by said table and located below said fruitsupport, a movable pressure-piece arranged over said fruit-support and a common actuating device connected directly with said pressure-piece and fruit-support respectively to move them simultaneously in opposite directions. y

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in the presence of two witnesses.



ANTON Gunnrr DAKE, AUGUST Srcirnrnn DocEN.

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