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Publication numberUS68504 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 3, 1867
Publication numberUS 68504 A, US 68504A, US-A-68504, US68504 A, US68504A
InventorsGeorge Hatch
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Improvement in oel-oans
US 68504 A
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Be it known that I, GEORGE HATCH, of Pomeroy, in the county of Meigs, and State of Ohio, have invented a. new and useful Improvement Oil-Cans; and} do hereby declare that the following isa full, clear, and exact description thereof, which will. enable others skilled in the art to make and use the same; reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification. I

This invention relates to certain improvemcntsin oil-cans which are used for retailing carbon and other oils and liquids, by which they are rendered much more convenient than they have formerly'been; and the invention consists in placing in the can, near its top, a horizontal partition or false bottom, which extends about three-fourths across the diameter of the can, forming thereby a recess, on which bottom or partition I place a lifting-pump and a. drip-strainer. It also consists in covering the said recess and pump by asuitable cover, thereby preventing the evaporation of any volatile liquid which the can may contain, and keeping the measures clean and free from dust. I

Figure 1 represents a sectional elevation of the can, the section being through-the line a: z of fig. 2.

Figure 2 is a horizontal section through the line y y of fig. 1.

Similar letters of reference'indicate like parts. I

A is the can. B is the recess within the can. C represents the pump. D is the drip-strainer. The recess B is formed by the false bottom or horizontal partition E, which extends to the upright or inclined wall F, the can itself forming tho'outer wall of the recess. The pump-tube, as seen, extends down to the bottom of the can, with apertures through the tube for the admission of the oil. The pump is secured in the recess by a. flanged piece of pipe, a, seen plainly in fig. 1, whiohjs attached to E. c is thefiaoge; this flange is open on one side, as seen in fig. 2 atf. Attached to the head of the pump is a hook, d. When the pump is put into the canjhe hook is passed downthroughf, below the flange. The pump is then .turned round so that-the hook under the flange fastens and holds it in place. The pump is secured from overflow by a cap,' q, which is screwed on to the top through which the pumprod works. The drip-strainer D is aninverted cone, made of perforated metal, andnttached to'a disk-shaped plate of metal, with n'flange, which passes through an aperture in the can, as seen in the drawing. J is the cover of the can, and it is so formed that the pump and whatever the recess B contains is covered by it, thus securing them from dirt and dust, and preventing evaporation. {is an ear on the cover, and k k are cars on the can. The cover is hinged to the top of the can at m, as seen in the drawing, so that it can be turned back when the pump is used. It will be seen that the pump can be readily taken from the can for the purpose of transferring oil from one vessel on can to another one. There is nothing peculiar in the construction of the pump with the exception of thescrcw-cap e.

What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

The recess B, supported by the side and top of the can,- substantially as shown and described.

I claim placing the pump in the recess B, and attaching and holding it in place by the pipe a, flange c, and hook-d. substantially as described. i




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Cooperative ClassificationB23B47/284