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Publication numberUS686249 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 12, 1901
Filing dateMay 20, 1901
Priority dateMay 20, 1901
Publication numberUS 686249 A, US 686249A, US-A-686249, US686249 A, US686249A
InventorsJohn Beery
Original AssigneeJohn Beery
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Scholar's companion.
US 686249 A
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(Appucqbion med my' 2o. 1901.)



SPEGFIGACiIIGN forming part of Letters Patent No. 686,249, dated November 12, 1901.

Application filed way zo, 1901.

To all whom it Ylll/rrilf/ whew/1,:

13e it known that l, .lo'i1Nl3EEHY,a citizen of the United States, residing at Decatur', in the county of Adams and State of Indiana, have invented a new anduseful improvement in Scholars Companions, oi which the following is a specification.

The object of the invention is to provide an attachment for a school-dest'. or the like, having a receptacle adapted to receive pencils, penholdcrs, erasers, rulers, die.

The invention consists in the construction and combination of elements hereinafter speciiically described and claimed,

The invention is illustrated. in the accompanying drawings, wherein the same reterence-letter is used to designate the same part in the several views, and in which- Figure lis a perspective View ofthe attach ment ready to apply to the lower surface of a desktop. Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section en the line .11.25, Fig, l, looking in the direction of the arrow; and Fig. 3 is a longitudinal sec tion of the front portion ot the drawer, sho\'vingT the felt lining thereof".

Referring new specifically to the drawings, A designates a drawer-guide,consisting otsidc pieces o, end piece a', and a bottom a2. Suitably secured to the bottom and sides of the guide are two shcct-mctal straps?) t), one at either cud el the drawer, having attachingcars b', through which screws are adapted to pass, by which the guide is secured to the under side of the top ot any ordinary schooldesk.

(l designates a drawer' constituting the rel eeptacle for the pens, pencils, rulers, dsc., of the pupil, 'which is preferably lined with felt or the like (indicated at (l) to prevent any noise which might result from thc pencils shifting trom one side to the other of the receptacle. rlhe drawer is provided with thc ordinary hnob, screw-eyc,or the lilac, by which it may be drawn out. 0n one side ot this drawer a series ot recesses c is provided, any one et which is adapted to receive the end of a stopping, suitably secured to the end of a platdspring y, fastened to the side of the drawer-guide, said spring-actuated stop-pin projecting through an aperture iu the side of said guide. Prc terably a staple h is provided,

`the spring D is treetoactand Serial No. 61,122. (No model.)

which serves to guide the plate-spring in its movement, although it is not necessary to its operation and might be dispensed with,

The letter D designates a retractile coiled spring suitably connected to t-he end pieces oi' the d ra wer-guide and drawer, respectively, which normally pulls the drawer into Contact with a butter i, secured to the bottom ofthe drawer-guide, and thus holds the drawer 6o closed. This butter, as shown, consists of a block ot wood, to the front portion of which a piece of felt, rubber, or the like, k, is secured; but any suitable device may be used for this purpose, such as the ordinary pneumatic door-stop, constructed on the plan of a bicycle-pump.

tVhen the desired article has been procured, the stoppin f is released from the recess e by drawing it outward -against the tendency of 7o the plate-spring g. As soon as this is done pulls the-d rawe r into its closed position.

The end of the drawer may be provided with a piece of telt, rubber, or the like to cooperate with the buffer 1l to relieve auyshock which may be caused by the too-violent action of the spring.

Thilo the device isintendcd primarily to be attached to a desk, this not necessary, 8o as the attaching-straps Z) and staple 7i maybe omitted and the whole device made of suitable proportions, so that it maybe carried in the pocket of the pupil.

It is apparent that in carrying ont my invention some changes from the construction herein shown and described may be made, and i wish to have it understood that I do not limit m'ysclt to that construction, but held myself at liberty to make such changes 9o therefrom as fairly fall within the scope of myinvention.

llaving described my invention, what I desire to claim and secure by Letters Patent isl. A scholars companion comprising a drawer providing a receptacle for pencils, the., a guideway therefor havinga rear cross-I piece, a butter secured to the guidevay in front of and removed from the rear cross- 10o piece, a coiled retractile spring secured at one end to the rear of the drawer and at the other` to the rear cross-piece, whereby the spring holds the drawer against the buffer in its closed position.

2. A scholars companion comprising a rdrawer providing a receptacle for pencils, vdec., a guideway therefor having arrear crosspiece, a buiier secured to the guideway in front of vand removed from, the rear crosspiece, av coiled lretrectile spring secured at one end to therear of the drawer amd at the other to the rear cross-piece, and means to hold the drfwerin its opened position against piece, acoiled retractile springsecured at one endl to the rear of the drawer and :inthe other to the rear cross-piece, and menus automaticaliy operating to lock the drawer in ils opened position. r,

` 4. A scholars companion Acomprisingr a drawer 4providing a receptacle for pencils, dsc., a guideway therefor having n rear crosspiece, n buer secured i'o the guidcwny in front of and removed from the rear crosspiece, n coiled retractile spring secured at one end to the rear of the drawer and al; the other to the rearcross-piece, and means to hold the drawer in a 'plurality of forward or opened positions.

In testimony whereof I have signed his specification in the prescnceof nwo subscribing witnesses.

JOHN BERRY. Witnesses:


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