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Publication numberUS68760 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 10, 1867
Publication numberUS 68760 A, US 68760A, US-A-68760, US68760 A, US68760A
InventorsCharles E. Life
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Charles e
US 68760 A
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G. E. Hand-Seeden No. 68,760. Patented Sept. 10. 1867.

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Letters Potent No. 68,760, dated September 10, 1867. i i


To ALL WHOM IT MAY oononnu Be it known that I, CHARLES, E. LIPE, of Fort Plain, in the county of Montgomery, and State of New York, have invented a. new and improved Gorn-Droppenand that the following description, taken'in connection with the accompanying drawings, hereinafter referred to, forms a full and exnct'specificution of the same,-

wherein I have set forth the nnture and principles of my said improvomentnby which my invention may be distinguished from all others of a. similar class,- together with such pnrtsas I claim and desire to have secured to me by Letters Patent. i a

' This invention relates to a. new and improved device for dropping corn, and it consists in a novel construction and arrangement of parts, as hereinafter fully shown and described, whereby the desired Jvork mny be done very expeditiously and in zt'perfect manner. 'In the accompanying sheet of drawings- Figure 1 is a side sectional view of my invention taken in the line :a fig. 2.. Figure 2, an elevation of the same. Similarletters of reference indicate like parts,

A represents a. box of quadrilateral form, which serves as a seed-receptacle. The front and rearsides a a of the box extend down below the bottom of the some, as shown in fig. 1; and B is a. slide, which passes longitudinally through the box and rests upon its bottom I). The slide 13 has an oblong slot or opening, a, madein it, and in this slot or opening-there is an ndjustoblc bar, C, which may be secured in any desired position within the scope of its movements by ascrew, 01'. By adjusting this bar 0 the seed-opening a may be regulated in capacity as required, as will be fully understood by referring to fig. 1. I) is a. cut-off brush fitted in one side of the box A directly over the slide 13, and E is a. spring,one end of which is connected to the box A and the other end to the outer part of the slide B, said spring having a. tendency to heep the slide drnivn' outword from the box A sufiiciently, so that the seed-opening a will be within thebox, (seefigrL) F is the hnndle of the implement, which is an upright slide, the lower part being a yoke, G, through which the slide B passes, the yoke being sufficiently long to admit of a. requisite degree of vertical play of the slide. To the lower part of the yoke G- nnd outer part of the slide B there is attached a. strap or band, H, \vhichpns'ses over a. roller,I, in the lower part of a socket, J, attached to the box, as shown clearly in fig. 1.- 7

The operation is as follows: Thcperson in using the device plncesthc longer leg or foot a of the boron the ground, where the seed (n dropping of corn) is to be deposited,cnd pushes down the handle P, which causes the slide B to be forced out from the box A in the direction indicated by arrow 1 in consequence of the connection formed between the slide and the handle by the strap H passing over the roller I, end the slide B in being thus moved causes the seed-opening c to pass out from thebox A, underneath the cut-ofi' hrush I), which takes oil the superfluous seed, so that n number of grains or kernels which mny only be contained in a flush-with the upper surface of the slide B will be discharged, and these grains or kernels drop'upon n bevelled or wedge-shapcd projection, j, which may be an extension of the bottom 6, said projection scattering the seed. On raising thehnndle F the spring E throws buck the slideB to its original position, so that the seed-opening 0 will puss within the box A and be re-filled with seed for a succeeding operation.

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new, and lesire to secure by Letters Pntent- The strap H and roller 1, in combination with the handle F and seed-slide B, dll beingorrnnged and applied 'to a. box or seed-receptncle A, provided with a cut-off brush, D, or its equivalent, to operate in the nn-liner substantially as and for the purpose set forth.



Gunner Germs, H. S. Muses.

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Cooperative ClassificationB05B11/3011