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Publication numberUS68845 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 17, 1867
Publication numberUS 68845 A, US 68845A, US-A-68845, US68845 A, US68845A
InventorsHenky H. Clbmons
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Henky h
US 68845 A
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Lene-8 Patent `1v0...e8,s45, dated ,september 17, 18671 IMPROVED SNOW-PLOUGH FOR RAILROADS.


Be it known that I, HENRY H. CLEMoNs, of Oshkosh, in the county o'f Winnebago, and State of Wisconsin, have invented a new and useful improvement in SnowePloughs for Railroads; and I do hereby declare and make known that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the same, reference being had to the aforesaid drawings, and the figures and letters of reference marked thereon,which form part 'of this speciication- My said invention relates to that class of devices which are attached to or placed before locomotive engines for the purpose of olearing'railroads from snow which would otherwise impede or prevent the progress of trains over the road; and it'consists in arranging a plough upon an inclined platform supported upon suitable'trucks, and in arranging in front of said plough a series of three parallel cutters for the purpose o'f cutting through drifts, one of said cutters being arranged upon each side of the track, and one being in the centre,to divide the mass to be removed in two parts, so as to be readily thrown out upon each side of thc road by the plough', as hereinafter more fully described. i i

To enable those skilled in the art to understand how to construct and use my invention, will proceed to describe the same with particularity, making reference in so doing to the aforesaid drawings, in which- Figure 1 represents a perspective view of my invention. A T represents the rails upon which the trucks E supporting the platform A run, suitable frames, D, intervening, to permit the required slope to be 'given to the platform A, as shown. B represents a V`sl1aped plough 4its front point being in the centre of the platform, so as to divide the mass of snow to be removed and throw it out upon i `either side of the track. C C C represent the aforesaid cutters, secured in a vertical position upon thejplatformata suitabledistance in front of the plough, and projecting forward of the platform, as shown. The two outside cutters mark and' cut that portion of the snow to be removed, dividing it from that part of the drift or mass adjacent to the track, being far enough -apart to cut a space of suilicient widthto', allow the traiuto pass readily without obstruction; The centre cutter divides the mass to be removed, so as to be easily thrown upon each side of the plough. The apparatus` is provided with any suitable coupling or means of connection,` lso as to be readily attached in front 4of the locomotive or to a car, as desired.

As'the apparatus-is pushed along upon' the track, the cutters divide the mass of snow as aforesaid,while v the front edge of the platform raises it gradually up from the ground toa suilicientheiglit, when the plough B` throws it over upon the top of the adjacent snow-drifts upon each side, thus eifectually clearing the track, as desired.

It will be observed that the cutters C incline back from their front edges, so as to terminate ator near the line of the nose of the plough. This permits' much of the snow to roll oil' from the platform before reaching the plough, which would be otherwise if the cutters extended backhorizontally or in the line of the inclination of the platform,V thus requiring far less power to move the apparatus forward through the snow than would be necessary if constructed as last described. V i p Having described the construction and operation of my invention, I will proceed to specify what I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent. p

I claim a snow-plough for railroads, composed of an inclined platform, A, a plough, B, and the cutters 0,.V

constructed, arranged, and operating substantially as herein set forth and described. v HENRY H.- GLEMONS.

Witnesses Cones BAsnronD, `Enwm HEATH.

Cooperative ClassificationE01H8/04