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Publication numberUS688483 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 10, 1901
Filing dateNov 17, 1899
Priority dateNov 17, 1899
Publication numberUS 688483 A, US 688483A, US-A-688483, US688483 A, US688483A
InventorsMax Pell
Original AssigneeMax Pell
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Supporting-bracket for miners' lamps.
US 688483 A
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No. 688,483. Patented Dec. |0,"|90.l. M. PELL.


. (Application filed Nov. 17, 1899.)

(No Model.)





SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 688,483, dated December 10, 1901.

Application filed November 17, 1899. Serial No. 787,346. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that 1, MAX PELL, a citizen of the United States, residing at Vvilkesbarre,

This invention relates to lamps in general,

and more particularly to that class known as miners lamps; and it has for its object to provide means for removably connecting the lamp to the miners hat in such a manner that the lamp maybe easily applied and removed and in which the attaching means is simple of construction and may be sold at a low price.

A further object of the invention is to provide a construction which may be easily attached to the hat and which may be removed therefrom when desired for attachment to a different hat.

In the drawings forming a portion of this specification, and in which similar numerals of reference designate like and corresponding parts in'the several views, Figure 1 is a perspective view showing a hat with the improved bracket in place and having a common form of lamp engaged therewith. Fig. 2 is a view partly in section andpartly in elevation, thelamp-holding bracket beingshown in section, while the lamp and its hook are in elevation. Fig. 3 is a perspective view showing the lamp-holding bracket detached.

Referring now to the drawings, the lampholding bracket of the present invention consists of a sheet of metal comprising a central portion 5, the lower end 6 of which is bent forwardly at an angle thereto and is adapted to lie upon the vizor 7 of the cap, as shown in Fig. 1 of the drawings, this portion 6 being provided with perforations 8, through which are passed attaching-rivets 9. The body portion 5 of the bracket extends upwardly throughout the height of the front of the cap and is adapted to lie substantially parallel therewith, and at its upper end the plate is bent to form a transverse tubular portion 10 and is then bent rearwardl y, as shown at 11, this rearwardly-ex-tending extremity 11 being adapted to lie upon the top of the cap, to which it is secured by meansof rivets 12, passed through the perforations 13 therein. From the lower-rear edge of the tubular portion 10 the material of the metallic plate is continued downwardly against the rear face of the body portion for. a shortdistance, as shown at 14, after which it is bent rearwardly to form the extension 11, as above described.

Midway of the ends of the. tubular portion 10 i and extending longitudinally of the body portion 5 there is formed a slot 15, which extends downwardly and centrally of the body portion and terminates in a circular opening shown at 17, these inturned edges serving to hold a sheet 18 of pasteboard or other similar material against the 'front face of the body portion 5, this sheet 18 being disposed between the front face of the body portion and the inturned edges and being of non-conducting material to prevent excessive heating of thebracket from the lamp, which rests against the sheet.

The lamp which is employed in connection with thisbracket is of a common construction and consists of a body portion or font 20, having a spout2l,through which the wick is passed and the outer end of which supports the blaze. The font has a suitable cover 22 and upon its back is provided with a wire 23, which extends to a point above the top of the font and is then bent rearwardly and downwardly to form a hook 24.

In the application of the lamp to the supporting-bracket the point of the hook is passed through a perforation 25 in the portion 11 of the bracket directly in the rear of the slots 15, this perforation being so positioned that as the hook is passed thereinto the bight 26 of the latter will enter the slot 15 and will lie between the tubular portion 10 and the extensionor end portion 11, the shank 27 of the hook, which is bent slightly in the direction of the top of the font, passof which it rests. A pin 28 is then passed through the tubular portion 10 and lies above the bight of the hook 24 and prevents upward movement of the hook and consequent displacement of the lamp from the bracket. The engaging portions of the lamp and bracket are so proportioned that the lamp will have a slight swinging movement, and from the above description it will be seen that the hook may be readily engaged with the bracket and it will be understood that by withdrawing the pin 28 the lamp may be easily and quickly removed. Furthermore, by riveting the bracket to the cap it is held firmly in place, while, when desired, the rivets may be removed and the bracket may be attached to a different cap.

It will of course be understood that the specific shape and construction shown may be varied, that any desired materials may be employed for the several parts, and that any suitable proportions may be observed without departing from the spirit of the invention.

What is claimed is A lamp -supporting bracket for miners lamps, consisting of a plate of metal including a central body portion having its lower end bent forwardly and adapted for attachment to the vizor of a cap, and having its upper portion bent upon itself to form a transverse seat in the form of a split tube, the plate below said seat being bent rearwardly and adapted for attachment to the crown of a cap, said plate having a slot formed transversely through the bent portion forming the seat and extending into the body of the plate and the rearwardly-bent portion having an opening therein spaced rearwardly from the slot and in line therewith, in combination with a wire or pin arranged in the seat and extending across the slot.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own I have hereto aflixed my signature in the presence of two Witnesses.




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