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Publication numberUS68927 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 17, 1867
Publication numberUS 68927 A, US 68927A, US-A-68927, US68927 A, US68927A
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Improved hammook
US 68927 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

PATENTED SEPT. 17, 1867.

A. woons. HAMMOGK.

z maims PETER; co. "ovum-mod WASHiNGTOI o c A R r ii Un- W 0.01) s, 0 F.- "L 1 v E n P00 1 EN G L A N D. Letters Patent No. 68,927, dated September 17, 1867 mrsovsnnsunoento ALL WHOMIT MAY CONCERN: p 'Be it known that I, ARTHUR WOODS", of Liverpool, in the county of Lancaster, in the Kingdom of England,

gentlemamhave invented a. certain Improved Hammock-Cot and means for suspending the same; nnd'I do hereby declare that the following is a full and exact description, reference beinghad to the accompanying sheet,

of drawings; and to the figures and lct'tersof'referoncc thereon; thatis to-sny.--

Thcs'ystem of fixed and enclosed hesjths at present in uscin emigrant, troop, and other ships carrying Jorge numbers of persons at low charges, besides: entailing considerable costto ship-owners for removal and re-fitting, and being objectionable 6n sanitary? grohnds, leg-attended with many inconveniences well known to ship-masters and others,- In respect to a;free circulation of air, cleanliness, comfort, tendency to prevent seasickness, deck sccomrnodation, and other advantages, hammocks are greatly superibr. From the diiiicnlty, however, of slinging ordinary hammocks, so as to make them comfortable for the person, and-of theirmnnagc'- mcnt generally, it has been neirt to impossible to introduce them for the use of lnndsmon.

Theobject of my invention is to provide a. suspended berth or place for rest, denominated by me the rove'tsh blc hammock-cot, which shall be comfortable, easily managed, and convenient for washing and stowing away; This I effect by constructin-g'of canvas, or other flexible woven fabric or material, a berth of an oblong form, with vertical or'nenrly vertical sides and jib ends, the latter being fitted with thimblcs. The saidbcrth is made with pockets or loops at both ends, within which stretcher-s of wood or other rigid'material are placed trarisversely to keep when in use the bottom or lower pnrt distended. Thcse s tretchers ateeasil'y reniovcd, when it is necessary to wash or clean the flexible material. To support the weight df a persdn'in my said hammockcot ropes are attached along the whole of the upper edge or part. A mattressor bed can be used in the saidberth, when desired, so also could a rig'id frame-to fit inside'in addition to or without the strctchcrs'. The whole of the parts are suspended by' two ropes or lanyards connected directlyto the berth, andoverhead to the deck,

but I greatly prefer the novel arrangement of suspenders hereafter described. The suspenders are made of rope or strong line.- One of thcseoue only for each end is used-is provided or fitted with a hook at one end, and a thimble at the other; the'hookis passeilinto the thimble of one jib end, and the thimble on too hook secured 'to the deck. The other suspender'is provided or fitted with a thimblc atone end,'the other end being free; The

thimble is passed on to a hook secured-to thedeck, n ndthefree end rove through the other'jibend and tied, so" as to leave that end of the hammock-cotat any selected distance from the deck. The free ends of the hooks secured to the deck point in opposite directions.

Figure 1 represents a perspective view of my improved hammock-cot suspended in position, port of the deck ,of a ship being shown.

Figure 2, a longitudinal elevatiomnnd Figure 3 a longitudinnl section, both showing'part of .the suspenders. Figures 4 and 5, end elevations, theformer with part of one. suspehdegand the latter-with one of the stretchers partly withdrawn.

In all those views like letters denote the same parts.

a is the b0ttom,b the sides, a the jib ends, with thimbles d d therein, e the supporting-ropcs,f stretchers.

-g represents a mattress, and g a pillow. OE the suspenders h are the ropes, I being fitted with hook i and thimbleg'; h being fitted with thimble k, and its free end rovejhrough d. The hooks] Z' are secured-to the deck marked, m.

'Sail-makers and others will be enabled to manufacture my said hammock-cot and suspenders from the description above given, us all the parts are constructed and act in a wcll-known manger. Thoflexiblematerial may be either in one or in many pieces. In both cases stitching is employed to give it the required shape. The

ropes'e must be securely attached to 6,- this may be efl'ected by open stitching or by binding within 6. The

pockets for the stretchers can be made in one continuous recess, or several loops can be formed for one side. In all casesit is desirable that the ends of the stretchers should be within the-flexible material b,-so as to keep the par't adistcnded, but it will be seen the cot can be reversed at any time and be equally serviceable, whichever is the outside.

Having'now set forth the nature of my said invention, and shown how the same can be performed, I would it uhdorstood that-1 do not 'cbnfino-myself to the exact details shown, is many modifications majbe mad. without departing fmm the leadingfczifiure's.

What I claim in hammock-cots sugpendgd from tlxe onds, and in the means fol-suspending the same, is-'-- The hammock herein described, llqving tho body of a. rectangulan section sustained transversely the ci'pss-pieqesf or their equivalents, and supported by thc' jib ends a, s6 as to rc'ceive the several st ruins and hold in shape the Qontcnts of the hammock, all substantially-as mill for the purpose sci; fort-h; I 1

'In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my lmml in pr esencc of two subscribing witnesses.. I I ARTHUR WOODS; Witn'ses: I

JOHN I. KING,- Patent-Agent, Liverpool.


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