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Publication numberUS690003 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 31, 1901
Filing dateApr 15, 1901
Priority dateApr 15, 1901
Publication numberUS 690003 A, US 690003A, US-A-690003, US690003 A, US690003A
InventorsEmil Altman
Original AssigneeAlfred H Bamberger, Emil Altman
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Shoe-lace protector.
US 690003 A
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No. 690,003. Patented nen.- sl, |9ol.


(Application led'Api. 15, 1901,)

(No Model.)

Tlf; 3.

wlTNEssEs: f




SIEECIFIGATION formingpart of Letters Patent No. 690,008, dated December` 31, 1901.

Application tiled April 15, 1901. Serial No. 55,-915. (No model.)

T0 @ZZ whom, it may concern:

Be it known that I, EMIL ALTMAN, a citizen of the United States, residing in the borough of Brooklyn, county of Kings, State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Shoe-Lace Protectors, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to shoedace protectors and may be said to consist generally in a detachable shield for the laces provided with means, such as a strap, for surrounding the foot or ankle of the wearer and with means for engaging the upper edge of the shoe or the laces.

Inthe accompanyingdrawingsIhave shown a structure illustrating my invention.

In the drawings, Figure 1 shows the structure in position on a low shoe. Fig. 2 is a rear view of the structure; and Eig. 3 is a section on line 3 3 of Fig. 2, clearly showing one mode of attaching the hooks hereinafter mentioned to the shield of the protector.

It will be understood that the shield of the protector may be made in a variety of forms ornamented to suit the taste and that the other parts of the protector may also be of various shapes.

In the drawings, 1 indicates the detachable shield. This shield is provided with two distinct means for engaging the shoe. In the present instance I have shown as one such means a plurality of hooks 2 2, which are adapted to engage over the shoe-upper or to engage the laces. In using the term shoeupper I mean also to include the laces, as for the purpose of this specification the laces are a part of the shoe. The other means of securing the shield is a strap 3, one end of which is secured to the shield, while the other end of the strap 3 is provided with one member 5 of a two-part fastening device, such as an eyelet, and the other member 6 thereof being carried by a tab or projection 4 on the shield. In the present instance I have shown this fastening device as a ball-and-socket glove-fastener; but it is obvious that other forms of fastening means may be employed. In Fig. 1 I have shown the strap as passing around the arch of the instep of the foot; but it is obvious that the device may be used with a high shoe. It will also be obvious that the shield will serve to protect the laces and to prevent them from becoming untied. It will also be obvious that the structure may be used with a buttoned shoe, with which shoe its principal utility will be ornamentation.

I do not care to limit myself to any material; but in the construction shown the mate'- rial is preferably patent leather. 4 The ornamentation of course may be varied. For instance, an ornamental buckle may be placed on the shield or the shield itself may be so shaped as to show a highly-ornamental structure.

Having described my invention, what I claim, and desire to protect by Letters Patent, 1s-

l. As a new article of manufacture, a dei tachable shoe -lace protector comprising a plate provided on its inner side with a downwardly-projecting hook adapted to engage the upper portion of a shoe, and a strap secured to the plate below the hook and adapted to extend around the shoe, whereby the plate is retained i n position to cover the laces-of the shoe.

2. As a new article of manufacture, a detachable shoe -lace protector comprising a plate provided on its inner side with a downwardly-projecting hook adapted to engage the shoe-laces or the upper portion of a shoe, and a strap secured to the plate and adapted to extend laterally therefrom about the shoe, whereby the strap is retained in position to cover the laces of the shoe.




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