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Publication numberUS69068 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 24, 1867
Publication numberUS 69068 A, US 69068A, US-A-69068, US69068 A, US69068A
InventorsCharles Bbada
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Improved drawee for furniture
US 69068 A
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@geiten gisten attnt 'fitta` CHARLES EEAEA, 0E NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS. Letters Patent No. 69,068, dated September 24,' 1867.

@Llp Strains :naar tu in tlg-isc trttcrs ignari ma mating init at tigt sinn.


Be it known that I, CHARLES BRADA, of Newton Couper, in the county of Middlesex, and State of Massachusetts, have invented a new and useful improvement in Drawers for Furniture, Snc., of which th following isi a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, making a part of this specification, in whichy Figure 1 represent-s a perspective view of a drawer with a portion of the top and side of theeasingbroken away, showing my improvement. i

Figure 2 is a view of the inner side of the iront part of the drawer.

Similar letters indicate like pnrts in the several figures. i

The object of my invention is to provide means for enabling a drawer to be easily slid in and outJ sothat ii;Y may be pushed in or drawn out by. pressure applied at citherside eqnallyas well as when applied to the centre or at both sides; and the invention consists in supporting the drawer at each side upon ways formed of wood or metal, and attached at each end to the casing or frame, in connection with a projecting strip secured to the under side of 'the drawer.

Referring to the drawings, u represents a casing or frame, in which are arranged drawers I1, the lower one only being shown in place. On cach side ofthe casing or frame is a atstrip of meta-l or wood, e, with a righ'tangular extension, e', at each end, through which is a hole,- by which itis secured to the frame.v Upon the top of this strip e is screwed a strip, d, leaving a space between it and the side of the frame, in which space ts a strip or projection, g, attached to or forming a. part of the under side of the drawer. At the front end of the strip d is a friction-roller, r, against which the projection g on the under side `of the drawer presses when the same is pushed in or drawn out. A`frietion-roller also may be arranged on the end of the rear under side of the drawer. fis an additional strip or piece to be employed when a lower drawer is used, and is designed as a guide to the upper side of the drawer to prevent the latter from sagging when drawn out. 4

In closing drawers as ordinarily marde one side is liable td be pushed in a little farther than the opposite i side,'rcndering it necessary to adjust the same in its bearing, which requires time and some little labor. This on each side, of strips in connection with lateral bearings on the drawer. l

The improvements above described may be readily applied to any drawer: 'now lin use with very little expense. A series of drawers may be arranged in contiguous sets without the intervention of a support or partition between cach set. A i

1. I claim the combination of' the bearing de in the frame creasing and the projcction'g on the drawer, as and for the purpose specified. i

2. I claim the strip f, as and for thc purpose set forth.

In testimony whereofI have signed my name to this speciiication in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.`


objection is my invention, by adapting the frictional surfaces toeach bther, and the employment, i



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Cooperative ClassificationA47B2210/0056