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Publication numberUS69120 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 24, 1867
Publication numberUS 69120 A, US 69120A, US-A-69120, US69120 A, US69120A
InventorsClinton J. Paine
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Clinton j
US 69120 A
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@kunt gmt@ idonei @fitta .-LINTON I J. PAINE, 0F PAINESVILLE, l(ll-III). I Letters Patent IVO. 69,120, elated fS'eptelmbergel, 1867.

` @the Silente lretenait fr in that @dan 'nzteut :mi nuttig ont at ligt sume.

lO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: v l A. Be it known that I, CLINTON J. PAINE, of Painesville, in the county of Lake, and State of Ohio, have invented an Improved Cotton-Bale Tie; and Ido hereby declare that the following is a full and exact descripr tion thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, in which- Figures 1 and 2 are perspectiveviews of my said cotton-bale tie. Figure a central section of the same, and Figure 4 an elevation illustrating the mode of locking said tio-'- Similar letters of reference indicating the same parts in all thedrawings. The'novelty of this vdevice is that the tiro parts composing it are formed precisely alike, the same mould, so thatby reversing the position of one towards theother, und ethcient loci; or tie is produced, and one that can'v be4 repeatedly used further advantage of allowing the hoop tobe tightened up 'tv of shipment,atwhiehplace the eotton is often re-balad. t My said improved tie is constructed and used as follws v y A, iig-1, is a rectangular body, 'provided with a wedge-shaped aperture, B, and au'edged-shapcd elongation, as substantially shown in iid. I. -It 'consists of one whole easting,.and made of' 'any size or strength required. r* In usi'ng my improved tie theend of the iron hoop or'band E, iig. 4, is first slightly turned doufn, (as secu and produced by as will be explained, a'vcry simple until Worn out, and possessing the heneverit becomes-loose, as at the ports or places at l),) and the two .parts constituting the tie put on in a reversed and inverted position to each other. The other` end of the band E is then inserted between the inner faces of the tu'o wedges Gand drawny tight. Then driving thc outer part of thel tie towards the other, by tapping it with a'hammeig'the band is caught and held tight between. .The end of the band is then turned up and cut' o, as seen at D. i Whenthe band becomes loose, o r when re-baliug the cotton,

hammer applied to the outer portion.

The vsaid described tie or lock is al various kinds of merchandise.

It will be seen that no previous preparation of the band-iron, as holes, slots, die., .slight turning `down of 'the end,- and that the tie can be used over from the hoop uninjured. j

What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by `Letters Patent, is-l I claiiu .the deriee,' ig. l, construetedjvitl'i the wedge-shaped projection and wedge-shaped aperture l), .substantially as shown', and employed as a tie by using two of sucl1.devices inverted and reversedto each other, as. explained, in combination with the hoop or bund D, as and for the purpose specified .CLINTON J. PAINE.` Witnesses: v l

J'. F. SInGLu, J. T. DooLIrTLE.

the tie-is readily disconnected by a tap ofthe The band can now be drawn tight again, and the end out o as before. so yof use in truvssing hay for transportation, and for bundling or baling is necessary, except Athe again repeatedly,vas it can be easily taken

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Cooperative ClassificationF16L3/233