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Publication numberUS69287 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 24, 1867
Publication numberUS 69287 A, US 69287A, US-A-69287, US69287 A, US69287A
InventorsWalter S. Weed
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Improvement in eeveesible butt-hinges
US 69287 A
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@geiten tats iatat @time WiIi'lEli S. WEED, OF AUBURN, NEW YGRK.

Letters .Patent No. 69,281', flat/.rtl 'cptmnlm 2l. 1867..


@iin duhu'h. winnt tu in tina tdtns ntnit znttiituliinq intt at iin stunt.


Be it known that I, WALTER S. WEED, 'of the city etAuburn, in Cayuga county, New York, have invented a new and improved mode ot' Constructing Butts or Hinges for Doors, Blinds, 32e., to be hereinafter described; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, making a part of this specification, and to the letters of reference marked thereon.

The object of this invention is to construct a loose hinge or butt in such manner that it may be used with equal fucility on a right or left-hand door or blind. Vhat I mean by a loose hinge or butt is one that allows the door or blind to be removed from the hanging position without disengaging the hinge from either the d00rpost or the door. It relates to the use in such articles of two stands or stock-pieces, to be used in combination with the hinge proper, and so constructed aste be convertible or used on either side with equal facility, without changing or in any way altering their forms. l

In order that others may know how to make and use my invention, I will proceed t-o describe its cenvstruction, and the inode of its application to the use intended.

In Figure 1 are Vshownall the parts of my hinge in perspective. A and A are the two stock-nieces or stands, B the male and C. the femaleportions of the hinge, and

D and E are the wing-pieces, making a part of the same. The stock-pieces or stands A and A support the hinge proper,- and hold the joint in its proper position. lhc wing-piece E is fitted to the chambers F, and the wingl D to the chamber G. Both wings and chamber are ot' the same width and depth as the wings E and D. l New, when the wrist I-I of the male portion et' the hinge B is inserted into the femaleportion C of the hinge, and the two wing-pieces E and D are slipped into the two stands or stockpieces, we have a right-hand butt or hinge, as represented in fig. 2, complete. '.lo form a lett-hand hinge, the stock-piece A is changed over into the place of A, and the stock-piece A into that of A', and both wing-pieces, E and D, turned over so that they will point in the opposite direction from that represented in the drawings, and when the several parts u're slipped into their places we shall have aleft-hand hinge like the one represented in fig. The stoclbpieces .X and A ure secured,rone to the door andthe other to thc lintel or door-post, with wood-screws, in the ordinary way of securing hinges used for hanging doors and blinds, and on that account do not require a description in this place. The wing-pieces may be secured to the stock-pieces by the same wood-.screws that hold the stock-piece to the door or blind, er they maybe fastened by u short screw, using the stock-piece for a nut. I

The simplicity ot this invention, and the .ease with which the hinge can be produced, may, I think, be regarded as a great triumph in loosejointed right and left-handed hinges. Every builder has experienced the difficulty of procuring suitable hinges for his use, and many, many times do they require te be returned to the store and exchanged for others before the hind desired can be obtained. This invention entirely removes this diiculty, and any pair of lf.\ose-jointed butts oi hinges may be used with equal facility either on the right or lei'tdiand'side of the door or blind.

Having above described the construction and inode ot' applying und using my invention, what I claim as new, and wish to secure by Letters Patent, is i 'l.`he combination ot' the convertiblel stock-pieces A and A with the joint-pieces B and C and wing-pieces E and D, when :ill are constructed, operated, and used substantially inthe manner and for the purpose above specified.

' WALTER s. wenn.


Il'nxnv Rini, A. ihnen/rr.

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Cooperative ClassificationE05D3/02