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Publication numberUS693329 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 11, 1902
Filing dateApr 30, 1901
Priority dateApr 30, 1901
Publication numberUS 693329 A, US 693329A, US-A-693329, US693329 A, US693329A
InventorsCarl E Neubauer
Original AssigneeHerman Krause, Marcus L Fay, Carl E Neubauer
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US 693329 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

No.693,329. Patented Feb. u, I902 12. E. NEUBAUER. v


(Application filed Apr. 30, 1901.)

(No Model.)

775574629 66, Y jwezaoz 12% UwrZZ flaZauen 9 A ig' OAR-L E; NEUBAUER, on BUHL, MINNESOTA,

HERMAN KRAUSE AND MARCUS L. FAY, or. tutor rare M a ll, .13). iii. 4,


. Feb

Application filed April 30, 1901. Serial No, 68,154. 1% model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, CARL E. NEUBAUER, a subject of the Emperor of Germany, residing at Buhl, in the county of St, Louis and State 5 of Minnesota, have invented new and useful Improvements in Projectiles, of which the following is a specification This invention relates to a projectile to be fired from hand-arms, and it may be used with 10 a. metallic shell, like an ordinary rifle-cartridge, or it can be used as a singer buckshot or can form the tip of an arrow to be shot fromaibow, it being understood that the invention is in no wise limited as to the mannor of its use, for if sufficient force be en ployed it may be impelled by hand, and the same advantages follow as when propelled by a powder charge.

The projectile includes, broadly, a case havlog a narcotic, and thesemay be of any suitable kind, the case consisting, for example, of lead and the narcotic of morphine in solution, and the case has one or more holes from which the sleep-producing liquid can issue.

'25 The invention is shown in one simple and convenientenibodinieut thereof in the accompauying drawings, Wherein- Figure 1 is an elevation of my projectile; Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section of the same.

Fig. 3 is a rearview with a portion broken away.

Like characters refer to like parts in all the figures of the drawings.

The projectile forming the subject-matter 5 of this application consists of a case having a chamber to contain a suitable narcotic-such, for example, as a morphine solution or any suitableadrugs capable of producing sleep in an animal when injected into the same.

40 Therefore when the projectile strikes the animal and penetrates his skin or hide the narcotic contained therein can escape and render the beast at once unconscious, so that a hunter can Walk up to it and shoot it through the head or heart or other vital spot to thereby kill the same.

With the ordinary shot and bullets many valuable fur-bearing and edible animals are lost though mortally wounded. For exam- 5o pie, if a hunter shoots at a beast and fails to strike a vital spot it will escape and be lost 'tive in its action,

to him. Besides he animal is aptito suffer great ecessary pain.

Y'Vith any iinproi a? projectile there is a molutely no possibility oi animal bein lost or suiiering pain, tiie'instant the projectile is embedded in the ties: the animal is put to sleep and can be pain essly killed by the hunter.

The improved project P and prevents the see which are generally 11' large mun-hers and are left to decay in ti.-- WO-OQlS.

Referring to the dras the letter A 6 iguates the projectile, i may be oi? any suitable size, shape, and mat ial. i find. leadadesirable substaneo R8 the projectile, as it isi easily melted or east, so i 7 her to receive the narcotic has a chamber, as 2, the be varied to suit charge or qua: "y of so lution it carries. The narcotic is Y i eferably employed in solution and morphine may, for '15 example, be used. The projectile has one or more holes, as3, opening into the chamber 2 thereof and through which the morphine so lution issues or passes when said projectile is embedded in the flesh of an animal, so as'to put him to sleep until the hunter can kill him by a shot through the brains, heart, or other vital organ, which can be safely done at close range, or, as the animal is temporarily harmless, he may be despatched by a knife. The 8 chamber 3 is closed by an iinperforatecap, as 4:, shown consisting of a disk countersunk in an annular recess, as 5, in what inigbi be termed the base of the projectile, and when the solution has been placed in this chamber the disk. can be inserted in its recess and secured in place in some convenient manner.

The invention is in no w construction nor narcot for these matters ma within the scope of The narcotic is held. within means of bee-so n fallow, or some equivalent sui tions or holes 1 limited to the iouslnset forth, 5

flattens the narcotic in solution forces out the seals of beeswax or tallow from the holes 3,

so that the narcotic is injected into the flesh of such animai. These holes 3 are first closed by the removable seals, and thereafter the narcotic is put in the hollow of the projectile, after which the disk or cap 4 is put in place.

Having described the invention, I claim-- 1. A projectile having a chamber open at its rear end'and a sealed openingleading from said chamber, and a device for closing said rear open end. 7

2. A projectile-having a chamber containing a narcotic, a device for permanently closing said chamber and a hole leading from said chamber having a temporary seal.

3. A projectile having a chamber containing a narcotic,-a device for permanently closeeaszs saidchain-her having a temporary seal, said sealbeingexpelled when the projectile strikes home. p 4. A projectilehaving a chamber containing a narcotic, a device for permanently closing said'fchamhenamd a'hole leading from said chamberhaving a temporary seal, said seal being expelled by the compression of the projectile. y

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set ing said chamber and a hole leading from my hand in presence of two snbscribing'wit- 3o nesses.


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