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Publication numberUS694530 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 4, 1902
Filing dateMay 25, 1899
Priority dateMay 25, 1899
Publication numberUS 694530 A, US 694530A, US-A-694530, US694530 A, US694530A
InventorsHarris Comer
Original AssigneeHarris Comer
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US 694530 A
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Patented Mar.' 4, |902. H. coman.


(Application led May-25, 1&99.)

(No Model.)

ma unam frans co4. vuouuwo.. msnmnmn. n. c.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 694,530, dated March 4, 1902. Application led May 25, 1899- Sen'al No. 718,186. (No model) To @ZZ whom it may concern: It will be obvious that in a sick-room in ad- Be it known that I, HARRIS COMER, a citiministering medicine to a patient, especially zen ofthe United States, residing at Philadelone too ill to be conveniently administered to phia, in the county of Philadelphia and State with a spoon or where a certain deiinite 55 5 of Pennsylvania, have invented a new and quantity of finid is frequently to be adminisuseful Pipette, of which the following is a tered, the use of this device will possess specification. marked advantages. By adapting-it to be My invention relates to pipettes or other kept in a bottle containing the medicine to measuring tubes or containers; and the obbe translated it may serve as a stopper for 6o :o ject of my invention is to afford simple and same and at 'the same time the pipette be convenient adjustable means for translating kept clean and free from dust and contamia deiinite amount of luid, especially for the nating atmosphere. dispensing` of fluid and semiliuid medicines I do not limit myself to the specific form of and food. I accomplish this object by the construction shown in my device, as other 65 15 mechanism illustrated in the accompanying forms of adjustable stops within the comv drawings, in whichpressible chamber for limiting the compres- Figure l is a vertical cross-section of my sion of same may readily be devised without device, showing the pipette within the bottle. departingifrom the scope of my invention.

Fig. 2 is a perspective View of the pipette re- What I claim is- 7o zo moved therefrom. l. In a fluid-translating device the combi- Similar numerals refer to similar parts nation of a resilient compressible chamber throughout the several views.- and a. graduated fluid retainer having a The bulb l is preferably of resilient matethreaded adjustable connection with the comrial, such as rubber, having its walls thickpressible chamber with an abutment adapted 75 25 ened at its lower extremity and provided with to extendy within the chamber as adjustable an opening for the reception of tube 2. The mea-ns for limiting its compressibility, subinterior wall of said opening is provided with stantially as and for the purpose described. the thread 3 to cooperate with a correspond- Y 2. In a fluidtranslating device the combiing thread upon the glass tube 2. The upper nation of a resilient compressible chamber 8o 3o end 7 of tube 2 extends into the bulb l to and a tube threaded and adjustable therein serve as an abutment or stop to limit the dewith an abutment beyond the threaded porpression of the bulb. By twisting the tube tion of the tube and within the air-chamber to the right or the left while the bulb is held to vary the compressibility of the chamber, rigid the distance between the abutment '7 substantially as described. 85 3 5 and the top of the bulb l is either diminished 3. ,In combination with a bottle, a fluidor increased, as the case may be. In this translating device consisting of a compressiway is secured adjustment for the possible ble chamber having a lower cork-shaped exdepression of the bulb l. The tube 2 is protension with a spiral threaded aperture therevided with the opening 4 in its upper end through communicating with the interior of 9o 4o and is also opened at its lower end. Said `the chamber, andaiiuid-containeropen at the tube may also be provided with graduations top and bottom and having an upper spiral vto .indicate the *quantity-otv fluid contained threaded extremity adapted to project into the therein. If a definite amount of fluid is to compressible chamber as adjustable means be translated by the pipette, a proper adjustfor limiting its comprcssibility, substantially 95 45 ment of the bulb upon the tube is secured, as and for the purpose described. so that the depression of the upper part 6 of the bulb l against the abutment 7 will upon HARRIS COMER. its return to normal induet the required amount of fluid or a dose into the pipette, Witnesses: 5o and a subsequent similar depression will con- JNO. STOKES ADAMS, sequently discharge the same. MAE HOFFMANN.

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Cooperative ClassificationG01F19/00