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Publication numberUS694987 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 11, 1902
Filing dateFeb 15, 1901
Priority dateFeb 15, 1901
Publication numberUS 694987 A, US 694987A, US-A-694987, US694987 A, US694987A
InventorsFrederick Pollard
Original AssigneeFrederick Pollard
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US 694987 A
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No. 694,987.k

Patented Mar. Il, '1902. F.POLLARD.

snow cAse.

(Application tiled Feb. 15, 1901.)

(No Undei.)

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or cLnv'uLAND, omo.


SPECIFECATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 694,987, dated March 11, 1902.

Application-filed February 15, 1901.v Serial No. 47,456. (No model.)

. full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it pertains to make and use the same. f

This invention relates to improvements in show-cases, especially of the class used to display goods on the outside of stores.

The object of this invention is to provide a new and improved show-case of the character indicated.

My invention therefore consists in providing new and improved means for supporting a false top of wood or similar material Within a show-case having glass sides and a glass or marble top. n

My invention further consists in certain details of construction and arrangement of parts,which Will be f ully set forth hereinafter in the specification, illustratedin the drawings, and pointed out in the claims.

I-Ieretofore show-cases of this character have generally been provided with Wooden tops, so that incandescent -lamp sockets, brackets, or other fixtures could be secured thereto, and in order to give a suitable finish to the outer edges of the VWooden top it has been necessary to form a molding around the top edge of the case, These moldings soon become tarnished and unsightly through exposure to the Weather and greatly detract from the appearance of the show-case. In

my construction by providing a glass or mar-v ble top I do away With theV necessity of the molding on the exterior of the case, and by constructing a secondary or false Wooden top Within the case I provide means for mounting incandescent lamps or other iixtures Within the case.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure I is a view in perspective of my show-case. Fig. II is an enlarged view, partly in section, of the upper portion ofvmy show-case.

Referring to the drawings, a represents the base of my improved show-case, upon which are mounted the glass plates a', a2, as, and a4, which form the sides of the show-ease.

b represents the top plate ofthe show-case. This top plate is preferably made of opaque glass or marble. The top plate is united to the side plates and the adjacent side plates are clamped together by means of angle-iron straps d and bolts d and dwhich pass through the glass from the outside.

In carrying out my invention I form brackets e, preferably similar in general form and appearance to the clamping-straps d. These brackets are provid ed with screw-holes e', corresponding to the diameter of the bolts In order to secure a bracket in position, the nut d4 is removed from the end of the bolt d2, and the bracket is slipped on the end of the strap d, and the nut d* is then replaced on the end of the bolt, and the bracket is securely clamped to the strap d. After the brackets e have been secured in position the board f, which forms the false top, is secured to them by means of bolts f. The brackets e maybe fastened in a similar manner on the sides of the show-case Wherever the straps d are secured, thus adording means for supporting shelves Within the show-case. When ashowcase is provided with one of these false tops, any number of incandescent lamps, brackets, or similar fixtures may be secured therein without in any way injuring or defacing-the glass plates forming the show-case. When mounting incandescent lamps, the Wires can enter the case at a single point and be distributed and arranged in the space between the false topf and the glass top b, thus preventing the Wires from coming into contact with any inflammable material which may be in the show-case. The top edge of the glass plates maybe frosted or ornamented so as to conceal the false top, if desired.

I have described the method of securing the brackets in a show-case when the case has been assembled and` mounted; but itis readily seen that when so desired the brackets may be formed integral with the straps which clamp the plates together.

What I claim is- 1. A show-case of the character set forth comprising a base, glass plates mounted upon said base, and forming the top and sides of said case, metallic straps connecting the adjacent edges of said plates, a false top of Wood or other easily-penetrated substance arranged IOO Within said case and means rigidly secured.

to said straps and forming supports for said false top.

the combination, of a base portion, perforated 15 glass plates forming the top and sides of said case, metallic straps securing said glass plates together, brackets secured to said straps, and a secondary or false top of Wood or similar niaterial secured to and supported by said brackzo ets, substantially as described.

Signed by me at Cleveland, Ohio, this 31st day of January, 1901.




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