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Publication numberUS697152 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 8, 1902
Filing dateJun 20, 1901
Priority dateJun 20, 1901
Publication numberUS 697152 A, US 697152A, US-A-697152, US697152 A, US697152A
InventorsFrederick W Lippold
Original AssigneeTom J Landrum, Frederick W Lippold
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US 697152 A
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No; 697,!52. Patented Apr. 8, |902.



(Application led June 20, 1901.)

(No Model.)




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent N o. 697,152, dated April 8, 1902.

Application filed June 20,1901. Serial No. 65,312. (No model.)

To a/ZZ whom it may concern: Located at one side of the vessel A is a Be it known that l7 FREDERICK WV. LIPPOLD, standard or metal post C, having a footpiece c a citizen of the United States, residing at and depending toe c', by which it is secured Louisville, in the county of Jeerson and to the top of the bench or stand, the footpiece 55 State of Kentucky, have invented certain new having slots through which the retainingand useful Improvements in Churns, of which screws pass. The upper end of this standard the following is a specification. or post is rounded to enter a socket d, formed This invention relates to churns, and has on the frame D, which supports the gearing forits object to provide certainimprovements mechanism of the churn. Above the socket 6o Io in that class of churns which embody means the frame D is enlarged to provide a bearing for the aeration and agitation of the cream at for one end of amain driving-shaft E,the other one and the same operation, whereby the end of said shaft bearing in the lower end of cream will be thoroughly purified and sepaa depending member d of a horizontal arm d2, rated and rapidly converted'into butter, the the said arm being also provided with an up- 65 parts which act directly upon the cream bewardly-projecting member d3, supporting a ing readily removable from the barrel. casting F, which forms a bearing for the up- A further object of the invention is to proper end of the dashor-rod G, and in order to vide a supporting-frame for the operating provide for readily moving this dasher-rod, parts of light and durable construction. for either withdrawing it from the vessel or 7o zo With the above objects in view the invenadj ust-ing the pinion I-I, for the purpose heretion consists in the particular construction inafter specified, the said casting F is slidable and combination of parts constituting my imvertically upon its support and held in place proved churn, all as will be hereinafter fully by a set-screw f. The casting F presents at described in the following specification and one end a sleeve in which the dasher-rod re- 7 5 the novel features more specifically set forth volves and at its other end an enlarged porin the appended claims. tion having a square opening which receives In the accompanying drawings, which form the squared upper end of the member d3 of a part of this specification, and in which like the supporting-frame,ashoulderbeing formed letters of reference indicate like parts in the at the lower end of said squared portion to 8o 3o several views, Figure l is a side elevation, provide a seat for the casting.

partly in section, illustrating a churn con- At the outer end of the main driving-shaft structed in accordance with my invention. E is attached a crank-handle E', and upon the Fig. 2 is a detail plan view of a disk which inner end of said shaft is keyed a large gearis mounted upon the hollow dasher-rod. Fig. wheel I, having two sets of teeth vl and fi', 85.

3 is a detail View of the aerating device loadapted to provide two different speeds for cated at the lower end of the dasher-rod. the dasher-rod, the said teeth being disposed Referring to said drawings, A designates a at a slight angle, as shown. This large gearbarrel or receptacle for the cream, which is wheel is adapted to mesh with the pinion H, mounted upon a suitable bench or stand, and mounted upon the dasher-rod, the said pinion 9o 4o in the bottom of said vessel at the center being movable upon the dasher-rodto engage thereof is located a socket d, in which is held either set of teeth of the gear-wheel and when a block of wood (designated by the letter ed) adjusted upon the rod is held by a pin h. and adapted to form the step for the hollow The dasher-rod G is hollow throughout its dasher-rod, hereinafter referred to. Within length, being left open at its upper end, and 95 this barrel or vessel A, at either side thereof, near its lower end provided with holes g', are located breaks BB, consisting each of a opening out at the sides thereof. Upon the iiat strip of wood having a vertical line of lower end of this dasher-rod is mounted a holes b therein, the said breaks being held in plate L, at the center of which is formed or place by outwardly-projecting pins h', which attached aplug Z, fitting the end of the dasher- 10o 5o engage vertical keyhole-slots a2 in the upper rod and forming a cone shaped gudgeon, part of the barrel or vessel A. which is stepped in the block at the center of rod.

projections formed in the plate M, and the holes m are located with respect to the rotation of plate so as to form a suction that will draw the air down through the dasher-rod and discharge it into the body of cream-that is to say, the holes are located in that side of the projection opposite the side that pushes against the cream. l j

N designates what I term a ilutterwheel, which is mounted above the aerating device a suitablevdi'stance and comprises a hub n, from which project radial blades n', the latter being disposed at an angle, the disposition of said blades being such with respect to the rotation of the dasher-rod as to lift the cream and effect a thorough agitation of the saine, also assisting the operation of the aerating device. This Hutter-Wheel is adjustable vertically upon the dasher-rod, being held in an adj usted position by means of a set-screw o.

Upon the dasher rod above the flutter- Wh'eel is a disk or Wabbler P, the said disk being disposed at anv inclination in order that it may produce a Wabbling motion during the rotation thereof. This disk is provided with holes s, through Which the cream forces its Way as the disk is rotated. The disk is provided 'centrally With a hub P', having a transversely-elongated opening therethrough to receive the dasher-rod and provide forchanging the inclination of the said disk. Through the hub passes set-screws t t', by which the disk is secured in place upon the shaft.

From the foregoing description in connection with the accompanying drawings the construction and operation of my improved churn will be readily understood, and it will be noted that I provide an apparatus of this character Which is not only simple and inexpensive in its construction, but possesses the more important advantage of greatly facilitatiug the operation of churning by effecting a thorough agitation of the cream and purifying the same during the churning operation by causing currents of air to pass upward through the body of cream, the several devices mounted upon the dasher-rod coacting to bring about this result.

Having thus described my invention, I claiml. In a churn, the combination With a dasher-rod, and means for rotating the same, of a disk having a central hub with a transversely-elongated opening therethrough, and set-screws for securing the disk to the dasherrod, by Which said disk is disposed at an angle With respect to the rod, substantially as shown and described.

2. In a churn, the combination with the vessel and rotary dasher-rod located therein, of a standard having a reduced upper end, a frame supported by the standard and having a socket to receive said reduced end, bearings in the frame for the driving-shaft, a vertical member on said frame having a reduced upper end, and a casting slidable upon the reduced end of said vertical member and secured thereto by a set-screw, said casting forming a bearing for the upper end ofthe dasher-rod, together With a large gear-Wheel on the driving-shaft having two sets of teeth, a pinion slidable upon the dasher-rod and a set-screw for holding the pinion in an adjusted position, substantially as shown and described.

In testimony whereof I afx my signature in the presence of two Witnesses.


N. J. TUBBs, S. C. CAMP.

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