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Publication numberUS697279 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 8, 1902
Filing dateDec 2, 1901
Priority dateDec 2, 1901
Publication numberUS 697279 A, US 697279A, US-A-697279, US697279 A, US697279A
InventorsAdolf G Schmied
Original AssigneeDavid Von Riesen, Adolf G Schmied
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Mattress or cushion and heating attachment therefor.
US 697279 A
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No. 697,279. Patented Apr. 8, I902.



Application filed Dec. 2, 1901.)

(No Model.)

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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 697,27 a ed p il 1902- Application filed December 2, 1901. Serial No. 84,340. (No model.)

1"0 (1 66 whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ADOLF G. SoHMIED, a citizen of the United States, residing at Marysville,in the county of Marshall and State of Kansas, have made certain new and useful Improvements in Mattresses or Cushions and Heating Attachments Therefor, of which the following is a specification.

It is the object of my invention to provide an improved cushion or mattress and animproved attachment for heating the same for various purposes or uses.

The details of construction are as hereinafter described, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure l is a perspective View of a mattress provided with my improved heating appliance, part being broken away to show the interior arrangement. Fig. 2 is aplan view of the heating attachment or appliance. Fig. 3 is a cross-section of the mattress and the heating appliance filled with water. Fig. 4 is a longitudinal section of a portion of the mattress and heating appliance on the line at 4. of Fig. 1. Fig. 5 is a side view illustrating an application of my invention.

Since my invention is applicable to cushions as well as mattresses, it will be understood in the following description reference is made to both.

The mattress A is made with separable top and bottom portions which are connected at one side only and provided on the opposite side and at the ends with a flap a, which is adapted to be secured by buttons, as shown. The lower half or portion of the mattress A (see Fig. 3) is constructed with longitudinal raised portions or ribs, which are spaced apart equidistantly and terminate a short dis; tance from the ends of the mattress. (See Fig. 1.) The edges of the lower portion of the mattress are likewise provided with ribs a, which are also parallel with the middle ribs or projections a. It is apparent that spaces or depressions are left between the projections a and also between them and the edge projections or ribs a. These spaces adapt the mattress to receive the heating appliance or attachment B. (Shown best in plan view, Fig. 2.) The same consists of a series of tubes or tubular portions I), having connecting transverse tubular heads I), which are provided with nozzles having screw-plugs b The longitudinal portions b are adapted to lie in the spaces provided between the loogitudinal ribs or projections a and a of the mattress, while the heads I) lie in the transverse spaces or depressions and between the ends of the projections a and the end ribs (L as shown in Fig. 1. The appliance B may be filled or charged with hot water for the purpose of heating the mattress A. In case the mattress is to be supported fiat or extended, as shown in Fig. 1, the heater B is preferably constructed of aluminium; but in case the mattress or cushion is to be bent or curved at different anglesas,for example,when a cushion is applied to an invalids chair, as shown in Fig. 5-the heater B is constructed of rubber. It will be understood that the same construction adapts the invention for use in carriages or sleighs and in various other positions or situations Where Warmth is required in a bed or cushion. In such case hot water may be conveniently poured into the holder B by medium of a funnel, as shown in Fig. 5, and the water may be drawn off from the lower nozzle into a bucket or pail when itis required to charge the heater with an additional quantity of hot water. It is obvious that steam or hot air may be applied as a heating medium in place of water, and it is further apparent that pipes may be connected with the nozzles of the heater, as indicated by dotted lines, Fig. 1, for the purpose of circulating hot water, hot air, or steam through the same. In brief, I propose to apply the heating agent or medium in any way that may be most convenient or as dictated by conditions, 850.

The longitudinal parts I) of the heater lie in the spaces between the projections or ribs of the mattress and prevent any displacement of the heater when in use. The arrangement of the tubular portions 1) 0f the heater so that the projections or ribs (1 of the mattress intervene is often of much advantage in facilitating the application of a greater degree of heat to one portion of the body of the occupant than to an0ther,-since he may rest mainly upon that portion of the mattress which is directly over the projections a or, if desired, directly upon the portion lying over one of the tubular parts I) of the heater. In brief, the heat may be graduated in its application to the person of the occupant by the latter shifting his body from one part of the mattress to another, and, further, this arrangement prevents the'water being pressed from one side to the other, and thus keeps the surface of the mattress or cushion level,or nearly so, when subjected to the Weight of an 0ccu pant, which would not be the case'if the heater were constructed with a single undivided chamber.

It is obvious that by unbuttoning the flap a at one or both ends of the mattress proper the heating appliance B may be readily in sorted orwithdrawn, and for convenience in this respect I provide it with a flexible loop 12 as shown in Fig. 2. 7

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secu re by Letters Patent, is

1. A mattress or cushion adapted for receiving a heating appliance, the same having top and bottom portions which are connected at one side but otherwise separable, one of them being provided interiorly with projections or ribs, and spaces intervening them for accommodating a heater, substantially as shown and described.

2. An improved mattress or cushion for receiving 'a heating appliance, the same having separable top and bottom portions and intorior ribs or projections surrounded by spaces which intervene them and the side portions of the mattress, substantially as shown and described.

3. The improved mattress or cushion having separable top and bottom portions and provided interiorly with lengthwise ribs or projections extending parallel and spaced apart from each other and from the sides and ends of the mattress whereby the latter is adapted to receive a heating appliance having a form corresponding to the spaces surrounding said projections, substantially as shown and described.

4. The combination with a mattress or cushion having separable top and bottom portions and provided interiorly with projecting portions which are spaced apart, of a heater formed of tubular portions which are adapted to fit in the spaces between the said projections of the mattress, substantially as shown and described.

5. The combination with the'mattress or cushion having separable top and bottom portions and interior parallel lengthwise projections or ribs formed on the bottom portion which projections are spaced from each other and from the sides and ends of the mattress, of a heating appliance consisting of a series of parallel tubes and tubular end portions adjoining the same, the heater as a Whole being adapted to lie in the spaces provided between the said projections of the mattress and the sides and the ends of the latter, as shown and described.

6. The combination with a flexible mattress having divided top and bottom portions and provided interiorly with ribs or projections which are spaced apart, of a flexible heating appliance composed of a series of longitudinal tubular portions and tubular end portions, the latter having nozzles which are ac cessible at the ends of the mattress and adapted for application of screw-plugs or circulating-pipes, whereby the mattress and its contained heater are adapted for use in the manner described.




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