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Publication numberUS698506 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 29, 1902
Filing dateJan 13, 1902
Priority dateJan 13, 1902
Publication numberUS 698506 A, US 698506A, US-A-698506, US698506 A, US698506A
InventorsAlfred Holden Illingworth
Original AssigneeAlfred Holden Illingworth
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Mechanism for pressing wool or the like into bags.
US 698506 A
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vno 69 8, .506., Patented Apr. 29, I902.


(Application filed Jan. 18, 1902.

(N6 Model.) 2 Sheets-She?! 4.

gZNESSESQ B /MVEN7'0% 3 BY 6 a g,


we NORRIS Farms 00., Puo'rau'rua, wAsumc-To'u. n. r.

No. 698,506. Patented Apr. 29, I902.



(No Model.) N 2 Sheets-Shed! 2.


1:": NORRIS rmks w, wore-Lima, WASHXNGTON, u. c,

' the press-head portion of the apparatus and UNITED STATES PATENT FFICE.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 698,506, dated April 29, 1902. Application filed. January 13. 1902. Serial in, 89,550. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ALFRED HOLDEN IL- LINGWORTH, a subject of the King of Great Britain and Ireland, residing at High House, Addingham, in the county of York, England, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in and Relating to Pressing ool or the Like into Bags, (for which provisional protection has been granted in Great Britain, numbered 12,052, dated June 13, 1901,) of which the following is a specification.

This invention has for its object the combination of certain mechanism so arranged that wool and the like may be readily andeffectually packed and pressed into a bag in such a manner that the bag, with the contents still under pressure, may be removed from the pressed wool or the like retained within the bag until the open end of the bag is covered and the contentssecured within the bag.

In describing myinvention in detail reference is made to the accompanying sheets of drawings, in which--,

Figure 1 represents a side elevation of my apparatus, Fig. 2 representing a plan. Fig. 3 is a View of the screw or press head end of the press; Fig. 4, an elevation of the carriage of the detachable end of press, supporting a bag with the contents under pressure; Fig.- 5, an end view of carriage, and Fig. 6 a detailed view of one of the levers.

In carrying out my invention a rectangular receptacle A, preferably of square section, is formed with solid sides A for a portion of its length. The remainder of the receptacle is of the same cross-section, constructed of longitudinal bars B with spaces B. the whole of which may be carried by wheels W, and thus rendered portable for use in different parts of the stores.

To the solid-sided portion of the receptacle A are fixed upright end supports 0, provided with a bearing for carrying a circular screwthreaded nut D, engaging with a screw E, one end of which is attached to press-head F, supported and guided within the receptacle A by wheels G. To the press-head F a series of cross-bars H are attached, leaving a narrow space H between each cross-bar for the purpose as hereinafter described.

The bag 13 into which the wool or the like is to be pressed, isput over the longitudinal bars B, covering same for the entire or near the total length, theends of the bars B covered by the bag engaging within the recess at rigid end J, formed by the overlapping bars J, attached to movable carriage supported by wheels W. The said rigid end is coupledto the solid part of the receptacle A by chains K, secured to the rigid end J, the opposite end of said chains at each side of the receptacle when the machine is in action being attachedto the respective levers L, pivoted at M and held in the position shown by catches O, engaging with the levers L. When the press-head F is in the position shown, the apparatus is ready for receiving the material to be packed. r

The top of the receptacle A is provided with a hinged cover A and through the opening into receptacle wool or the like is passed, filling the whole of the space between the press head F and movable rigid end J, when the opening is closed by cover A and secured by pivoted bolts P. i

The circular nut D may be rotated in any convenient manner, such as by an electric motor R and rope connection R, passing over pulleys S and S, the latter being secured to the said circular nut, which on rotating in one direction causes the screw E and presshead F to advance and compress the wool or the like into the cage-like section of the receptacle covered by the bag. While the material is under pressure narrow rods Q are placed through links of the side chains K,- the rods passing through the spaces H at the end of press-head F and engaged with the chain-links K on the opposite side of appara tus, thus holding the wool or other material under pressure within cage-like portion of receptacle and bag B in a manner that the side chains K may be liberated by'the levers L and the carriage of therigid end J, supporting the packed bag B drawn away from the longitudinal bars B of receptacle, leaving the open end of bag exposed to be cov= ered by bagging sewed or otherwise secured to the packed bag B The rods Q, may then be withdrawn from the chain-links K,leaving the compressed wool or other material within the bag. The press-head F may be drawn back to its original position on reversing the direc- IOC tion of rotation of circular nut D by reversl ingsame,and rodsQpassed through the chain- 10 ing the action of the electric motorT or other links, substantially as described. suitable and well-known means in use for op- In testimony whereof I have hereunto set erating the nuts of press-screws. my hand in the presence of two witnesses.

What I claim as my invention is-- F T .7 A receptacle A provided with longitudinal ALFRLD HOLDEN HHBGWOM spaced bars B and a press-head F with means \Vitnesses: of operating same, combined with a movable JNO. GILL, rigid end J, chains K, with means for secur- JOSEPH P. KIRBY.

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Cooperative ClassificationB30B9/3042