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Publication numberUS698558 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 29, 1902
Filing dateMay 11, 1901
Priority dateMay 11, 1901
Publication numberUS 698558 A, US 698558A, US-A-698558, US698558 A, US698558A
InventorsHenry W Rosenbaum
Original AssigneeHenry W Rosenbaum
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US 698558 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

No. 698,558. Patented Apr. 29, |902.



(Applicatimi med Mayu, 1901.) (No Model.)




` SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 698,558, dated April 29, 1902.

Application led May ll. 1901.

To a/ZZ whom it Vmay concern:

Be it known that I, HENRY W. RosENBAUM, a citizen of the United States, residing in the city, county, and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements articles contained within the main body of the case and without removing the cover proper of the case.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure l is a perspective view of one form of travelingcase embodying my invention, the so-called receptacle-covers being shown open. Fig. 2 is a longitudinal vertical sectional view of the same, the covers for the containing-receptacles being shown closed.

A indicates the body portion of the traveling-casehsuch, for instance, as the so-called dress suit case-to which is hinged or otherwise connected a cover B. This cover B may be provided with the closed bottom a, or a separate receptacle containing trays b may be set within the cover and supported upon suitable cleats c. The upper or outer side of the cover B is provided with so-called receptacle-covers d, which in the present instance are adapted to slide in grooved walls e of the cover and when in the closed position (represented in Fig. 2 of the drawings) may be locked or secured in place by any suitable means. In the present instance I have illustrated each of the receptacle-covers CZ as pro- Serial No. 59,772. (No model.)

vided with a lock f, and when the covers d are in the closed position (represented in Fig.' 2) the bolts g of said locks may be thrown as indicated in the drawing, thus preventing the covers d from being removed.

It will be understood that small articles may be contained within the trays or receptacles b and that access may be had to these articles without opening the case proper or removing the cover B therefrom and without disturbing any of the articles contained Within the case proper. It will likewise be observed that the receptacle-covers d constitute an outer wall for the case.

While I have shown the case provided with sliding covers, it should be understood that the covers may be connected to the case in any suitable manner. In order to prevent the covers clfrom being entirely removed from the case, I prefer to employ pins h, which act as stops to limit the outward movement of the covers.

Having described my invention, what I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, 1s-

A travelingcase comprising a body open at thetop, a cover hinged thereto and open at the ftop and at the bottom, cleats at the lower part of said cover, trays set within the. cover upon the said cleats, said trays being open at the top, and sliding lids arranged above the said trays to pull out at opposite sides of the cover, and each of a proper size to close one of the said trays.


Witnesses: HANS v. BRIESEN, Or'ro v. SCHRENK.

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